Dear Me

As part of an ongoing, very large project, I am going through all of our digital pictures. I am deleting the bad/blurry/duplicates....more

My Green Juice Cleanse Experience

Chef V 5 Day Organic Green Juice Cleanse Review and Coupon CodeNovember 4, 2015...more

How Movie Theatre Popcorn Helped Me Start a Rebellion

Hey ladies! Before I get down to the nitty gritty, I thought I’d share a bit about my long and oftentimes dysfunctional history with health, fitness, weight loss (and gain), and why I started my blog Pretty Fat Rebellion....more

The Good Side of a "Bad" Haircut

About a month ago, I made the mistake of bringing pictures of two celebrities with very cropped pixies to my hairdresser.  Actually, I take that back.  I made two mistakes.  The first was holding up a celebrity photo as my end goal and the second was the cut itself.  Three, actually.  My hairdresser, who I am still learning to trust after my longtime lady left, was in a dark mood.  I am still trying to figure out which was the worst....more

How Writing Saved My Life

 I hesitated to share the personal experience that I am about to share. But, these are the types of raw experiences that people can learn from. These are the types of stories that could possible save a life by casting a ray of hope upon a depressed soul._________________...more
CiecieNewson  It's unfortunate to have gone through such experiences, but you're right about it ...more

What Selfies Really Say About Us

The front-facing camera in smartphones and tablets have made it incredibly easy for people to take selfies.  However, the resulting image is inaccurate.  It is reversed, as if viewed in a mirror.  When you send the image to others, you're essentially saying, "Look at how I perceive myself," not "Here's how I really look."...more


Flats of various colors and designs  Tank tops with cardigans  Curly hair  Long legs  ...more


“A woman is at her most beautiful when she knows she’s loved.”  It’s simply true.  She will wilt like a flower without water when she believes she’s not loved.  Not wanted.  Not delighted in.- Stasi Eldrege...more
Adamma...I am so sorry you didn't have those memories either. I take great comfort that God was ...more

5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Self Image

How you see yourself is important.A positive self-image leads to a positive self-esteem, which is important to achieving life-long happiness. Below are five simple but amazing ways to boost your self-image:1. Forget about themThink about this: if you’re the only person on Planet Earth, would you have low self-esteem? Of course not!...more

You F***, and Houston, we're headed into Puberty Land

Last night, DD2 was all giggles at DD1’s girl scout troop meeting, sitting on my lap, snuggling and pretending to be asleep, then giggling some more when I discovered that she was really awake.  Then all of a sudden, she said, “mommy, can I tell you a secret?”  and so I leaned in, and she whispered in my ear, “when daddy gets mad at me, he says you f**k!”  I couldn’t believe what I was heari...more