#MicroblogMondays 58: Stress

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. ******* I read an interesting way of thinking about stress....more

Banned Book Week and Anastasia Krupnik

Yesterday was the last day of Banned Book Week....more

What I've learned from two miscarriages

This is something deeply personal, but I’ve felt the need to share more and more every day. In addition, October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. So here it goes…...more

When All the News is Bad

This morning I listened to news reports about the shooting at the community college in Oregon and then I looked online at photos of Syrian refugee children sleeping out of doors.And I'm basically ready to give up on humanity.I think about the students in Oregon and I see my students. I look at those terrified kids sleeping out of doors and I see my kids.And what really sucks is that the problems seem so huge and overwhelming and impossible that instead of feeling spurred to action, I feel tired and scared and sick to my stomach and I just want to go home and hold my babies and never leave my house.Not exactly the way I planned to start my weekend ....more

564th Friday Blog Roundup

Judging for the 2015 IF Comp, a big interactive fiction competition, opened yesterday....more

You Want HOW MANY Kids?!

0 or 15, it's nobody's business but your's and your spouse's....more


I open up the Huffington Post and see there was a mass shooting that happened today....more

The Parallel Pregnancy- Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Series

It is with both compassion and remorse that we start our blog’s month-long dedication to October-Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. We have received the stories from several brave people wishing to tell their story and we look forward to sharing them with you throughout the month. Actually, we will likely be posting about 3 times a week for the month of October ....more

What Do I Do When She Lies to My Face?

[Temporary note: For those of you following the saga of my son’s freak accident, I’m pleased to report he is home from the hospital and we are back in our routine. Thanks for all your well-wishes. We now return to our regularly scheduled adoption advice post.] Question:...more

Look Alikes?

David's grandma has been visiting us for a few days, and she keeps remarking on how much Zuzu reminds her of David's mom when she was little. Do you agree? I see definite similarities! ...more