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Murders Down, (Er, Unless You Count Domestic Murders)

Great news: The New York Times reported that murders overall in Philadelphia decreased by 9% last year. The key word being overall. Because the news on the flip side is horrific: In 2009, domestic homicides went up by 67%. Philadelphia isn't the only place that saw a rise in domestic violence: ...more

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NYT: “A ‘Whey’ with Words”


Lesbian Moms Rejected as Leaders of Son's Cub Scout Troop

Cate and Elizabeth Wirth, a lesbian couple in Vermont, were told by a Vermont district director of the Boy Scouts that they could no longer volunteer for their son's Cub Scout troop after it became known that they are a couple. According to the Rutland Herald, Richard Stockton, Scout executive for the Green Mountain Council, confirmed, "The national policy of the Boy Scouts of America is we don't accept gays and lesbians as volunteers." This is awful, but given the Boy Scout's previous history with gay matters, it is perhaps not surprising. (For the record, I also have a serious problem with the fact that the Boy Scouts don't allow atheists or agnostics to be leaders, either.) What is interesting, however, and what I hope will stir some discussion among those of you who are around over the holiday, is this comment from one of the mothers:...more

This is the type of thing why I will not let my sons join the Boy Scouts. There are other ...more

Women In Business: The Decade in Review

The past decade has seen steady growth in opportunities for women in business and one spectacular bright spot of opportunity on the internet. Let's take a look at some of the highlights and moments from the past decade. ...more

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Don't Drop the Ball on New Year's Eve

I have mixed feelings about the National Institute for Reproductive Health's New Year's Eve birth control campaign, Don't Drop the Ball. It's a humorous website that reminds women that if something goes wrong with their primary method of birth control, women have a 120 hour window to prevent pregnancy by using emergency contraceptives (EC). The site encourages women to send a funny text message about different EC options. There's even a video about a text message mishap to ...more

Negative Body Image Issues

Building a Healthy Body ImageBoth emotional specialists and psychologists generally agree that eating disorders are generally rooted in negative body image.  When this happens, sufferers usually see distorted body images when they gaze in a mirror – and as such, feel “fat” or otherwise imperfect regardless of whether these terms accurately describe the structure of their physical bodies.Negative body images can manifest from one or more of the following factors:...more