Find Your Workout Match With These 8 Workouts

You cannot do the same thing for twelve years, let alone a lifetime, and stay motivated or challenge your body. Plus life happens and different life seasons have not allowed me the same time and flexibility in fitting in certain workouts. Here are 8 workouts that... work. ...more

How to Use Your Fitbit to Get Back in Shape

Since I posted the picture below on Facebook and announced that my husband and I have lost about 135 pounds between the two of us, I've gotten several questions from friends asking for details: how we did it and how we used our Fitbits. So here goes. ...more
Congrats on the weight loss! I use the Zip, and it integrates with Logging is ...more

Do You Have Mommy Running Guilt?

About a year ago, I started distance running. I'm preparing to train for my third half-marathon, and once again, I'm feeling a bit ... guilty....more
Kimba90 Yes, husbands are important, too. :)more

Food and the Older Woman

So here's the deal. I'm 42. That means it's time to get my shit together, especially if I want to live long enough to see my grandchildren torment their parents. Karma, you know. It's got to happen one day....more

Why Practice Yoga

I first tried Yoga around the time that I purchased P90X several years ago. It was my first exposure to yoga but not my last. Although I have struggled with flexibility and posture my entire life I did not let it deter me. Research reveals that it is actually those who struggle with flexity that should be more obliged to experiment with yoga. Yoga is said to not only help with flexibility but also help increase concentration, strengthen muscles, improve posture, and help temper stress....more

Perfect Protein Waffles

Hello, hello!I'm back as promised to share the perfect protein waffle recipe with you all! I woke up with a skip in my step and wanted to make a hearty breakfast to power me through my day full of errands and cleaning in preparation for my parents arrival tomorrow afternoon. A few minutes later, the perfect protein waffle recipe was born! ...more

Reaching a Goal

I’ve been working my butt off at the gym over this last year (I wish that was literally.)  Granted, I’m not in the gym NEARLY as much as I’d like to be, but I work hard when I’m there on the weekends.  I usually spend 3 hours every Saturday and Sunday morning… cardio and then weights.  Once I’m warmed up with cardio and sweating buckets, I move on to weights… which I LOVE.  Given that I had been out of the gym for a number of years, I’ve been slowly building on the weights.  My legs have always been my strongest point… 24 years of dance combined with 7 years of hors...more

What I Bought Wednesday #1

Happy hump day, everyone!  I hope you all have had a good start to your week! I've been in preparation mode since Monday because my mom and dad arrive into Houston tomorrow afternoon!! I can't wait to see them both and spend some quality time together and show them our new city. My mom has already been able to visit once, but this will be my dad's first trip since we've moved. ...more

My First Yoga Experience

Back in December I took my first-ever (and second-ever) yoga class.  I have always been hesitant to take a yoga class, not because I didn’t think it would be a great experience, but because the only yoga I’d ever heard about involved a lot of chanting, “om-ing,” (which, to me, just sounded like a lot of people humming together - not really w...more

The Get-You-Going Cardio + Core Workout

Some days you just can't get going.  I've been there.  The days where you can't get started, can't get out of bed, and certainly can't get energized!  If you find yourself feeling stuck and like today is a nonstarter already, here's a little morning kickstarter workout to get your butt into gear and get you moving....more

6 Exercises to do in the Park

Warmer weather is upon us (fingers crossed that it stays!) so I hope you're getting out and enjoying the sun!  I love being outside and enjoying a nice dose of vitamin D - it does wonders for refreshing your mental state.  So I thought, why not refresh your physical state as well with a workout series that you can do outside??...more

Book Nook Review: Loving Yourself to Great Health

 "Everything is thoughts and food."Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, raw vegan, low carb, gluten free...which diet is THE ONE?Did you ever consider your thoughts to be equally as important as diet and exercise in the equation of your optimal health? Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts & Food--The Ultimate Diet by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, & Heather Dane teaches that our health hinges on our thoughts. I couldn't agree more.If this is all too metaphysical for you, no one can deny that before doing anything we almost always think a thought (or a string of thoughts) first. Before going for a walk, eating a piece of pizza, making a green smoothie, drinking a coffee...there is a thought that precedes the action. From a very practical standpoint, it makes perfect sense that our thoughts influence how we look and feel.The first part of the book spends a lot of time on the subject of loving ourselves, something that isn't exactly emphasized in our culture as the most important, most basic component of our human power. Although it certainly is!"Most of us have not been taught to listen to our bodies and inner wisdom, so we don’t trust it."I never really understood what intuition was, not believing that I could have some supernatural power to predict the future or know if the decision I made was right or wrong. I have a feeling that taking the time to develop a strong sense of personal intuition at a young age would spare a lot of people a lot of pain and heartache. Not to mention save a lot of time spent doing things that don't feel right.Listening to our bodies, asking our bodies what they need and then really listening, is a foreign concept for most. Some might say it is downright kooky. But that is exactly what this book calls us to do....more