GUILT TRIP.....Don't Allow Others To Put One On You......

GUILT TRIP……GULT FOR TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF?So many people seem to feel guilty for taking care of themselves…..I am amazed….It is sort of a “hidden guilt” that people easily allow others to put on them……We should all be doing all we can to take care of our bodies, Souls, Minds, Relatonships, and any other area of our lives…..And yet, so many people allow others to make them feel guilty when they take time to do so....more

What You Need to Know about Spruelike Enteropathy and Its Causes

The way our body works is a blessing for us humans. An immune system that rests in the body comes into action when we are attacked by virus, bacteria or any agents that can cause us to fall ill. Our system works so impeccably that the wounds and injuries heal themselves with a mind blowing phenomenon....more

Celebs Join Safe Kids Worldwide To Help Prevent Unintentional Injuries

On Saturday afternoon, April 5, 2014 the Safe Kids Worldwide organization held its second annual Safe Kids Day at The Lot in West Hollywood, California, to raise awareness about preventable injuries, the number one killer amongst children in the United States. ...more

Sleep Like a Baby Every Night

There are few things in life that a warm bubble bath can't help.  In addition to being extremely relaxing, there is now a scientific reason to indulge in a soothing bubble bath before bedtime....more

CRAZY PEOPLE.....STUPID TALK......WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?......You Never Know Who Is Listening....

STUPID TALK….CRAZY PEOPLE…..WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS LISTENING….Have you ever simply scratched your head in amazement at what comes out of some people’s mouths?…..I am not just talking about teenagers either….I am talking about grown adults who simply say some of the most ridiculous things….....more

THE BAD GIRL....."Today's Woman" is All Worn Out......But The Bad Girl Isn't......

THE BAD GIRL….TODAY’S WOMAN IS ALL WORN OUT….but the “BAD GIRL” ISN’T…… I LIKE TO CONSIDER MYSELF A “BAD GIRL” but a GOOD BAD GIRL if that makes sense…Yes, on occasion I do like to put on a mini-skirt, high heels, and tease my hair big…..I learned long ago that bad girls have all the fun….They almost always look good and simply look rested….while all the “good girls” seem to look tired and worn out…..but before you grab your husbands and run for the hills….let me explain…..The kind of bad girl I am talking about is really not so bad….actually quite good…....more

Life After Weight-Loss Surgery: A New Series

In June 2011, I had weight loss surgery to aid in my journey towards losing half of my body weight. Having peaked at 406lbs in college (maybe more, but that was the last recorded weight I knew), I was morbidly obese and at risk for serious long-term health problems. When I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes at age 23, I did what I could to try to lose weight, but my efforts did not pay off long-term; my issues with food and emotional eating were beyond simply going to the gym and "eating right"....more
You look marvelous, You lost one whole person.  You should be so proud.  I bet you feel a lot ...more

10 Movies to Watch When Your Feeling Stressed Out, Burnt Out or Bummd Out

10 Movies to Watch When Your Feeling Stressed Out, Burnt Out or Bummed Out9 April 2014, 19:44...more

Sip Green Tea for Weight Loss

New research indicates sipping green tea can help with weight loss.  Green tea has zero calories and includes catechins, which when combined with caffeine actually speeds up your metabolism.  A faster metabolism increases then number of calories you burn from fat, according to a professor of nutrition at Tufts University....more

Meeting Strangers While Naked - A True Test of Courage.

                I had been forewarned by my friend that the gender segregated sides of the JeJu Spa were nude required bathing areas; this little tidbit in and of itself didn’t alarm me in the slightest....more