Why Lyme Disease Can Be Tricky to Diagnose

I have no medical training, so this should not be taken as medical advice. If you are wondering about symptoms, get off the internet and call a qualified physician! Let's talk about ticks. Ugh, my head is itchy just thinking about it. I'm going ...more

Start Off a New Fitness Class Right With These 7 Tips

If you are attending a fitness class for the first time, it can be pretty frickin' nerve wracking, whether you're just new to a specific format or new to workout classes PERIOD! I want you to know, I understand. It's intimidating walking into a ...more

Why You Need to Get More Sleep Tonight

I know you. You sleep four or five hours a night, and feel accomplished because in the crazy, hectic, busy world you inhabit, sleeping less is one way to do more of the many tasks on your to-do list. I know this because I lived it. ...more

Keep Safe With These Tips For Running in the Summer Heat

It's definitely easier to stay active in summer, but it's also important to respect the heat and stay safe. Here are 10 tips that will keep you safely running through hotter temperatures. ...more

6 Small Things You Can Do For Better Health

It's April and that means spring and summer are right around the corner! Time to check in with yourself and really look at how those resolutions are coming along. Be honest: are you on your way to a healthier month, year, and life? I hope so!  ...more

4 Things You Need to Know About Coming Off Birth Control

We always hear about the side effects of medication, but rarely do we consider the side effects of stopping medication. Since coming off the pill, I've experienced a number of side effects... most of which I wasn't fully prepared for. After endlessly Googling, I've learned that all of these things are normal. ...more
Any change is progesterone might make your hair fall out. In hand-fulls.more

8 Fab Fitness Gifts for Mother's Day

Here are my picks for the best Mother's Day gift for the active mom. 1. Paleo Treats: Yummy treats for the mom following the Paleolithic diet. $57.00 ...more
One of the best Mom's Day gift idea list I have seen this year!more

Lyme Disease: Tricky to Diagnose and Other Things You Need to Know

I have no medical training, so this should not be taken as medical advice. If you are wondering about symptoms, get off the internet and call a qualified physician! Let's talk about ticks. Ugh, my head is itchy just thinking about it. I'm going to go take a shower now. Okay, I'm back. Just thinking about ticks gives me the heebie jeebies. But I've got to write about them (and compulsively scratch myself all the while) because I've learned some things about ticks and Lyme disease that I didn't know two weeks ago. We just got the test results back. My little guy has Lyme disease and is on a course of antibiotics for it. Which means it's likely that there's a tick somewhere in my house. ...more
What weird timing that I looked at BlogHer today and saw your post. We went geocaching yesterday ...more

Every So Often I Do This Thing...

Every so often I do this thing called spazzing out.  It's really easy to do when you're at home constantly running around in circles.  I try to live by the tips I give but I'll admit, it's difficult.  Today as I ran around doing my daily chores and thinking of what I was going to yell at my husband about when he got home, (Lol)(not really) I realized that I hadn't had a moment to do some things I needed to get done.  I still have to submit my complete admissions package to the Grad school committee.  I haven't finished my latest blog post....more


I planned to share a great Cinco De Mayo recipe with you guys today. But a certain someone came down with a nasty chest cold this weekend. Yesterday her temp was almost 104! ...more

My Top 5 Podcasts

Over the past six or so months, I’ve kind of become obsessed with podcasts. I used to walk half way home from work with a coworker and sometimes I’ll find myself wanting to leave early or late so I can listen to more of my podcast on my 20 minute walk (I know, I’m a terrible person). Tuesdays seem to be a blogging day where I’m stuck, so thank freaking goodness for Jill and Jessica and The Fit Dish because they saved the day today! ...more

Think About This When Your Life Seems Like Crap

I'm on the Fort Berthold Reservation this week learning about Community Reinforcement methods for prevention and treatment of substance abuse. Bruce Gillette, the Licensed Addiction Counselor who organized the program keeps making this point: If you want to grow a good crop, what do you put on it? Manure, right? ...more

Reminder: Tomorrow, Wednesday May 6th, is #GreyforMissy

Over two years later and I still can't believe she is gone. And having you all take just a moment to think of her tomorrow means more than words can say. You can read this year's post about #GreyforMissy Here ....more

PBF Top 15 Of 2015: April

We’re five days into the month of May and before too much time passes, I figured I’d better share your monthly Top 15 of 2015 post! At the end of 2014, I continued with a mini series I began a few years ago and featured the top posts of the year on PBF. Beginning in January, I decided to prolong the series for the duration of 2015 and highlight the top 15 posts from each month on the blog at the end of every month ....more

Be Your Own Personal Trainer: adjustments and corrections

or at least some ideas for how to adjust yourself during your next workout. Hi friends! How’s the morning going? ...more

Tips for Having Fun in Your First Group Exercise Class

We've all been the new person at some point in our lives.  Being the new kid at school, the new employee at work, or maybe the new person in a fitness class.  It conjures up feelings of anxiety, fear, and doubt.  I was there once.  I had NO idea what to expect the first time I ever took a group fitness class....more

Grant’s First UCF Trip

This past weekend, we took Grant to Orlando to hang with some friends and just have a weekend away. We are taking a summer trip with a pretty decent car ride, so we figured we should probably get Grant used to being in the car a little more than normal, as he had only taken 30 minute trips prior to our jaunt to Orlando. Luckily, he did great! ...more

Pelvic Health: Sensing Exercise #1

Get into some comfortable clothes (nothing too tight, binding or compressing around the belly and pelvic area).Roll out your yoga mat and place a folded blanket on your mat for underneath your head.Lie down in Constructive Rest: knees bent, feet on the floor, hips width apart and parallel.Place your hands on your belly and begin to relax into the rhythm of your breathCasually let one knee open out to the side, without overthinking alignment.Bring that knee back to the starting position....more