Finishing Harry Potter

The twins and I finished Harry Potter....more

Tips for Those Struggling with Infertility

My husband and I have been going through that big scary thing called infertility as you probably know if you have read this post and this other post....more

I Don’t Look So Good in Huffy (Found Out the Hard Way)

It’s first period and I’m teaching high schoolers. The end of class is near and I’m starting to worry if...more

#MicroblogMondays 34: Editing and Authorship

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. ******* There was an interesting post recently on Mental Floss musing that Laura Ingalls Wilder may not have written the Little House books....more

Work Out Plan

So... exercising. Bah.It reminds me of my dissertation in that I hated doing it, but I loved having done it.I also remember this little technique I used when finishing my dissertation--I changed the way I talked about it ....more

Infertility: A Wish Unfulfilled

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a poem that expressed my feelings about the possibility of not ever becoming a mother. I like so many other women was diagnosed as pre menopausal in my mid thirties. Had I not made the decision to begin family planning, I may never had known. As young adults many of us women are taught how to respect our bodies....more

How to Start a Book Club for Kids

This week, I’m going to be leading the entire 4th grade through a game of Quidditch at recess....more

You Are Never Alone if You Reach Out

Candace-This will be our 3rd year participating in the...more

Doing All the Things...

So yeah. Life is sorta overwhelming at the moment.Remember when I said tball was going great and not really that stressful this year?...more

541st Friday Blog Roundup

I read a post a few weeks ago about the idea of closing the comment section on a blog in order to move the conversation to other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. He makes some excellent points about the comment section: “The system is built for individual comments, not for discussion threads […] ...more