Is My Butt As Sexy As Kim's?

Is My Butt As Sexy As Kim's?...more

#FeminismIn100Words – the whole shebang

Over the last week I have posted 100 words a day about feminism. Here they are all together. What can you say about feminism in 100 words? The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue…There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the words ‘feminism’ and‘feminist’ have lost their purpose....more

Does Any Woman Really Need Peach Scented Nethers?

So I was shown an article today about the possibility of peach scented girly bits. Yeah, you read that right.Oh, and it was developed by dudes.Thanks, dudes! Peach in woman's hands, Image Credit: Shutterstock...more
carriewible You have a very noble way of commenting. Some people are just so downright nasty, ...more

PCOS and Weight: How to Get Your Groove Back

When I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) earlier this year, the doctors game me all kinds of helpful (and alarming!) information about the condition.  What they didn’t tell me was that their diagnosis would trigger my long-dormant obsession with the bathroom scale, send me into a calorie-counting frenzy and give my self esteem a serious pummeling. ...more
I have been diagnosed with PCOS since I was 16. For ten years I have battled so many horrible ...more

I Decided to Get in Shape

Objectify me for the Artistic Expression. Actually Don't.

So the 2015 Pirelli Calendar has just been released. It was shot by legendary photographer Steven Meisel who recently said in a press release, “In my opinion, these are the key aesthetic models of today’s world. They represent the stereotypes that the fashion and star system impose upon us right now.”[1]Well Mr. Meisel, I agree with you completely there – the fashion and star/celebrity system is yet again imposing this narrow stereotype of what beauty and feminism is....more

Yikes! You Can Lose Your Hair From a Medication

"Wow, you have a LOT of hair." I can’t tell you over the course of my life how many times I’ve heard this sentence (or a variation of it). I’ve been a bridesmaid around seven or eight times, and when it came down to creating the schedule for girls getting their hair done the day of the wedding, I was always one of the first. I had a ton of hair, so I was inevitably going to take the longest. ...more
citysafari it's crazy!  I couldn't believe it wasn't listed as a major side effect; I researched ...more

Cabin Fever

Image “Khan1_zpsb4ffe94a.jpg” from thelastmonte’s bucket Step…stop…wait. Step…stop…wait. Step…stop…wait. ...more

Checkpoint Woes

Yesterday, I hope you found some amusement in me whining about air travel and baggage. If not amusement, perhaps you could at least relate to my frustrations. Today you will find a bit more from our journey. ...more

Stretch Marks - All That Glitters is not Gold

When I reflect on the shape of my body, I am reminded that not all that glitters is gold. My stretchmarks glitter, silvery, in the evening light, and when I see them I think about how my relationship with my body has changed over time....more