The Internet Boobs Aren't the Problem

Hey Lauren,Hi, there.I'm Darlena.As I'm sure you're well aware by now, your post about internet boobies ruining your marriage made quite a stir.Don't worry, I'm not here to judge you, and I don't hate you, and you didn't make me mad.What I really want to say to you is this:Do you know how beautiful you are?Let me be the first (or millionth) to tell you: You are freaking gorgeous....more


Routine ultrasound yesterday showed my right and left ovaries have produced huge follicles....hence the semi-pregnant, bloated look and feel on my otherwise flat belly.  Next week, they'll mature (hopefully no later than Monday so I can go on a previously planned vacation....more on this topic later!) So, you probably have a ton of being 'what the heck is a follicle and what does it have to do with IVF?'  ...more

A Poem: Just look at her

Just look at her... she should be ashamed of herself! tsk, tsk absolutely disgusting, isn't it? Just look at her... rolls of fat around her middle details (but not bulk) camouflaged by baggy tops never belted or tucked Just look at her... so self-conscious, thinking everyone's staring at her whispering about her, judging her (well, aren't they?) Just look at her... hate the indulgent ugliness hate the hidden shame made manifest for everyone to see Just look at her... look, despise, berate ...more

Shame and Misplaced Blame: The Problems With a Girls-Only Dress Code

There's an article going around the internet right now about a sixth grade girl's outfit. A mother published on Slate after her daughter was made to wear an oversized t-shirt because her (mighty cute, may I add) blue jean shorts didn't pass the school's dress code which stated that all shorts and skirts must reach fingertip length or longer. Who cares, right? Well, there's a big reason that you should: ...more
Second Floor Flat TheBlackTortoise Yes, boys should have a dress code, too.  I agree with you there.more

Your Body is a Canvas

Lets face it. We all hate something about our bodies. Every one of us. I hate my tummy. I hate my flabby underarms, and my butt is flat.  But, I got some killer legs and awesome breasts. How can women look at themselves and find something about them that they love?...more

The truth about being "Healthy"

Healthy. Now that’s a controversial word isn’t it?I hesitated to even write it. There’s such a stigma around it, especially for those of us that do not match the typical magazine definition of health.Our heart here at Curvy Moi is to help you love yourself just as you are. We are not here pushing the latest and greatest diet tips and tricks. But in loving yourself, it is important to become the best you possible. And that requires a healthy mind, body and soul....more

Vow to Ditch the Scale!

There is one place all women can agree they hate standing…and that is on a scale.  We wince as we wait for that number to flash, allowing it to define us and determine whether we are going to have a good or bad day (because we would never dare step on that evil thing if it wasn’t first thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom, and being stark naked…am I right?).  ...more
I thought I was the only person who was like this !  I now weigh and measure myself once a ...more

Closeted Openings: Unlocking an Existence Beyond the Physical

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What is "normal"?

Mekayla Diehl, who didn't win Miss USA, is trending her "normal" butt off. She's being praised for walking out on stage in a bikini, despite not being as thin as the other contestants. There are so many things weird and a little bit wrong about this. First, I can't believe Miss USA is still on the air. These women are all beautiful, articulate, and well groomed to be in a beauty pageant, or become a trophy wife. Not to say Miss USA contestants don't go on to do wonderful things post pageant, but what you look like in a bikini is relevant...never, in real life....more
Denise I know. ;)more