You F***, and Houston, we're headed into Puberty Land

Last night, DD2 was all giggles at DD1’s girl scout troop meeting, sitting on my lap, snuggling and pretending to be asleep, then giggling some more when I discovered that she was really awake.  Then all of a sudden, she said, “mommy, can I tell you a secret?”  and so I leaned in, and she whispered in my ear, “when daddy gets mad at me, he says you f**k!”  I couldn’t believe what I was heari...more

What I've Learned: On Confidence and True Beauty

When I feel most beautiful and most free -- during a gut-breaking laugh with people I love....more

An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey

While I know there are WW members who rely on the frozen, chemical-laden products, I can ...more

My Appetite

If there has been one constant in my life, it has surely been my appetite. Each day I’d wake to the insistent rumblings in my stomach and my daily battle would begin. Would my appetite for yummy, fatty or sweet indulgences win, or would I quell my hunger with something more wholesome and healthy. On most days that tug-of-war was the undercurrent of my life and set the stage for my ongoing struggle between my better judgement and my love of preparing and eating what my appetite demanded....more

At home workout ideas and equipment to stay in shape

I haven’t posted a workout or fitness routine in a few weeks, I have been slacking I know. I have been focusing a bit more on running lately and just kind of fell off the wagon (see, we all do it) but in the mean time I have been taking time to do very simple at home workouts that don’t require any machines. All you need is a pair of dumb bells, a mat and maybe a short barbell with plates....more


How will I ever feel as though I am enough again?...more

Today is The Day!

Today is the day!Well, actually Thursday will be the real day….but until then, today is the day! I have decided I have been overweight long enough. Kiko and I go to the gym and mess around, but that’s the end of that. I just ordered the Insanity DVDs. They will be here Thursday and then its game on! I am really excited about it too! I just hope I can have the stamina to follow through with it and actually see progress. ...more

6 Tips for a Beautiful Smile



Well I would like say Hello world I,m taking major stepsTo some it might be baby steps, being that I have madeSome couragous moves far from where I was at from about 3yrs ago and with that being said I want to introduce myself IamLavina and deciding to be an inspiring vessel, to be a mouthpiece to help other sharingmy own endeavours and also be a listener and learnerin the same sense in other,s...........more

How to Prepare Your Daughter for Menstruation

I remember the day my period started for the first time. I was 12 and other than hearing the vague and cryptic comments from my friends at school and an older sister who had shared a little bit about their own experiences with me, I was woefully unprepared. I have good parents whom I love dearly, but I think there was a whole generation of young girls who were as unprepared for this life event as I was, because menstruation wasn't something we talked about. ...more
QueenMomJen we talk a lot in the car too. I think it's almost like a non chat as we are focusing ...more