HIIT: The Calorie-Burning Routine You Can Do Anywhere

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is rising in popularity amongst the masses at supersonic speeds. Besides body weight training, HIIT is the top fitness trend of 2014. This upbeat, fast-paced method requires dedication, commitment, stamina, and endurance, but the results are well worth the effort. ...more
DailyHIIT (you can look up their website) has 30 day challenges and beginner programs explaining ...more

I Should Have Worn Two Sports Bras to Zumba Class and Other Lessons Learned

My friend Sheryl invited me to join her in a Zumba class. This was my very first Zumba class, so I didn't know what to expect. I'm kidding -- I knew exactly what to expect. Because I did my research, people! I read TWO whole articles online about what to expect at your first Zumba class.  In one article, there was a photo of some very fit-looking women jumping like gazelles. I figured that was just for advertising effect.  Surely there would be no actual JUMPING in a fitness class? I'm more of a low-impact girl myself, and by that I mean no impact. ...more
My daughter who is 21 and very fit and active took up Zumba around a year and a half ago and ...more

I Learned I Was Diabetic, and I Became a Binge Eater

Being at a healthy weight, no one really questioned my eating habits. I was the Sporty Spice of every group, so excessive eating was justified and even praised.  Through college I managed my healthy weight by keeping my routine of unwarranted eating and extreme exercise (my BMI was about 22). Luckily I love fruits and vegetables, but processed grains and starches were primary staples in my diet. (I couldn’t say no to a Pop-Tart.) ...more
Amanda, thank you for sharing your story.  I actually read it from beginning to end.  You helped ...more

Dirty 30: 5k Foam Fest

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsCome visit this healthy runner at http://www.fitfoodieruns.comHey ya’ll! I am super happy to finally be able to write a post! I’m so sorry for the three week delay! (I had no clue or I would have warned ya first!)So much to tell you – it’s going to be like that hour chat when you call your Aunt Rita once a year and you know you should call her once a week….so let’s get to it....more

Making Races Fit Your Training Plan

Signing up for a big goal race and following an official training plan is a sure sign you’ve caught the racing bug. Once you’re in this racing mindset, all those local 5Ks and 10Ks start to look like a fun way to pad out your training for your big event. So, you sign up for a couple, then it dawns on you as you look at your specific training plan, “Um, how do I fit this into what I’m supposed to be running this week?” Never fear, fellow racers, I’m here to give you some options and specific tips on making races fit into your training plan....more

Confessions of a serial dieter

I've been on a diet all my life.  From Atkins to Zone, you name it, I've done it.  I've had a lot of success, losing tons of weight, but somehow, I only felt ok-ish.  I was ecstatic when I worked my way into a size 6, but really, my energy and drive were not where they should have been.  Plus, with all the intense calorie-counting and sugar-deprivation, I always, always, ALWAYS crashed and burned.  And I wouldn't just fall off the wagon.  Oh no.  I would fall, roll down the hill AND splash into the oce...more

Get More Vitamins From Healthy Food Sources

Healthy eating is all about eating foods that are full of the nutrients that we need for thriving health.  That is even more important when you are trying to lose weight and foods full of empty calories.  There are a couple nutrient sources that almost everybody is familiar with. Whether it's Vitamin C from an orange, potassium from a banana, or calcium from milk, these sources are pretty common knowledge....more
I did not know that salmon could be fortified in vitamin D. Thank you. Plans about weight loss ...more

Yoga 101 Lessons Learnes

On Saturday I went to a 2 1/2 hour workshop at Valley Vinyasa called Yoga 101. It was my first experience in an actual yoga studio and I’m so glad I went....more

Cross Training Footwear

This morning as I was at my gym, waiting for my Body Pump class to start, I snapped a photo of my shoes and then got to thinking about them....more

To Knock off the Pounds, Pack on the Produce

  I’ve been helping women lose weight and keep it off for over two decades. One of the cornerstones of my weight loss and wellness program, The Self-Compassion Solution is: Eat more fruits and vegetables....more
Finley Jayne Glad you liked the article and congratulations on your weight loss and the ...more

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Nikki lost 103 pounds

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Nikki lost 103 pounds. Tired of feeling invisible and dealing with low self esteem, she decided that enough was enough.  She embraced healthy eating habits and worked out with DVDs at home to transform her body.  Here is her story:...more

Top 5 Diet Mistakes to Avoid

There are the top 5 mistakes that I always encourage people to AVOID when dieting and trying to lose weight.  These can hinder your weight loss efforts and even harm your health. ...more
I agree with most of what you're saying, except for 'Always remember that if you want to lose ...more

The Scientific Seven Minute Workout

We've already talked about how exercising daily can be quite the struggle for me. Between my full work day, commuting and the afternoon rain storms it feels nearly impossible to get in a good workout. I hardly have enough time to make dinner most nights, let alone take a trip to the gym and spend 45-60 minutes on a treadmill or trying to figure out what weights to lift. I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who wanders awkwardly through the machines unsure of where to start. (I'm not the only one, right?)...more