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So are you tired of hearing about my job yet?...more

503rd Friday Blog Roundup (and the 8th Anniversary!)

So this is it. The 8th anniversary of the Roundup. 8 years, 403 posts, about 1600 posts highlighted ....more

Project: Dresser for Rerun

So as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I found this beauty of a dresser on Craigslist for $60. The price was right, and the dimensions were right, so I sent a quick e-mail and then sent David to pick it up.(Sidenote: The guy who sold it to us was so impressed by how nice David is that he sent me an e-mail telling me that I really have a good guy and he wishes us the best of luck with the baby and the changing table. This is why I call David "The Mayor.")Anyway, we got it home and not only was the paint ugly, it was chipping and dusty and the drawers all smelled really musty.So I got to work ....more

The She Said/She Said of the Mockingbird Next Door

Until the brouhaha bubbled up to the surface, I wanted to read the new book by Marja Mills called The Mockingbird Next Door about living next to Harper Lee....more

The Day Pigs Flew

Candace: It was 5am when our alarm woke us up. Really, it didn’t even have to make much of a noise to jar us out of bed since we were already subconsciously waiting for our wonder-surro to call us and let Chris and I know what time to meet her at the hospital. With our clothes laid out and bags preloaded the evening before in the car, we were given an hour notice to make it to the hospital ....more

Ask Dr. Renee: Should I Freeze My Eggs?

Ask Dr. Renee: Should I Freeze My Eggs?Ask Dr....more


I hit 37 weeks yesterday. I feel... okay ....more

Spotlight Interview at Story Sessions!

Today I'm getting interviewed over at Story Sessions, regarding the release of The Light Between Us....more

October Isn't Happening and I Need To Get Over It

This is about pregnancy - or rather my non-pregnancy situation. If it's not something you want read, then be sure to come back tomorrow. However, if you want to read this post - click the continue reading button....more

A New Job Update

So I started my new job, and you guys, it makes me so happy!...more