Stop Guilting People About Snacks and Their Bodies

A few days ago, my boss purchased a fun little candy dispenser from Costco. We've been trying to make our office more welcoming for teachers to come work. So when she came across this awesome little candy machine, she went for it. We filled it to the brim with Peanut M&M's and mini Hershey bars and placed it by our door. ...more
tastefullykims Absolutely!!  It's a projection of their own anxieties about eating, and I ...more

9 Fun Outdoor Activities That Double as a Summer Workout

Summer is pretty much synonymous with being outdoors. The warm weather is here to stay for a while! And that means that you might be trading in your time in the gym for more time lounging outdoors with friends or family. There's nothing wrong with that! But don't let the lazy days of summer catch up to you by September. Staying active and getting in your exercise is important year-round! Kill two birds with one stone this summer by enjoying your time outside with loved ones while also sneaking in a workout. ...more

I've Been Working Out and I Look Pretty Good!

"Oh, look!" said my boyfriend. "You're in the background of this picture!" We'd been at one of those old car shows where they block off several streets so you can walk around looking at big, pointy '60s cars. Sadly, I am also from the '60s, and incidentally kind of big and pointy. The man I live with accidentally captured my vintage self on film when he meant to capture some huge black car with red flames painted on it. ...more
This is awesome! I'm 44 and now that the kids are getting older I can finally really focus on ...more

Everyday poetry: long-lasting imprints

 This is the paw print I made coming back from my morning swim over an hour ago. It hasn't evaporated yet. I love those cool mornings. It makes me feel so alive to be out there in the water, surrounded by wildlife I can hear but not see, breathing in clean air, with beauty all around. Man, it's good for my soul....more

Detox Juices for Clear and Beautiful Skin

               I hope you are all doing well today!  ...more

Trying to justifying my fat

 I just adore the .25¢ ice cream cone over at super one.Question time....Now I wondering to my self if I adore the cone or how cheap they are.It seems I'm always justifying to my self....more

The Do Everything B*tch: Ronda Rousey on Her Body Being Too Masculine

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey recently fired back at critics in a UFC video promoting her August 1 fight with Bethe Correia. Some see Rousey’s body huge and masculine. On the contrary, she sees every muscle on her body as having a meaningful purpose and not just simply something to be looked at: [6:09]...more

Back on the Saddle: Training for My Next Triathlon, After Two Kids

I've been spending my early mornings, lunch breaks, and late evening training for a triathlon. It's been over two years since my last race. And now with two young kids,  I'm determined to get back in the water, my running shoes and, yes, on the bike saddle....more

Team NutriBullet 2015-2016

The upcoming season for Team NutriBullet and training for the 2016 LA Marathon is almost upon us!  I was extremely fortunate to be a part of this program last year. My teammates and I received expert coaching and training, while NutriBullet staff helped us with our nutrition. I had an amazing experience, made a lot of new friends, and was able to run my fastest marathon in that crazy heat we had last March. ...more

3 Workday Walk Finishers to Engage Your Muscles More

Woo, it's Friday!  How was your week?  Mine's been pretty hectic to say the least, but mostly good (more details on that later).  Let's jump right to today's mini workout, shall we?  ...more

You took the spot, now stay in it.

In formation flying, there's an important skill called station keeping. This means staying in the correct position relative to other planes in the group. It's critical for safety as well as the symmetry of the formation....more

May Your Belly be Always Satisfied and Your Heart Always Full

I am anxious about my work situation when I shouldn’t be. I can’t put my finger on why I’m so stressed about this.Read More...more