8 Steps to Perfect Posture

This is how I know that good posture is one of the main keys to confidence. When you sit or stand like you mean it, you feel powerful. You feel elegant. You feel freaking classy. ...more
What a great post! We deliver Nordic Walking all over the UK and have SO many success stories ...more

Let's Talk Makeup and Perfect365 App

How do you like your makeup?  I personally like someone else to do my makeup.  Of course I can do my makeup but for photo shoots or an event I will have my freelance makeup artist work her magic.If you aren’t one of those magicians.  Prep your face and hit aSephora and ask for the eye express.  I usually purchase the $10 fake eyelashes and one of their magicians will put them on.  They will also create the eye of your dreams and send you on your way.  Perfect? Sure....more

4 Things People With Disabilities Want Us to Know

When was the last time you used the word "disability"? Did you feel comfortable using it?My friend's sister was in a car accident a few years back - that was the first time I ever had to use the word. Because of a certain whiplash injury, the part of her brain responsible for vision had a little bleeding. She had vision problems right after the accident.They said she was "lucky" because that was the worst that happened to her.Days after her surgery, she still couldn't see the way she used to and I was told, "Her disability won't be permanent."...more

Sunscreen: Your Ultimate Summer Must-Have

 Summer has officially started, and if there is one thing that you shouldn't forget before you brave the hot summer sunshine out there, it's wearing your suns...more

I'm overweight. I'm not stupid.

I have been overweight for quite a while, since after the birth of our first child. You know those baby weight pounds you swear you will lose. Well, I never quite lost them and then add on some stress, life and eating my feelings--voila, my weight was here to stay. There have been times where I get frustrated and hop on the weight loss wagon, lose 20+ pounds and then tumble off....more
Exactly! I firmly believe when the time is right and you want it badly enough it happens. Thanks ...more

Should You Try Transcendental Meditation?

After maybe a minute, I was quite sure that the 20 minutes was almost up. When was the last time I sat calmly for 20 minutes? I was perplexed by how relaxed I felt. I learned to let go and just "be," something not very familiar to me, or for that matter, our culture as a whole. That's when it hit me. Perhaps it wasn't just David who needed to learn to meditate. TM where have you been all of our lives? ...more
How cool! I'm a big fan of meditation. Like you said, it can change your life. I'll do great for ...more

The Swimsuit Issue


Mean Girls: Ladies: We Need to Stop Critiquing Ourselves

In the past couple of months, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with my best girls (different groups) not only here in New York, but also in Florida, North Carolina and Maryland.  I don’t always get to see my closest girlfriends, so I’m extremely thankful and grateful for the visits and mini trips/vacations we plan to get some quality time in....more

deep enough

One of the perks available through our homeowners association is a pool. Even though it's outdoors, there were plenty of hot, sunny days last summer that were perfect for a dip in its cool waters.I've never been in that pool.When we moved here over a year ago, I stashed my black one-piece swimsuit in a drawer with my nylons. It's been languishing like that for years. The last time I wore it was to swim laps at the University of New Mexico aquatic center. Since I dropped out from grad school and moved from Albuquerque a decade ago, it's fair to say the suit is old....more