Kerry Washington Isn't Stressing Over Her Post-Baby Body, So Why Are You?

Editor's Note: In a recent interview for SELF magazine, actress Kerry Washington, 38, said this about getting her pre-baby body back, "I've been really focused on not being 'back' to anything, but being the best version of myself right now. My body is the site of a miracle now. I don't want to be pre-miracle." And here's another take from a BlogHer Member on post-baby bodies and how women feel about them. The admonition that we should love our bodies is oddly authoritarian. Nonetheless, I tried. And, for the longest time I couldn't figure out why this advice irked me, or why it was slightly suffocating. Shouldn't I want to love my body? Shouldn't that be the ultimate body image goal? Not necessarily. Love in and of itself is lovely. But telling women they need to love their bodies is not. Why? Because body love assumes our thoughts should fall at the extreme end of the emotional spectrum. ...more

Taking Baby Steps For Your Post-Baby Body

Here in Toronto, the start of August signals the imminent end to our too-short summer season. Almost every year around this time, I come to one clear revelation: I didn’t get my summer body as "on point" as I wanted it to be. And almost every year around this time, I make another promise: Next year, I swear I’ll do better. ...more

Thank You, Mark Zuckerberg, For Using Your Platform to Talk About Miscarriage

Mark Zuckerberg is going to be a father. His wife, Priscilla Chan, is pregnant, and they announced it on Facebook yesterday with the now ubiquitous photo of Priscilla's grinning face and their totally adorable dog. ...more

Confessions of a Wildly Successful Doula

Confessions of a Wildly Successful Doula My name is Lesley Everest, and I am a wildly successful doula....more

So Much Rain, So Little Play - August 2015

As I look back through the month of August, I notice that we both had a ton going on and also not. Yes, there was quite a bit of rain. Each week in August, we had at least 1-2 days of rain or rainstorms come through. That's not really typical for where we live, but I'll take it. This has meant the temperatures haven't been crazy and when it wasn't raining or threatening to rain the days have really been beautiful....more

Don't get a crib

Having read this article on the connection between business and the mommy wars, I've been thinking about how so many posts on parent blogs are geared towards getting people to BUY stuff. I'm therefore starting a little series called "Don't get..." offering a light-hearted look at some of the things new parents perhaps don't need quite so badly....more

The Story of My Birth Trauma

It was a beautiful Fall day in 2011 when my “fake” labour finally turned into real labour. I was exhausted, I was excited and I was completely unprepared for what happened next. It was probably about the third or fourth trip to the midwives office when they finally said, your 3-4 cm lets go to the hospital. So off we went to the hospital excited that finally after 8 days of “fake” labour it was finally the real thing!!!...more

10 tips for Moms-to-be

Since it's been a while since my daughter was born, I have been seriously considering getting pregnant again, so I started thinking about what would I have told my pregnant me, in order to make my next experience even better. And here is my 10 tips for moms-to-be. 1. RELAX....more

Tips for Staying Fit While Pregnant and Endurance for Labor

I wouldn't consider myself to be overly athletic or fit, by any means! However, exercising is important to me. When I found out I was pregnant I was curious to know what others had to say about staying fit while pregnant. I read different blogs, articles, and even some books about staying fit while pregnant. Everyone told me that if I worked out before-hand I should continue to do so (in moderation) and so, that's exactly what I did. Ladies, I cannot stress the importance of making time to do a little cardio WHILE you are pregnant....more

What Is Balanced Breastfeeding?

What is Balanced Breastfeeding?Balanced Breastfeeding is practical prenatal education.Breastfeeding success starts in pregnancy. Prenatal breastfeeding courses should not be laden with arguments for why you should choose to breastfeed your baby, but rather packed full of resources and tools that will help a pregnant couple succeed in their choice to breastfeed. It should also include appropriate goal setting based upon individual medical, emotional, and social history....more

HELLP Syndrome: Knowing About It Could Save Lives

Christine Cox, The Choosy Mommy...more

Morning Sickness: The Gurus of 2015

"I'm pregnant!!!!" I squealed, at the very top of my lungs! Such joy and happiness I felt that day as I took my fourth pregnancy test that day. Little did I know that my euphoria would soon turn to weeks of pure misery as morning sickness set in and lasted ALL DAY! Lying on the couch with a garbage can next to me became my daily routine. Forget the days of makeup, high heels, and straightened hair...those days were replaced with sweat pants, pale skin, and frizzy hair that was shoved into a hair tie (on a good day)!...more

5 Things You Should Do on Maternity Leave

You have a new baby and your parental leave has begun! All those blissful weeks ahead of bonding and relaxing. My well-timed July baby meant lazy afternoons lounging by Coleman Pool and al fresco lunches with my unemployed friends. Maybe I’d finally get around to painting the downstairs bathroom. Maybe I’d take up sewing. Maybe I’d make jam or learn how to infuse vodka with the fruits of our four plum trees. Maybe I would seek help for — what’s the medical term? Oh right, my severe state of delusion....more