9 Fun Outdoor Activities That Double as a Summer Workout

Summer is pretty much synonymous with being outdoors. The warm weather is here to stay for a while! And that means that you might be trading in your time in the gym for more time lounging outdoors with friends or family. There's nothing wrong with that! But don't let the lazy days of summer catch up to you by September. Staying active and getting in your exercise is important year-round! Kill two birds with one stone this summer by enjoying your time outside with loved ones while also sneaking in a workout. ...more

I've Been Working Out and I Look Pretty Good!

"Oh, look!" said my boyfriend. "You're in the background of this picture!" We'd been at one of those old car shows where they block off several streets so you can walk around looking at big, pointy '60s cars. Sadly, I am also from the '60s, and incidentally kind of big and pointy. The man I live with accidentally captured my vintage self on film when he meant to capture some huge black car with red flames painted on it. ...more
This is awesome! I'm 44 and now that the kids are getting older I can finally really focus on ...more

Weight Loss Tips That DON'T Work For Me

A couple days ago, I had someone who read my blog say, "I feel you are missing so many methods to help a person lose weight. What about all the weight loss tips you read in magazine articles. When are you going to post those?" The problem is that I have seen the same flipping tips in the health and fitness magazines for literally years. Almost every month I'd eagerly open up a magazine after reading on the cover, "5 Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work." And guess what? They didn't do a thing for me. In fact, I think I saw most of the "tricks" in the same health magazine just a couple issues ago! So no, you won't see the usual strategies in my posts unless they leave a lasting impression on me. However, today is an exception. Below you'll find tips that I continue to see in weight loss articles, but continue not to work with my body. ...more
TheHerbLady Amen to THAT! I know we all want that one magic "trick" that's going to melt the ...more

Sweating it out

Did you know we have 2.6 million sweat glands in our system? I think some of mine should have dried up by now! Yet there is only potassium and salt apparently in sweat …I was so hoping a nice ounce or two of fat would drip off me too but apparently that only happens to chickens on a rotisserie not me on a stationary bike at +20 level....more


As I mentioned last week, I ran the Rock N Roll Chicago half marathon on Sunday!...more

Grab a Coworker and Move Your Bodies with These Easy Exercise Pairs

Happy Friday!  Is it just me, or has this week been a rough one?  Not sure why, but this week has drained me.  I'm super tired, slacking on my meal prep big time, and just. can't. wait. for the weekend.  Anyone else?  ...more

Friday Weigh-in: 30.3 Pounds Down!

230.2 pounds for today’s weigh-in! I jogged (or rather, walked briskly) right past that 30 pound mark – woohoo! That’s 2.6 pounds lost in the 3 days I’ve been back on induction-level carbs and SO CLOSE to the 220s! But the bigger milestone with 230.2? My lowest weight in 8 or 9 YEARS was 230.8, back in 2012. I haven’t weighed this low since 2007 or 2008. That’s when I put on 50 something pounds from the undertreated Hashimoto’s… Except for that low in 2012, I’ve mostly been stuck in the 250s since 2009....more

Everyday Life in Utopia

Anyone who has trouble making changes in life should read Gretchen Rubin’s book Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. I subscribe to her newsletter, so I already knew that I am what she calls an Obliger....more

How 5 Minutes a Day Can be Life Changing!

Decluttering my house has been a new routine that started with committing to wake up 5 minutes earlier every morning three years ago. This habit and routine enabled me to add other life giving habits. Habit begets habit. This post will share how 5 minutes a day can be life changing. ...more

Back & Biceps Superset Dumbbell Workout

Happy Wednesday to you all!  I've been trying to structure more workouts into my blog posts recently, specifically ones that use more equipment since a lot of my workout posts have been bodyweight-only.  I also want to give you a glimpse into what I teach!  I make all of the routines I use during my classes (and use myself!), and last night's class was a back & biceps strength training session....more

Stop Guilting People About Snacks and Their Bodies

A few days ago, my boss purchased a fun little candy dispenser from Costco. We've been trying to make our office more welcoming for teachers to come work. So when she came across this awesome little candy machine, she went for it. We filled it to the brim with Peanut M&M's and mini Hershey bars and placed it by our door. ...more
tastefullykims Absolutely!!  It's a projection of their own anxieties about eating, and I ...more

The 10-Day Detox Diet Jump Start Guide

You’d probably be skeptical – most people, including doctors, don’t think you can create radical health transformation in a few days, but I do. And that’s because I see it every day and have seen it for the past 20 years with over 10,000 patients....more