Running Part 1 - "Why?"

Running…that seemingly impossible cardiac - oops I meant cardio activity that all fatties try their hand at, at some point along their weight loss journey. And in my honest opinion it can’t be avoided. Why you ask? ...more

How a Beautiful City Inspired Me to Continue Running.

It’s been about 14 months since I decided to run in an effort to be more active, and 9 months since my first half marathon. Since the Tinker Bell Half in January I have continued to run, however with inconsistency due to a bad knee injury. ...more

The Correlation Between Breast Cancer and Hearing Loss

The Correlation Between Breast Cancer and Hearing Loss

My Transformation

26.2 Running Away From Fine Lines and Wrinkles

It’s hard to believe I willingly put myself in a situation that resulted in this much pain, but I did.  ...more

The Only 6 Exercises You Really Need

I love training beginners. They always allow me kick their butts ever so quietly – unlike my regulars, who tell me where to go on a regular basis. But, I heart the regulars too. I adore sarcasm and spunk.But, beginners do hold a special place in my heart....more

Bob Harper Shares the 'Skinny' on Weight Loss

Want the skinny on what works for weight loss? Celebrity trainer Bob Harper, who became famous on "The Biggest Loser," knows for sure....more

Yacon syrup weight loss supplement: Here's what to know

When Dr. Mehmet Oz publicized the benefits of yacon syrup as a weight loss supplement, I was intrigued. He claimed it was "the next big thing to promote healthy weight loss" and cited studies showing it helped 73 percent of women lose weight in just four weeks. ...more

Biggest Loser nutritionist shares top weight loss tips

"The Biggest Loser" participants have a secret weapon: Nutritionist Cheryl Forberg, R.D., author of "Flavor First: Cut Calories and Boost Flavor with 75 Delicious, All-Natural Recipes" (click for details) and "...more

Sausage, Sweet Potato, and Spinach Soup

On my last post, I promised a Whole 30 update once we finished our reintroduction period. I’m late as always in fulfilling the promise, but the update is here nonetheless!So, how did it go?...more