3 Simple Stress-Busting Tips to Start Your Day

As a busy mom and a member of modern civilization, I sometimes get stressed.  And I’m not alone....more

Nothing New, but Nothing Bad

I pulled off a 30 minute walk last night.  This morning I did a slow 1.6 mile walk with my kid.  I have plans of doing a Tai Bo video this afternoon, but we'll see what happens.Eating-wise, I'm doing fine.  All good healthy foods and decent portions I think, though maybe not small enough to show any nice plummets in weight.  My pants are looser, but they're due for a wash so it doesn't really mean that much.  ...more
Yep!  I get that and will not say much more as I work for another hour and then walk.  Routine ...more

STINKY PEOPLE.....Dealing with BODY ODOR in the Workplace......

STINKY PEOPLE……What do you do when someone has body odor? Really nasty bad body odor…..Day in and day out…Especially someone that you have to be around all the time….such as like someone you work with…..What do you do? Do you tell them or simply try to ignore it….?...more


 A LIFESTYLE OF RIGHT DECISIONS……..FRESH or SOGGY….Which are You?I simply think that most people are afraid to live their best lives…..Afraid that it will require too much of them to make it happen….so they simply stay STUCK….Stuck in a rut…..For some, it is stuck in a Ditch…..They find excuses for everything….From why they can’t be healthy to their relationship failures to almost anything one can think of…..Excuses, Excuses, Excuses….....more

Is that a Zit, Cyst, or Furuncle??

I am sure that many of you have seen some of the videos on YouTube with people “popping” enormous “zits” with handfuls of pus come out. Despite the allure and excitement that all of you seem to have with these videos, they are actually not zits…most often they are furuncles!  And, again, I totally get the excitement of wanting to squeeze those suckers, they should actually be seen by an HCP and treated.  How do you know the difference between a zit, cyst, and furuncle?...more

Confession Time: I stress.

  Okay so my first confession: I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry. I want to blog more and I will try harder. ;) Ok that wasn't my real confession but I needed to address that first!...more