5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

It's getting to that point in the winter where it's hard to remember a time when Toronto didn't seem to be auditioning for the part of Narnia under the rule of scary Tilda Swinton. I can see my friends and myself getting a bit batty about the unrelenting winter. So what can we do when we can't afford to catch a jet to Australia? I've got a few ideas. ...more
I just wrote a post on all the excuses I have found to skip exercising ( especially because it's ...more

Nobody Likes to Throw Up But I'm REALLY Afraid to Vomit

Look, everyone hates being sick, except for maybe that woman in “The Devil Wears Prada,” who said she was "one stomach flu away" from her goal weight. Oh, I wish I had her attitude. ...more
OMG!!! Thank you for this post. This is the story of my life. :( I've actually been delaying ...more

Borderline Personality Disorder: What Does it Feel Like?

My teachers would spend hours talking about me, trying to figure out what was going on. I knew that and I liked the attention. I mean, there were almost 40 kids in a classroom, and my teachers spent their meetings discussing me – that made me important, didn't it? Then, for some reason, I began thinking about death, and to be more specific – about self-inflicted death. ...more
Thank you for sharing your story. I know that it isn't easy to put yourself out there, ...more

Living Life No-Holds-Barred; No Regrets

That moment when life halts and you feel like you are just living and not really LIVING?! ...more

Anthrozoo and You

Throughout my life, animals have had an impact.  Intuitively, by looking in their eyes, I know I have an impact on them too.  It is no wonder - although, it took years in the making, that I am now on track to study the relationship humans have with the other animals in our world. ...more

Be Real, Get Honest

If I have learned anything as a blogger, and as a person, it’s to be real. To be honest. And I don’t mean brutally "yes, those pants make you look fat" honest; I mean honesty of heart and spirit. Saying what’s real—being kind, and true, and real....more

The Sex Reveal

Through a network I follow, a blog post popped up from a pregnant woman about how she is going to celebrate the “gender reveal” of her unborn child with scratch-off announcements. Not birth announcements, but gender announcements. As far as crafts go, the whole scratch-off thing was kind of cool, but, is this a new thing since I was last pregnant 17 years ago? Gender Announcements?...more

The Crouching Lion Trail - A Comfort Zone Story


You Are Not Too Sensitive

You are just plain sensitive.You may have been too sensitive for your mother to comfortably know how to handle.You were almost certainly too sensitive for the third grade.But you are not too sensitive for the world....more

Garbage We Should Not Eat

 Imagine if you carried a trash can around your neck. Overflowing and hanging from it are empty plastic water bottles, rusty tin cans, eaten apples, rotten banana peels and old CDs....more

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

"Come out of your shell"...  That noxious expression that fails to appreciate that some animals naturally carry shelter wherever they go, and that some humans are just the same.   -Susan Cain...more