No, I'm Not Pregnant. I'm Just Gaining Weight from the Pills

HEY. Listen. I am trying really hard down here. I am back on the pills. I am taking the damn pills. ...more
I feel your pain!  I see your pain in the 50 pounds i am up thanks to my psych prescriptions.  I ...more

Which Is Worse: Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss or the Weird Way It Grows Back?

First of all, thank you so much for not saying anything about my hair. Because we all know I'd prefer that it looked much better than this. Any face-to-face discussion on the topic would be awkward and cause me to touch my head self-consciously, thereby making it look even worse. (Is that possible?) But, since you are in the unfortunate position of having to look at me, I think you deserve full information. ...more
PigandDac Yeah, you gotta laugh to keep from crying on this one. It is amazing that women who ...more

Are You Sure You Should Eat That?

I can't remember the first time I was asked that, but I was young. Very young, maybe six? Seven? And, I felt it far before the words were said aloud. The looks. The awareness of every cookie, every second helping. It was another person in the room. It was a bully at the dinner table. It was a perfect reason to begin sneaking food. And sneak I did. Let me say this now. Internalize it. No one changes because you shame them into changing. ...more
Thank you so much. So many, especially women, can relate to fat/food shaming. It has to stop. ...more

Of all the gifts we can give, this is the most important

If there is one thing I could wrap up in a tiny box and give my daughter, it wouldn’t be a blank check or keys to a mansion. It would simply be happiness. Every little girl starts her journey in life with hopes and dreams and messy morning hair. She wears mismatched clothes because she can’t wear her Dora shirt without her Princess pants and glittery opened toed shoes with one Olaf sock and one My Little Pony sock. Because she loves. She loves all things deeply and without reservation. She hasn’t learned shame or what it feels like to not fit in....more

What Price Youth?

Just this morning I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped. Who the hell was this old woman looking back at me? I then preceded to do the mirror scene from the Marx Brothers' movie Duck Soup to make sure someone wasn't pranking me. (if I haven't dated my self with THAT reference, I don't know what will)...more

Gaining 50 pounds proves nothing to no one

So, more than a year after the Maria Kang debacle, I wake up to this on my newsfeed."Woman packs on 50 pounds to prove 'no excuses' for being overweight"...more

More Than Just A Number

When I was younger, I was stick thin. I was athletic and had a great metabolism. As I got older, my participation in sports declined, and my metabolism slowed down. My weight fluctuated in college and in my 20’s.And so did my jean size.There have been many times where I silently cried in the dressing room because a pair of jeans was too tight, or the shirt was too snug. The tears often came after I realized what size these garments were. I was always mortified.I’d never buy another size up. NO WAY!...more
I believe that this blog and this store would be great for women.  By taking away the size tags ...more

My body

I stare at myself in the mirror everyday. I look at my face, stomach, ass, legs and more. What do I see? I see a doormat, a pice of trash, a glass of wine, a sacred vessel. What do I see when I look at me, I see those who have used me, abused me. I see those who have loved me, hugged me, assaulted me. I see what you want to hold, throw away, and pick up again. What do I see. I see what you lost, gained. I see a wife, mother, daughter, whore,  saint, and little girl.  ...more

Going Under The Knife: The Plastic Surgery Obsession

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the “correction” or restoration of form and function.source: Wikipedia ————————————————————————————————...more

The Legacy I Want to Leave Behind

I'm fortunate to have both a daughter and a son. What this also means is that I also get to battle all kinds of dumb messages about gender roles and crappy societal ideas. The messages my son will grow up hearing one day to "be a man" or "act like a man" sicken me and I'll save that for next week's post. Today I want to talk about my daughter and the garbage that all of our girls are forced to stomach everyday starting at an age when they can't decipher what is truth and what is complete shit....more

The Correlation Between Breast Cancer and Hearing Loss

The Correlation Between Breast Cancer and Hearing Loss

True Life: A Medication I Was On Made Me Lose My Hair

"Wow, you have a LOT of hair."I can’t tell you over the course of my life how many times I’ve heard this sentence (or a variation of it).  I’ve been a bridesmaid around seven or eight times, and when it came down to creating the schedule for girls getting their hair done the day of the wedding, I was always one of the first.  I had a ton of hair, so I was inevitably going to take the longest:...more

I'm Not Your Bro

I've been reading a book called "Gone Girl" for the past week and just finished it yesterday. One of the things I see repeatedly in the chapters is the phrase, "the cool girl." "He wanted me to be the cool girl." "She's the cool girl type." (And many more.)...more