It's My Pregnancy and I'll Complain if I Want To

After two previous high risk pregnancies, a traumatic birth with my second son which culminated in me needing a blood transfusion, and a new pregnancy which has been riddled with pain, bleeding, and much stress, forgive me for needing to get something off my chest... ...more
I am having trouble conceiving for similar reasons you struggled. I was told the same thing. You ...more

5 Things Never to Say to an IVF Patient

So you think you can empathize with someone going through IVF?  Maybe you held your best friend's hand as she went through the madness.  Spoke to her in her deepest lows about adoption or what if's?  You cried with her before and during treatments, and after her baby was conceived, you worried with her until he/she came.  This is all great and I am not here to discredit anyone's experiences with or friendships with someone going through a hard time conceiving a baby. ...more
Eggcellent Post! I'll be sharing this on my FB page this week. While going through my own ...more

Am I Not a "Mama" Too?

I am the middle child of two other sisters. The three of us are very different from one another, but very close. When we were growing up, my mom used to ask us what we wanted to be when we were older and according to her, I always replied, "A mama." Now there were phases I went through where I would say a circus performer, a fashion designer, or a zoologist, but at the core, I always wanted to be a mama. ...more
I love this, I've written similar articles.  Just think, "Mothers Heart" and we have one.more

Game Ball and Other Ramblings

So I just realized I haven't posted since Tuesday... unacceptable....more

512th Friday Blog Roundup

I posted about this on Twitter and Facebook because it has been on my mind lately....more

Living to have a Baby

How do you know when an adoption...more

Endometriosis Explained

As if we didn’t have enough potential health problems to worry about, women of child-bearing age are becoming more and more susceptible to a painful and distressing gynaecological condition called Endometriosis.  It is becoming more common these days, effecting up to 10% of women.  ...more

Conversations with Zuzu

Scene: Morning. Zuzu almost always asks for pancakes for breakfast. Pretty much every morning, she eats Greek yogurt with fruit (or fruit spread) mixed in and five silver dollar pancakes from Trader Joes ....more

Somewhere Between Water and Sky {A Book Launch + Giveaway!}

I heard it said once that every human is a story with skin.If this is true, paragraphs would be etched in the scars on my wrists.Whole chapters could be written about the way my heart pounds when I startle awake.And every single one of my tears could fill a book.But stories, with all their promise, only leave room for disappointment. I don’t have room for that anymore. I left it all—the hope, the love, the promise—back in my old life with the ghosts I’d rather forget: Jude ....more

Love, Unqualified -- Part 2

(find part 1 here.)We love.We love.We love, without condition, without a "but you," without excuse....more

The Mail Came Today

The mail came today. So what? The mail comes every day....more

Why We Blog

Fine, it’s far from realistic: a boy posts a story on his brand-spanking-new blog and suddenly it goes viral and donations pour in from all corners of the Internet to help them pay for their dog’s surgical bills....more

The End of an Era

When I met David, he was a bachelor with a crazy little white dog. She had bulging eyes and crooked hips and she growled at me when I petted her.Eventually, I won her allegiance and she dumped David to side with me.But in spite of her wee size, she was never a snuggler, never a lap dog. She needed a wide circumference of personal space and only wanted attention or affection if she initiated it ....more