Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Cici

Happy birthday, sweet girl....more

Tummy Mummy in Adoption: Survey SAYS — !

Two weeks ago I asked what you thought about the term “tummy mummy.” Boy, did you have a lot to say. Among the nearly 300 respondents, who chimed in? 66% were adopting or adoptive parents 11% were adoptees 13% had a professional or nonprofessional interest in adoption 10% had placed a child or lost a … Continue reading Tummy Mummy in Adoption: Survey SAYS — ! ...more

Why You Should Always Backup Your Phone

My phone gave me no problems. In fact, on the day that this story happens, I had listened to podcasts in the car and sent a few emails and played WordBubbles....more

The One Nosy Question That Can Send a First-Time Mother Reeling

When are you going to have another baby? I get this question quite often lately from everyone from co-workers to family members and even the check-out lady at Target. It's just small talk, and I understand that completely. It's one of those things that just naturally comes up in conversation. ...more

NIGHT CYCLES: Poetry for a Dark Night of the Soul {Book Release!}

I'm having a hard time finding words for today. Today, my book of poetry, NIGHT CYCLES, launches. Like, people are reading it ....more

(Driveway) Hockey

I think I mentioned it before, but over the past few months Henry has become interested in Hockey; an interest that was sparked by playing NHL Hits with Nick and Matt (video games... making kids interested in sports since 1985)....more

#MicroblogMondays 48: Solo Vacation

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. ******* CNN had a great article about alone time a few months ago; its importance and the reason why we’re reluctant to take it: “The not-so-fun part comes in when you’re thinking about how others are […] ...more

Asking and Taking

Director Ava DuVernay spoke about something at BlogHer that I’ve been turning around in my mind ever since....more

Introducing THE BOOK OF LAZARUS {Free on Kindle!}

I'm not sure that I've talked about it much, but I majored in creative writing in college. And graduated cum laude, with honors, thankyouverymuch.But when I graduated, I (and probably most of the people who knew me) wondered what the heck I was going to do with a liberal arts degree in that subject. I thought I wasn't likely very good, so what was the point in trying to write, right? ...more