Are Your Holidays a Gateway to Joy or Depression?

I always have mixed feeling when the holidays roll in each year. There are hints of melancholy here and there. I usually end up looking at old pictures during the season and feel sad when I think about people I've loved who are no longer with me. Bottom line, I miss having them in my life. ...more
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Don't Let Depression Steal Your Christmas

This won't be the usual "How to Survive the Holidays" post. I won't recite to you what you can find on WebMD, PsychCentral or the Mayo Clinic's website about holiday depression. I probably cannot give you tips on how to make it through the next few weeks with some sense of sanity. I can't write that post because I absolutely LOVE Christmas. It's not something I simply want to get through. Even though it threatens to kill me every year. ...more
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10 Things Not to Say When A Child Has A Mental Illness

My 12-year-old son lives with mental illness. His first diagnoses, ADHD, came at the age of five. Subsequent diagnoses have since followed, beginning at age nine, when he was treated via outpatient hospitalization for five weeks for depression and mood instability. I openly discuss and write about our experiences as we've traveled this journey. All in the hopes that more people will be educated about mental health, and less will continue to stigmatize it. ...more
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Honor Your Personal History

We all know about the public milestones:The weddings,the birth dates,the bar mitzvahs and the first kisses.But think for a moment about the private anniversaries of your heart:...more

Three Ways Technology Has Changed My Brain

I was born in the wrong era. While I love technology and modern conveniences, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in an era before these enhancements....more


As we enter the holiday season, we also enter the season for increased depression, anxiety, and suicide.  Sometimes, a friendly ear, a hug, or a shoulder to cry on can make the difference...even between life and death.This Christmas, let friends and family know you are there by using the hashtag #IWillListen on your social media.  It lets people know you are available, perhaps in a situation where they wouldn't have reached out otherwise.  It opens the door....more

Happiness has a bounty

When did it become so unsafe to leave your home? When you chose happiness! That's it. Above your mistakes, regrets, failures, put downs, shut downs, let downs, secrets, private moments, split second decisions- when you choose your life and you muffled your pain with the fabric of your smile- you silenced your fears and agreed with your past. Dealt with your truths, flaunted your flaws, fell in love with your hardships. Chronologically organized your issues and dealt with them accordingly....more

How I'm Recovering From The Death of My Son

I lost my son, Gus, to SIDS 7 and a half years ago. It is by far the hardest trial I've ever faced in my life. And recovering from his loss has been a real challenge and one I feel will be ongoing throughout my life. I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about what it was that helped me crawl out of the deepest hole of grief that has ever consumed me and how I became, once again, a functioning human being. This is what I've come up with: ...more


Hi there.I am seeing bloggers doing gift guides and I WANT TO PLAY.Do you know someone who is a mother and also suffering from a debilitating mental or mood disorder? You’ve come to the right place.This may also be just MY ACTUAL CHRISTMAS LIST. ...more

The Days of December

It'll soon be Christmas Eve at our house, and my first son will be home from college. I think of how my second boy will have just one more Christmas with us, then he'll be on his own, too. I've got the third littlest still with me for a good chunk of years, but we all know what they say about time, and how it flies....more

(Unconventional) Ways To Cope With Depression

There are a lot of people out there offering advice on how to cope with Depression. With all of the different techniques that you can try to relieve the symptoms of your Depression, how do you decide which ones to use? The coping techniques that you should use are the ones that work for you. Kind of a no-brainer, right?...more

Salted Caramel Christmas

I’m dreaming of Christmas.  I love this time of year and at the same time, I feel melancholy, the blues.So first the love:...more

Happiness Is...

 I spent Thanksgiving with my fiancés family and one of his amazing relatives, Jennifer, made my day. She did so by saying she liked my blog. Who doesn’t love that, right? She then went on to give me the most amazing idea for a blog post. About happiness and how memories can trigger happiness....more