Remember That Your Body is Amazing

Of course, it hasn’t stopped me from scrutinizing my body with a less than kind eye now and again, but that shift in focus has been a really powerful thing. So my advice to women when they find themselves dissatisfied with their looks is to try  ...more

Make All the Pieces Fit by Writing about Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month, and what better way to understand autism than through your words?  Blog posts can give readers a panoramic view of the experience since autism differs from person to person.  We've created a roundup of posts ...more

How to Have the Dreaded Sex Talk with Your Child

According to the Kinsey Institute, the average kid loses his or her virginity before he or she graduates high school. For boys, it's an average of 16.9 years, and girls lose their virginity on average at 17.4 years. Heroin use is up amongst ...more

10 Different Ways to Workout with Burpees

I’m stoked that you guys are enjoying the Week 3 workout! Since we’ve been doing LOTS of burpees lately, I figured today would be a great day to share some of my tried and true burpee variations including the basic movement you'll need to know in ...more

Study Finds Vegetarians are Unhealthy? Uh... I Don't Think So.

Another day, another study, this time finding that while all other studies have found the contrary, the Medical University of Graz in Austria found that vegetarians had more health problems than meat eaters.  According to CBS's coverage, ...more

Home Workout: Gliding Disc (or Hand Towel!) Boot Camp

I love using the gliding discs in my boot-camp classes, but my clients and students don't love them because the discs literally kick their butt. Still, I had to develop a gliding disc boot-camp workout for all my frugal exercisers that really want to get in shape. If you don't have gliding discs, use a hand towel (if you have tile or wood floors) or a plastic frisbee (if you have carpet). And then get ready for a cheap, intense workout. ...more
Thanks for the article.  I plan to try it since I have my own gliders.more

Plus-Size Woman Wears Bikini in Miami; World Does Not End

"It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes." ~Sally Field ...more
You are not alone. How does a plus size, grey haired, 60 something wear a bikini? Until now she ...more

The Secret to Embracing Overwhelm

Birthdays are the perfect time for thought. I turned 34 on Saturday. No trumpets. No fancy cake. Just a lot of reflection....more
KathyBoutin  Thanks for sharing, Kathy!  Today, I was feeling that overwhelm creep up, so I ...more

3 Ways To Fight Your Own Critical Voice About Your Body by Dr. Margaret Rutherford

My mother told me I would regret it.Shaving my legs.  I went all the way up to mid-thigh.  She was mortified.At the time, I took her comment quite superficially.  "You are just trying to keep me from growing up," I bristled.My 13 year-old wisdom was quite vast.In 2014, I remember her comment with some irony.  I had started the journey of becoming what our culture mandated a woman should look like. Maybe that's the trip my mom regretted me beginning....more

Hot Cross Buns

“Do you know what hot cross buns are?” I asked Josh as he made coffee on Friday morning. “They don’t seem like something good to eat right now,” he pointed out....more

Complacency will kill you and other lessons from On The Edge

Sitting in a cold auditorium is how I might have started many nap stories during college, but in 2012 at a work convention I stumbled upon what is to date one of my favorite speakers. Alison Levine. In fact, I shared with you the tremendous lessons from that event in How To Climb Mount Everest {clearly lessons and not an actual guide} ....more

Meal Planning Week of April 20

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! If you don’t, Happy Sunday Funday and Meal Planning Day! I’m keeping it short and sweet today, so I can spend time with my family peeps before heading out for a long run with my running peeps ....more

Happy Day

Gorgeous Ukrainian Easter egg found here....more

Survival Stress-Relief Strategies for Over Committed Women

(If you are a male, you also can benefit from these natural stress, anxiety relief activities).Are you frazzled and overwhelmed and wish to go from fatigue to fantastic? Do you feel burdened by too many responsibilities or guilty if you can't do it all? Do not despair. It is possible to achieve natural stress, anxiety relief along with an improved mind and body connection....more

Happy Easter!

We DID squeak in to see the Easter Bunny this week.. better late than never! And of course we got some with the live bunnies too.. ....more

Eat, Rest and Carry On.

[PSA: "like" my blog's Facebook page to get tips and updates on my blog posts in your news feed.]Ugh, I'm tired. Not sure why, I suppose it's related to being 12 days out from surgery. I'll open with a pic from my first trip to the gym post-surgery this past Wednesday ....more

Running questions

Katie at "Katie is a Runner" nominated me for a Liebster award. A Liebster award is usually given to those with less than 200 followers; I have more than that, but I have never participated in these before, so I thought it would be fun. Besides, I have nothing notable to write about today anyways!Here are the questions that Katie posted, and my answers:1 ....more

Part 4, Skitzo?

Here is part 4. We are starting to get into the deep stuff that I haven't told many people. I hope you've enjoyed my story so far and keep sticking with it. I promise there is more to come!  ...more