At Hyperbiotics, they believe that everything starts in your gut.  This belief (though backed by tremendous research) has been reinforced for them through personal experience.MoreTammyBeUtyTradeReVue...more

4 Great Parenting Tips from Rosie Pope

My co-blogger and I (over at Mommy Business) had the opportunity to FaceTime with ROSIE POPE last week and she is all kinds of awesome. Like, I want to have her over for tea and let our kids make messy artwork once a week awesome. She is sweet and genuine and really REAL about being a mom and an entrepreneur. If you don’t know who Rosie is, check her out here....more

Probiotics: The Importance on Our Health

Recent research shows that probiotics are important to good health. They have impact many vital body functions and are the secret to the anti-aging process. Many people take a multi-vitamin each day as a preventative. The truth is that probiotics are likely more important than your multi-vitamin....more

Don't Be Greenwashed!

Have you ever heard of greenwashing before? Well it is a term that you definitely want to become aware of and learn how to avoid being green washed. When a company or organization spends their time and money advertising being “green” when in actuality it is being implemented minimally.This. drives. us. INSANE....more

Even Runners Get Blood Clots: You Need to Know the Signs

Yes, I want to scare you. A bit. OR actually, I just want you to be aware. You think of blood clots in old people. You don’t think about ultra runners or triathletes being the ones who who develop these blood clots. Yet we are prime candidates for these. ...more
Thank you for tagging me my love. That is good info to have. A little scary.more

Getting back on track

How to get back on track when you fall of the fitness wagon can be very hard sometimes. 1) First and most important, DO NOT BREAK THE HABIT in the first place lol. Just do it! Once you break the habit for a few days, its hard to get back into it, so dont break it!!!!...more

Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

In the past seven years since working as a Clothing Buyer here in Bermuda I have done my fair share of traveling for work. And while living on an island is wonderful, eventually 53 square km’s (21 square miles) can feel a bit small so traveling is more of a necessity than a luxury for most....more

Exercise my Demons

Oh, Mandelynn...http//

Nurturing Your Wrists During Exercise

It's a common feeling, I think everyone has experienced this at some point during their practice, the god awful: Wrist pain....more

Setting Intentions

I have been collecting inspirational quotes for years. I have a whole folder of little notes and post-its that I’ve kept at my desk, on the fridge door or wherever else I’ve felt like sticking them over the years, at home or at work. Some are faded and remind me of places I have lived in the past, a few are in Italian, Korean or French. I still write some down every now and then, but I’m also making an effort to say things in my own words now....more