Will Paid Family Leave Be There When You Need It?

The irony: In order to go to the White House for the "Champions of Change for Working Families" event today, I had to do some fancy scheduling with my husband. It happened smack at the hour of school pick-up. "So if you go to work early, you can swing by and pick up the kids after school and bring them back to your office. And then I can drive out and grab them from your office and then go home to get our science fair stuff. And then if you make sandwiches and leave them on the counter, I can toss those to the kids..." ...more
TheSoccerMomBlog Such an incredibly frustrating story.  I'm sorry you had to go through that.more

Project Life 2014 | February

This is my third year doing Project Life and in 2014 I will get a whole year done! I’m sharing each Project Life spread to add some accountability and, hopefully, to give you some inspiration for your own photo projects....more

Choose - One Little Word 2014 | February

For the past 3 years I've selected a word as a gentle reminder of what I want to invite into my life each year. This year my One Little Word is CHOOSE....more

Nootropics & Biohacking 101 - A New Generation of Intelligence

If you do enough research about the modern CEO and the brilliant minds that work in Silicon Valley, then you will inevitably run into terms like "smart drugs" and "nootropics." A lot of people dismiss these types of products as being wastes of time and money, but some pretty smart people disagree about the possibility of using nootropics to unleash the body's full potential.What Are Nootropics?...more

Why I Love Being a Group Fitness Instructor

Everyone has their "thing".  That thing that makes them come alive, makes them smile wider and their heart sing.  Mine is definitely in the fitness industry, and more particularly group instruction.  In no particular order, here are some of the reasons I LOVE teaching classes......more
Katie Jenkins Thank you, Katie!  And I totally agree!  I love that, too, when you see a student ...more


You can’t. There’s no such thing as “healthy grains.” STOP EATING THEM RIGHT NOW.Just kidding. When I used to be strict Paleo, that’s what I believed. This isn’t completely true. I think one of the main reasons some people get turned off by the Paleo diet is its restriction on grains. However, there are ways to include them in our diet that are healthful and helpful. [Read more]...more

2nd Annual Favorite Things Birthday Giveaway

I had so much fun giving away a few of my favorite things in honor of my 30th birthday last year that I just had to do it again!Four different giveaway prizes!I kind of feel like Oprah, because this year, I’ve teamed up with some awesome friends to have, not one, but FOUR different giveaway prizes for four lovely readers:...more
My friend uses essential oils and likes them a lot. I would love to win those!more

7 Ways to Attract What You Want

The one who speaks most about illness has illness....more