No Equipment At Home Ab Strengthening Workout

 This workout was originally posted on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog , In Fitness and In Health....more

5 Great Reasons to Ditch Your Bra

Indignant Teenage Daughter: OMG MOM!  Are you braless again?Me: No sweetie, this athletic tank has a shelf and pads built in.  I'm not braless.Indignant Teenage Daughter: Everyone knows that a shelf is not a bra and I can still see your nipples through those pads.  You're not going out like that, are you?Me: Why yes, yes I am....more

How often are you sick?

Before I had my son, I got a cold around twice a year. It would annoy me for a few days and maybe even cause me to take a day off work to rest at home. My husband would only get a cold maybe one time a year....more

Welcome Growth

Some days are just harder than others. We may not understand the hidden blessings while difficulty is surfacing. We can only trust that there is a higher purpose for our struggles. I have recognized that the challenges in life have brought me to my own awareness of how I can persevere through anything. For me, there is no other choice. ...more

Life Becomes Her

As she moves away from fearing judgement, life becomes her.As she is no longer held to imposed expectations, life becomes her.As she focuses more on her own desires as opposed to everyone else’s, life becomes her.As she chooses to listen to her own internal dialogue first, life becomes her.As she develops internal strength that no one else can weaken, life becomes her....more

Hello World

It's time to combat those self-defeating thoughts and get living! My mission is to help those interested in healing to find inspiration and guide them into welcoming more peace into their lives....more

Rise Above

Stop and ask yourself one question now. Do you exist solely to be defeated by your own thoughts? This may sound strange at first but so many people take on the doom and gloom view and feel as though they are the only ones who have been dealt a bad hand in this thing called life. They compare themselves to others and are always left questioning, why me? ...more

More Than An Object

Not too long ago, I went out on a date. I am not somebody who goes out often, so this date was didn't surprise anybody more than it surprised me.  At a casual lunch spot, my date and I stood in line to order our food. My eyes scanned the menu and my brain was filled with diet advice and qualifications about each and every food item. Should I order the salad? Maybe, but I'll have to order it without dressing. Can I order a sandwich? What if I have had too many carbs today?...more

Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

During your pregnancy, shop around for a pediatrician. You should have the opportunity to meet with a potential pediatrician one-on-one or in a group setting before your baby comes.  Every pediatrician will say he supports breastfeeding, but here are some specific questions to ask to find out just how supportive your pediatrician really is....more

3 Easy Exercises to do Without Leaving Your Desk

This mini workout was originally posted on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog, In Fitness and In Health....more