Some Good Things Should Never Ever Come To An End | RIP BKS Iyengar Guruji

It was 7 years ago that I moved to Pune & it has been that many years when I was introduced to Iyengar Yoga.In India there are many forms of Yoga being promoted and everyone is coming out with books, DVD, Youtube videos by dozens. From a practitioner to an actress, everyone is jumping on the Yoga wagon....more


Could someone give me a hand while I crawl up here on top of my soap box? I need to get something off of my chest. Body shaming is body shaming no matter if you are calling someone fat or too skinny or a pig or whatever.I'm so sick of seeing crap like this: ...more

Some questions on self-image

What if you suddenly discovered that some long-held, deeply ingrained, negative belief about yourself was a complete and utter lie? What if for one moment you chose to see yourself the way others saw you, instead of through your own jaded, judgmental eyes and preconceived notions? What if every time you were prepared to automatically say I can't, you choked off those words and instead declared I'll try? How would it change your life? Please share your thoughts... ...more

How to Dress Your Body Type for Style

When it comes to fashion, being stylish is not about the amount of clothing you have in your closet; instead, it’s about how the pieces you have fit your body type. As long as you have classic pieces that are flattering to your body shape, you have a stylish outfit for any occasion.Here are classic pieces and fits for every body type and a break down of what styles work best for each body type:Staples for Every Closet:...more

Beaches, Bikinis and Body Acceptance

As a perennially plus-sized person, I have faced numerous wardrobe-related challenges over these past 21 years. Finding clothes that fit me is a constant struggle; many a shopping trip has ended in frustrated fitting room tears, with the largest available jeans forced halfway up my thighs. It’s impossible enough to find clothes above a size 10 or 12 in many popular stores, wherein plus-size sections remain a mythical fashion unicorn (looking at you, Forever 21)....more

Orange Flor Skirt - Plus Size Style

Orange Floral Skirtby Erica · August 18, 2014I bought this orange floral skirt 2 years ago from Eshakti when I was losing weight. When I received it the waist was a touch too small.  Instead of returning it I hung on to it thinking I would be able to fit into soon… but, alas, my weight started going back up and I never got into it…...more

I can't believe I am going to post this...

I Cannot Believe I Am Going To Post This…by Erica · August 7, 2014No, really, I cannot believe I am going to post this…...more

"Piss and Whiz"

   Did you or your mother used to say 'tinkle' when you were little? Do you still use it now with children? Do you still run the water in the bathroom sink so no one will hear the sound of you urinating? Well, CUT THE CRAP. I hope this story makes you a mad, militant pisser, unashamed to take a whiz.  ...more

My Flawed but Authentic Portrait Session

One of the things I mentioned in my All about BlogHer post was that I was able to visit the Flawed but Authentic suite. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I knew that they were planning to take photographs for an upcoming portrait book called Flawed but Authentic, Embracing Myself....more

What I Learned from My 600 lb. Life

I don't do it often, but sometimes, while channel surfing I find myself sucked in and realize why we watch reality TV. The first time I saw Hoarders all I could think of was what a sh*tstorm it was, and how does that happen to anyone. Then after finding myself on the third or fourth consecutive episode (in one afternoon) my thought was that watching it made me feel better about myself....more