8 Things to Do Instead of Eating When You're Bored

Eating really is fun, isn't it? It is probably the most agreed upon expression of culture and community around the world. No matter where you go or what you celebrate, food is almost always the center peg around which everything else ...more

How I Got Addicted to a Drug I Took for Chronic Pain

I remember clearly the first time I experienced true withdrawal. Cheering my brother on in a triathlon in Washington DC on a particularly bright and hot summer day, I was soon a pool of sweat. My jaw wouldn't stop grinding my teeth from side to ...more

Give This New Thanksgiving Tradition a 'Run' This Year

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is hanging with my crazy family, followed closely by my mama’s homemade dressing and gravy. My least favorite part is watching my family spend the holiday and the entire next day binge-watching football and lackluster ...more

Getting Your Body Back for the Holidays is a Long Process

With the holidays fast approaching, many of you new moms might be staring down your pre-pregnancy clothes, worrying about how you will dress in anything except old maternity shirts for Thanksgiving dinner, and wondering if friends and family will ...more

An Ode to My Milk Boobs

When I was young, I used to wish for big boobs -- terrific, tantalizing ta-tas like all the girls in movies seemed to have. I often asked myself: Wouldn't I be the most popular girl at my middle school prom if I had giant melons instead of these ...more

The Great Turkey Workout and Other Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

Can you believe Thanksgiving is here already? It's a great day, where people gather together and yummy food is prepared. Unfortunately, a side effect is that healthy living goals tend to go out the window. Here are a few ways to stay focused and keep your Thanksgiving healthy. ...more

Sometimes Being Thankful Is Hard

Don’t we all know those days? The ones that are filled to the brim with hardness or sadness or sickness or all of these? The ones where we know in our hearts that we should be thankful, but our minds say, “no, no, NO”? The ones that make us want to hide in the floors of our closets and never come out? Oh, those days. ...more

Put Down That Candy! 8 Things to Do Instead of Eat When You're Bored

Eating really is fun, isn't it? It is probably the most agreed upon expression of culture and community around the world. No matter where you go or what you celebrate, food is almost always the center peg around which everything else revolves. It's not surprising that we immediately gravitate to thoughts of food when we're bored. After all, food is where the party is! ...more
Hmm, maybe organization is not your best fallback for eating then...you don't want the stress to ...more

Organization Spotlight - Mission:Wolf

The stars create a mosaic of brilliant light in the clear summer sky, and a crisp breeze runs through the leaves of nearby aspen trees. As I sit on the ground gazing up at the milky way, the song of the wolves begins in a hushed tone. The song crescendos as more wolves join in, creating a moment that I will never forget....more

Rock n Roll New Orleans Discount Code!

My 2016 race calendar is filling up FAST. One event I am most looking forward to is Rock n Roll New Orleans. Why you ask? ...more

Ahh, speed work

Other than when I was doing the run/walk method to get back to running after injury, the last time I did real speed work was December 2nd of last year. Yikes! It was shortly after that when I developed the stress fracture, and ever since, I was doing all run/walking and easy running ....more

It's A Coming

    Today at our local T.O.P.S group. I was down a pound and I even went to our community Thanksgiving dinner.Well I'm doing two pies for the family get together for Thanksgiving. A pumpkin cheese cake and pecan pie.breakfast was pretty simple pears with grated cheese on it.Lunch a half of peanut butter sandwich and jelly. I believe grape flavor. Then also a nice big green salad with ranch dressing.Dinner, pull pork sandwich, and peas....more

What About When You Can't Always Be Body Positive?

When you’re pretty, no one cares if you’re intelligent — and if you’re intelligent, people still tell you you’re pretty. Pretty is important.I was a precocious kid: intelligent, insightful, nosy, bossy. I was the teacher’s pet, the straight-A kid, the cry-if-I-got-a-B kid, the do-my-homework-as-soon-as-I-walk-in-the-door kid. I wanted to be the pretty kid. ...more

Going Nutty Over the Holidays

There's no place like home for the holidays, especially when it comes to (sigh) the food that is involved. From Christmas cookies to holiday candies, it's a winter wonderland of calories and carbohydrates.  What to do when you want something special for the holidays but want to go healthy? Consider going nuts. Whether it's awesome almonds or wonderful walnuts, nuts have healthy fats and are satisfying.  One problem is the price. Unless you opt for a brand that has no expiration date (not a good sign), high quality nuts can be expensive. Here are some suggestions:...more

7 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

The holidays are filled with joy, love and happiness. But along with the family gatherings and potluck with friends comes tons of unhealthy foods, cheat meals and days off from the gym. How can we maintain our health through the holidays without having to miss out on festivities? ...more

Thanksgiving Side-Dishes That Will Make Your Heart "Beet"!

Turn the "beet" around and add some healthy and unique beet side-dishes to accompany your favorite holiday entrees. ...more

A conversation with myself and a little side trip

We said good-bye to our track last week, as it will now be torn up for a few months for renovations. As a send-off we ran a final workout, but one that fit within the rules of the community school coach’s parameters. He did not like that we ran intervals because that made us look […] ...more

I Have Herpes. But It's Not Where You'd Think.

I have herpes. Not in or around or even near my nether regions though, and i'm grateful for that, because that would be another brand of Hell. Still, it’s in a fairly horrible place, all body parts considered. It’s in my eye....more