Rude Shit People Say to a Pregnant Woman

Have you ever noticed the pregnant rant statuses on Facebook? I have, from several people. And I thought to myself, who would say such a thing to a pregnant woman? I now believe every pregnant person goes through it.  Meaning... the rude comments and questions.I am only 4.5 months and gained about 9-10 pounds so far. Personally the only thing that has changed to me is - my ass  got plump (and I like it) - my face got a little rounder - and obviously my gut is growing. (DUH)...more

introducing myself

I sometimes imagine I’m in the matrix and the little coffin like tanks that each person inhabits is their allotted space, their storage unit – and that’s all I’m allowed. so I’m filling it up.  I want it to be filled up with my heart, my love, my soul, my creative mind, but I’m obviously choosing to fill it up with fat instead. ...more

Be a Woman Who Loves

From a young age, we're essentially taught that every other girl is competition. Who looks better in a two-piece? Who's hair is straighter, curlier, or less frizzy? Is she taller? Shorter? Thinner? Is she better at flirting? I'm 25 years old and I'm just now learning that women aren't my competition:...more

Let's Talk About Gaining Weight With Age

Weight is an emotionally charged issue....more

You're Doing Just Fine

I look for inspiration everywhere, and often I get it from Facebook....more


"What's wrong with me?" I cry to my best friend. "What did I do?! I tried to do all of the right things and I still lose. I don't know what's wrong with me."We're sitting in my car, in front of her house, and I'm bawling my eyes out. I just don't get it. It's like I've suddenly been transported to 1995 and I'm replaying the scene from Clueless; where Tai is crying over Elton not wanting her....more

If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands

A few weeks ago I saw a news story on Tess Holliday.  She was beautiful, happy, just signed a modeling contract and was a size 22.  Her genuine self-confidence shook me to my core.  The interviewer asked her a question about her health, and she had the perfect answer: Health is a personal thing.  That was it....more

The Perks of Being a Stuntman – Beyond the Adrenaline Rushes

Do heavy buff action and exhilarating stunts fascinate you? If yes, then this is your opportunity to jump off roofs, play with fire and dash through high speed cars. All you need to do is follow your passion right into the intriguing field of stunt performance as a stuntman, obviously. Being a stuntman has many perks, of which many include performing dangerous stunts, a rewarding pay, learning new fighting styles, etc....more

Society's View of Women And body Image

If your like me and your under 5' then you sure know that finding clothing to fit you properly without visiting a seamstress for every article of clothing to be fixed. This is why I gravitate towards makeup to avoid trying on clothing for hours just to find one shirt to fit my 4'11" body. Now I'm not disproportioned but I'm short in statue and not a size 0, more like a 12-14 depending on the pants....more