Mystery Gift

The book that made me want to be a writer — The Phantom Tollbooth — opens with the reader being told to pay close attention to Milo receiving a surprise gift because, one day, the reader may come home and find a mystery gift, and if the reader reads carefully, they will know exactly what […] ...more

#MicroblogMondays 38: Stealing Happiness

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. ******* I just finished We Are Pirates by Daniel Handler (totally enjoyable read!), and he had an interesting thought on page 268: We steal the happiness of others in order to be happy ourselves, and when […] ...more

Broadcasting Your Life

Catherine Newman was the first blogger I ever read....more

Dear Abby Misses the Mark on Adoption Question

Dear Needs Help in Indiana, It must be exhausting for an adoptee to live in an Either/Or world. If you even think about your birth mom, some will judge you as disloyal to the woman who is raising you....more

Ruth's Infertility Story

Each week I interview someone who has been through infertility.  This week, I’m happy to be chatting with Ruth from The One in Eight.  I hope you enjoy her interview and check out her new blog! Q. Tell us a little about yourself....more

545th Friday Blog Roundup

My brain has been on the Amtrak train crash....more

7 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

For any woman eagerly awaiting the results of a pregnancy test, those grueling three minutes can be the longest of her life. Some will embrace motherhood as they notice a small plus sign coming into focus, but for countless others that celebrated symbol will fail to appear....more

Stay At Home Day

Today is my stay-at-home day. It's raining. I have nothing against the rain, except that it lowers my productivity by approximately 50%.I need to go to the grocery store ....more

A Six Year Letter

**You can see this year's birthday photo montage here**Dear Henry, What a year it has been....more

Greeting Cards for Grief

You've probably seen the awesome empathy cards for cancer that were created by Emily McDowell--I wish I would have seen these in time to order some for my friend Beth! (There are a couple that are not cancer-specific that I also love.)Heather Spohr created some mock-ups of...more