How I Lost Weight Using My Fitbit

Since I posted the picture below on Facebook and announced that my husband and I have lost about 135 pounds between the two of us, I've gotten several questions from friends asking for details: how we did it and how we used our Fitbits. So here goes. ...more

Why Angelina Jolie's Essay Moved Me to Tears

I didn't think I would cry reading Angelina Jolie's essay in the New York Times about the surgery she recently had to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. But the tears started coming mid-essay. ...more

Athletes Beware: Know the Signs of Blood Clots

Yes, I want to scare you. A bit. OR actually, I just want you to be aware. You think of blood clots in old people. You don’t think about ultra runners or triathletes being the ones who who develop these blood clots. Yet we are prime candidates for ...more

What to Bring to Your First Barre Class

I've been wanting to try a Barre class for a while because there is something about that ballet barre that speaks to my inner ballerina. I imagine myself, long and lean with my hair in a tight bun, stretching gracefully over my pointed toes. Maybe ...more

Little Food Changes That Have a Big Impact

It's National Nutrition Month, so it's a great time to take a look at small changes you can make in your daily diet. With the average American diet comprising approximately 70% processed foods, it’s safe to say that most of us enjoy eating at least a ...more

Rape Culture at the Department of Veterans' Affairs

Survivors of rape should not have to hear rape jokes at medical facilities that treats rape survivors. But they do. What is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs doing to combat its rape culture?   Image Credit: Bob Shepard via Flickr ...more
As executive director, how much power/influence do you have over things like this in practice?more

17 Important Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I guess it is time to get serious. I take very little serious in life, so it is always hard for me to buckle down and get stuff done. But many would say having a baby is serious business. For me, it happens so often around these parts the hospital stay is like a mini vacation with room service and everything. Shall we treat it as such? Why not. ...more

Find Your Workout Match With These 8 Workouts

You cannot do the same thing for twelve years, let alone a lifetime, and stay motivated or challenge your body. Plus life happens and different life seasons have not allowed me the same time and flexibility in fitting in certain workouts. Here are 8 workouts that... work. ...more

Loaded Mashed Cauliflower

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ This is one of those recipes I really wish I could take credit for making. Kyle can be really creative in the kitchen, often dubbing himself as Chef Boy-ar-Ehle when he’s whipping up a concoction in the kitchen. I should let him cook more often, to be honest ....more

Twenty Years Later

We have lived in our house for almost two decades.Wow.I'm happy about that, really. I love feeling connected to the place in which I live. I've seen our home grow from an empty hole in the ground, a stack of lumber, and a cement truck into a genuine PLACE ....more

April Fitness Calendar

Can you believe three months of 2015 are already over? ...more

An evening with Jack Daniels at Council Oak, Seminole Hard Rock Tampa

This past Thursday, my friends at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa had a very special dinner at Council Oak - an evening with Jack Daniels. I was fortunate to be invited to this event and brought along my best friend who was in town for a visit. The Jack Daniels Dinner at Seminole Hard Rock was $125 a person and included a 4 course meal with drink pairings, made with Jack Daniels of course ....more

Stay With the Bar

Sweat is dripping off my nose and onto the barbell. The barbell. Sixty-five pounds that needs to be squatted and thrust above my head twelve more times ....more

Gluten Free Meal Plan for Runners

Are you curious about going gluten free? You’ve heard from running friends it made them faster, more energetic with quicker recovery times? But how do you go gluten free...more

4 Tips to Avoid Having Friends Who Suck the Life Out of You

If you are reading this post, you probably have a friend or two that suck the life out of you.  GET RID OF THEM! Gasp!  Horror!  If you haven't ever removed a friend from your life, it sounds so scary.  I remember the first time it was suggested to me that I remove someone from my life, it was a very long term friend...  I thought, what?!?!?!?  How is that even possible?...more

Cinderella: 1965 vs. 2015

Cinderella 1965 When I was a little girl, there was a musical version of Cinderella starring Lesley Ann Warren and Stuart Damon. It was a Rodgers and Hammerstein production and it used to mesmerize me. It was made for television in 1965, and was basically a stage play put on film (as you can see by the backdrop in the photo above) ....more

Stupid Cousin IT

Just quickly popping in to say that the highlight of my day was making a doctor's appointment ....more