Dirty 30: 5k Foam Fest

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsCome visit this healthy runner at http://www.fitfoodieruns.comHey ya’ll! I am super happy to finally be able to write a post! I’m so sorry for the three week delay! (I had no clue or I would have warned ya first!)So much to tell you – it’s going to be like that hour chat when you call your Aunt Rita once a year and you know you should call her once a week….so let’s get to it....more

Ten of So Many

Each day I wake up at 5 am to post on one my blog.  I also brainstorm or research something pertaining to my blogs. I am always pressed for time, because I hate to stop writing, it is so peaceful that time of the morning. I leave the house frazzled because I make sure that everything that needs to be done is done, kids dressed, ready to go, dogs walked, fed and settled. I love to listen to music when I drive to work, and on my drive back home. ...more

Making Races Fit Your Training Plan

Signing up for a big goal race and following an official training plan is a sure sign you’ve caught the racing bug. Once you’re in this racing mindset, all those local 5Ks and 10Ks start to look like a fun way to pad out your training for your big event. So, you sign up for a couple, then it dawns on you as you look at your specific training plan, “Um, how do I fit this into what I’m supposed to be running this week?” Never fear, fellow racers, I’m here to give you some options and specific tips on making races fit into your training plan....more

Tips For Your Skin In The Summer Heat

Tips For Your Skin In The Summer HeatBy Christine Byrnes | Forever Purehttp://wobcmagazine.com/7288/44704/a/tips-for-your-skin-in-the-summer-heat...more

How to cope with big, uprooting change

 SourceIf you’re here for healthy eating strategy, I’ve absolutely got your back—next week....more

On Disconnecting and Just Being

Last night, I left my phone at home and locked the door behind me.  I walked down streets I'd somehow never noticed in my four years living in this town, with nothing but my camera in hand and music in my ears....more

Yoga 101 Lessons Learnes

On Saturday I went to a 2 1/2 hour workshop at Valley Vinyasa called Yoga 101. It was my first experience in an actual yoga studio and I’m so glad I went....more

The Scientific Seven Minute Workout

We've already talked about how exercising daily can be quite the struggle for me. Between my full work day, commuting and the afternoon rain storms it feels nearly impossible to get in a good workout. I hardly have enough time to make dinner most nights, let alone take a trip to the gym and spend 45-60 minutes on a treadmill or trying to figure out what weights to lift. I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who wanders awkwardly through the machines unsure of where to start. (I'm not the only one, right?)...more

Courage is not always obvious.

It’s Sunday night and I need to write something…. Today I posted Ten Things of Thankful on my other blog, Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!...more

The Number One Drinking Mistake Affecting Your Weight

What is the number one mistake? Not Drinking Enough Water!Water – it's all around us. We see it in rivers and oceans, it flows freely from our faucets, it purges into our basements during violent storms. We've always heard how pivotal it is to our overall health and yet somehow most of us fail to get our required daily intake. About 70% of our bodies is water and it is involved in so many essential body functions including flushing waste materials in the body, metabolism, body temperature and digestion....more