Why You Should Join the #BirthWithoutFear Community

Throughout my pregnancies and births there has been one overarching emotion—fear. Happiness too, of course, but there was always a tinge of fear. That underlying worry that started with "What if …" What if my baby isn't safe? What if something goes wrong? What if I make a wrong choice? ...more

Why Don't We Talk About Miscarriage?

"Talk to people about it. Don't let it be taboo. It shouldn't be. It's 2011" These were the last words of advice from my doctor on that unforgettable day 4 years ago. That day I walked into her office filled with excitement. I was going to see an ultrasound of my baby for the first time. Even though I wasn't "supposed to" yet, I had spent the last few weeks dreaming and planning. I was SO excited! Is it a boy or a girl? What will we name him or her? What will they look like? And how big will they smile? That's what mothers do from the moment they see the two lines on the stick. I walked out of her office feeling completely empty. I went to the lab to have my blood drawn so they could track my hormones while this heartbreaking moment played out. ...more
You said it! The hardest part is the people don't talk about it. They just don't acknowledge it. ...more

Separating Fact From Fiction When It Comes to Non-Hospital Births

In this version of history, hospitals stand in for patriarchy and traditional childbirth represents a lost feminism. I don't care how other women give birth. I really don't — other than wanting birthing practices to keep mothers and babies alive and to not cause pathological postpartum bodies. My main concern is with mythology. Mythology that seeps into our new mom brains and makes us feel bad about our birth story or makes us romanticize a past that never existed. As far as I'm concerned, medicalizing childbirth has been the greatest feminist success of our time. ...more
This was brilliant. Thank you. Loved your piece as well, Jocelyn.more

#3Things That Made Me Not Want to Post About My Pregnancy on Facebook

It's not necessarily that I don't want people to know. Although, honestly, it'd be nice if some didn't. But my pregnancy is my own, and nobody else's, and I like it that way. I struggle a lot with people pleasing, and when I open myself up to a ton of opinions, it makes my life a lot harder. And because I want to share with you why I think it's fine to not always post big news on social media, here's a post on #3THINGS that made me not want to post about my pregnancy on Facebook....more

Ever Met a Mom Who's Overwhelmed? Motherhood vs Postpartum Depression

Every expectant mother dreams of the day that she’ll be able to hold her baby in her arms... or so I thought. When someone you love doesn't exactly feel that way, what do you do? When do you say that sadness (and all other extreme emotions) is normal after giving birth, and when do you say it's postpartum depression?I was watching a soap opera yesterday and I couldn't help but think that the lady who spank the lead star on TV might be antagonistic because she just gave birth and she might be a little out of sorts. It started as a passing thought, but as the day progressed, I wondered if that kind of melodramatic spanking happened not just on TV, but in real life. ...more

Why I Think We Should Give Bristol Palin a Break

I'm going to assume that you've already heard Bristol Palin's recent happy news: that she is expecting her second child. However, it seems that no one is actually happy about it.For the past few days since she made her initial announcement, just about all I've seen on the internet is ridicule and disgust (from Fox News to Joe Schmoe on Facebook), so much so that Bristol made a second statement essentially telling everyone to "back off."...more

My mom doesn’t want your pregnancy advice!

My mom doesn’t want your pregnancy advice!Written on June 28, 2015 by loving in Uncategorized...more

“I Hybrid Feed Because I Don’t Make Enough Milk”

by Katie Madden & Ariana PowersBottle or boob? Formula or breastmilk?Yes, please. All of these.A little known way to feed your baby is to “Hybrid Feed.” Hybrid feeding is not “I do both” or using formula for convenience. It is a very deliberate and strategic method to protect breastfeeding when a mom doesn’t have quite enough milk.When done properly, moms who hybrid feed can often go on to nurse their babies for twelve or more months. Some of them even have trouble weaning!...more

The Tender Moments

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever stop watching him sleep.There's nothing better than being curled up with Baby Boy sleeping. I feel the tenderest at those times. I know he's safe and secure. It's quiet and I can easily reflect on the joy that is him.Listening to the soft breathing. Steady in and out. It's a great musical score. Especially as everything else is still....more

Do You Like Being Pregnant?

With my first pregnancy, I loved the majority of the nine months.  There were a few days that weren't quite pleasurable, but overall, I had a decent pregnancy.  I think the couple of times I didn't like it were the few days of morning sickness or inability to eat, and the hot summer months when I was at my largest.  And, as most mothers experience, the last couple of weeks were miserable as I was too large around my midsection to tie shoes or bend over to pick up anything I dropped....more

33 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog | Pregnant Sister, Epidurals, Second Baby | MomCave TV

t’s a cliché for a reason–life happens when you are busy making plans. I filmed this 33 weeks pregnancy vlog in a state of blissful ignorance, one day before my pre-term labor adventure began! In the video, I talk about how I’m enjoying pregnancy but have so much to do that I wouldn’t mind if this baby stayed in a couple of months past the due date. Boy, was I mistaken! ...more

Push Presents

While reading a recent article in B-Metro, I discovered the newest thang with some young mothers. I have to warn you that this may be a bit controversial!  Have you heard of push presents? Young mommies are now getting presents for pushing during labor. What?...more

35 Weeks Preemie! MomCave Pregnancy Vlog Update--Placental Abruption PreTerm Labor

We’ve got news! After being in the hospital on bedrest for one week after a placental abruption, we have news!Here’s Jen’s video update on what happened the morning of Father’s Day, 2015.Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and prayers, YouTube Twitter love, and Facebook encouragement!...more