6 Problems Only Girls Who Work Out Will Understand

Do you love gym? Do you love to run with your dog or simply alone? Do you love the fact that at your 30 something, having had a couple of sweetie children you feel and look, as good as you did in college?...more

Kickin' Chick'n

If a chicken carcass could get up and dance, this would be it. Tender, flavorful, and brimming with attitude, Kickin' Chick'n is rockin' the house! ...more

My 5 Favorite YouTube Channels for Working Out at Home

I try to incorporate exercise more into my daily life, but it’s a constant struggle for me. I don’t love working out, and it can be really hard to force myself off the couch and get a good workout in. I loved physical activity when I was in high school and constantly played sports. Now that I’m not dancing and playing soccer, it’s harder to find workouts that I enjoy! I like workout classes, but have the hardest time forcing myself to get to the gym. I prefer to workout at home, but don’t always have the tools I need to get the workout I need....more

Mind IT!


5 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You To Know

 Yoga is a practice for both the body and the mind. In every class, I try to incorporate many aspects of yoga such as anatomy and the benefits of proper alignment along with yoga history and philosophy. Here are a few things that I think are important to know when it comes to making the most out of your yoga practice....more

Calcium Supplements: Do They Help or Harm?

Everyone seems to be confused about the benefits and risks of calcium supplementation for menopausal women. So let’s straighten this out once and for all....more

No Equipment At Home Ab Strengthening Workout

 This workout was originally posted on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog , In Fitness and In Health....more

Fun Ideas to Kick Off Back-to-School Lunches

The worst part about returning to school is returning to the lunch time struggle. Every morning, we look through the pantry and refrigerator, trying to find something for the kids to bring to school. It doesn't help that my twins are picky eaters, and it seems like the only things they enjoy eating requires heating in a microwave. We also don't have a lot of time in the morning to make elaborate meals. I've been spending the summer months rounding up some cool ideas for back-to-school. ...more

Learn from my Mistakes, How I was Sabotaging my Weight Loss Efforts

I am always learning and growing on my journey towards health, and I will make a lot of mistakes and discoveries on the way. If we can share our knowledge with each other we are that much closer to be empowered to succeed. Here are some things I have learned so far, please comment and share your knowledge so we can grow together!...more