Vacation Update (Part 2 of ?): Dolphin Cruise

Vacation is moving right along in that way vacations do. ...more

5 Mental Health Takeaways from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

As far back as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with how the mind works. In high school I wrote an essay on the subconscious and later I earned a degree in psychology in college. More recently, I started practicing yoga and meditation, as ways to bring the subconscious up to the conscious level on … Continue reading 5 Mental Health Takeaways from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out → The post 5 Mental Health Takeaways from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

Gifts of Infertility - Embracing the unknown

Growing up, and even as a young adult, I hated uncertainty, and loved to plan. I hated waiting for things, even though I was relatively patient in other respects. I hated waiting for exam results, I hated waiting to find out if I was accepted for my student exchange, and I hated waiting to see if a boy liked me. I liked certainty, as I am sure we all do....more

A Father’s Day for a Surviving Hopeful Father

You reached out for my hand. 9 years ago we found out you had a brain tumor. You reached out for my hand as you were getting ready to be wheeled back to the OR for your first craniotomy ....more

550th Friday Blog Roundup

I may have been sucked into the hype about Fallout Shelter and downloaded it to the iPad. I’ll admit that I don’t totally get what to do....more

Thanks Synarel! It's been a blast!

Thanks Synarel!...more

I Tried to Communicate. She Got Hurt. Things Closed Down.

Last week’s Dear Lavvie question was from an adoptive mom wanting to open herself up for her daughter’s sake in spite of past hurts. This week we have a birth family member who wonders how to pry open a relationship with the adoptive family in light of a perceived hurt. Dear Lavvie: I am an … Continue reading I Tried to Communicate ....more

Vacation Updates (Part 1 of ?)

I am going to go ahead and decide now that I will not be able to come up with titles for any blog posts occurring over the next three weeks beyond "Vacation Updates" so lets just think of this as a multi-part, picture filled series. ...more

The Briefcase

This is the premise of the reality show: two families in need are each given a briefcase containing $100,000....more

The Beautiful Mystery of the Creatrix by Dejah Beauchamp

image by Rafael Edwards via Creative Commons I don’t know why the word creatrix isn’t used more often. I think it’s a beautiful word for a woman.A creatrix has a rich and fulfilling life, full of varied encounters and adventures. She can’t be molded, branded, or truly known ....more