Hair Free... The Path to Loving My Natural Hair

He chuckled as he saw me quickly duck inside to avoid the rain...more

What in the World Is My Damn Neck Doing?

The youngest of the Baby Boomer women turned 50 in 2014 with Gen Xers, right behind. Even though Boomer women are more confident in their beauty than they were in their 20s, they still aren’t ready to look like their mums and many are not ready for invasive cosmetic procedures.  Sadly a woman’s neck begins to show age before anything else leaving these vibrant, vivacious, beautiful women asking, “What’s happening to my neck and why not my face as well?”So, let’s talk about the Why and the What You Can Do About It… ...more

Mom of Teen With Down Syndrome Cautiously Celebrates DS Model Madeline Stuart

"I don't want Down syndrome," my 12-year-old daughter, D'Andra, told me one hot summer day. "I want it to go away, Mom," she said. I shook my head and told her that I couldn't tell an extra monochrome to disappear....more
khaula mazhar I bet your daughters are gorgeous. D'Andra calls herself bronze. She wants to dye ...more

I am NOT a Quitter!

My friends and family all share the same response when I tell them I’m starting a new fitness regime or diet. They say that’s great, that they will support me, but the tone of their voice sends off alerts in my head....more

Rites of Passage

It’s funny, the things you remember about adolescence.When I was in fifth or sixth grade we learned about the process of menstruation via educational video in health class. Other kids giggled and squirmed. I fell off my desk, passed out cold....more

How to Take the Awkward Out of Pictures

Getting your picture taken is awkward. I won’t try to deny that. Did you know they don’t have to be? What if I told you they can be fun?One major reason people don’t like to be in a photo is because they are self-conscious. Sure, even the super models have body parts they wish were different. What we see in a magazine isn’t even true to real life so please don’t compare yourself to any of them. Want to know how to get around this? Let your personality shine in the photo. Are you loud and exuberant? Are you more quiet and serious?...more

Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready Syndrome

The symptoms of Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready syndrome include feeling like you can’t possibly move forward until you lose ten pounds,get a degree, receive permission, know the right people,have enough money, get more experience, pay your dues, or obtain the right equipment....more

Home Mountain

I looked for it, my landmark that I was headed home, it's muted blue/green peak thrusting symetrically into the late spring sky.   Today, it was like a talisman, a harbinger of comfort, of home. "You're diabetic" Dr. S said, her keen gazed rested on me briefly.  "Your fasting blood sugar should be 6.5-7, your test was 9, you are a diabetic".   ...more

Mombod, Dadbod, Everyone's Bod is Awesome

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the recent “dadbod” phenomenon taking over social media. If you haven’t, essentially it’s a bunch of dudes who have a certain type of physique being celebrated and called attractive for that physique. Which is awesome – I’m all for body positivity of every sort....more
Totally agree with you on this.  No one should judge people by their bodies. Shaming people ...more

I have THUNDER thighs - jealous?

Oddly enough, jealousy isn’t an emotion I’ve often been afflicted with – I mean sure, when I was younger I used to wish I was part of The Royal Family … but then as years passed I wised up to the fact that even kings and queens, princes and princesses have troubles....more