What I've Learned From Two Miscarriages

Of course I did know this, but it didn't really hit me until now. Each family is different. We have friends that don't want kids at all. We know couples that have been trying and praying to get pregnant for over a year and nothing has happened yet. Miscarriages – both early and late term – have happened to many people we know. ...more
I managed to get pregnant six times, but never brought a baby to full term. The first time, I ...more

Planned Parenthood Was Always There For Me 

I grew up in a conservative Catholic home—church on Sunday, no TV unless it was the Lawrence Welk or the Cosby Show (yes, insanely ironic). I had a 10 p.m. curfew until I left home, including dances and special occasions. I was an only child with limited access to information and parents that were too scared to give it to me. I was called a slut by my mother when I wore a tank top that showed my bra strap, accused of being on drugs when I nibbled on Easter candy while I did my homework, and asked if I was a lesbian when I bought my first pair of Doc Martens....more
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Like an Elephant on My Chest: The Enduring Grief of Miscarriage

(Trigger warning: Miscarriage/babyloss) My daughter's been asking to go to the Science Centre for ages. We took the kids once, but didn't get to see everything, and we've been meaning to go back ever since. So, we decided to wrap up our amazing summer with a visit there on the last Friday of the break. It was so fun. Both kids are at great ages for enjoying the wonders of the place. There's so much to do, so many things to learn. We were having a truly wonderful day together. ...more
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Birth Story: Maia Sofia

"Santa Wouldn't Put THAT In My Toys..."

"Santa Wouldn't Put THAT In My Toys" ...more

4 Month Postpartum Update

I’ve been meaning to do a postpartum for awhile now, but if you read my last two posts (here and here), you know life has been quite crazy! I also wanted it to be a video update, but I’m finding that videos are much harder to do with a two-year-old who wants your constant attention and I pretty much pass ...more

Thank you for sharing!

Moms are so great at sharing! I’ve been at 2 events lately – a Mom + Baby event for trying, expecting and new moms and the NPN expectant moms mingle – asking questions and encouraging moms to share the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenting, and I’m NEVER worried that no one will say anything!I think it’s such a gift to share…...more

5 Quick Tips for Post-Partum Recovery

Confession: I'm the procrastination guru. My sister calls me a "pressure player" mostly because she's the queen of spin, but partly because she's nice to me. On occasion. ...more

Postpartum Confession | My Story: Jacalyn Scott

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be pregnant and be mom. I couldn't wait to have a bump and after we miscarried our first baby at 7 weeks, we were delighted to find out we were expecting again just a month later. My pregnancy had a few scares but was rather uneventful! I delivered my beautiful baby boy March 19th, 2015 at 41 weeks after 25 hours of labor. We were able to take our little boy home on March 21st....more

My Doula Assisted Birth

About to jump on a roller coast you can't get off.During my first pregnancy, there were a lot of birthy things I didn't know about....more

10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment

Sometimes you love breastfeeding. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes a breastfeeding session starts off great and 15 minutes into it, you are filled with frustration and dread.I am not talking about the early days of breastfeeding here when there is an obvious reason why breastfeeding sucks (you know, like the fact that you haven’t slept longer than 20 minutes at a time in 14 days)....more

So I quit breastfeeding.

So I quit breastfeeding. Yep. I did. And it sucked. It sucked so bad, it’s taken me this long to write about it. When Arlo was born, he was ravenously hungry, and surprisingly, my milk came in much faster than it did with Lark. I assume it’s because my body sort of knew what to do....more