“PIVOTAL POINTS….”Life is full of those “pivotal points…”Those points in time that simply push us one way or the other…..Those times that come via an event that simply takes us in the direction we were likely to go in in the first place but remained on the “fence”till then…...more

Just Back Away

I did okay yesterday, until.......more
elaineR.N.  Three pounds is awesome!  I've lost weight too, but I'm not sure how many.  The ...more


ARE YOU FRAZZLED? Frazzled is a word that basically means rushed, hurried, worn out, and overwhelmed.......ARE YOU OVERLOADED?  If so considertaking things off your plate of life.....that are non-essential......more

Five on Friday! #3

Hello there, snickerdoodles! Have you ever noticed that the bloggers behind the happy, pretty, positive blogs have a name for their readers? Examples include lovelies (seems to be very popular) and darlings. Since pumpkin (and its various forms, including the ever popular pumpkin butt) is reserved for my family I decided to go with my second favorite cutsie, because I love you name, snickerdoodle....more

5 Ways To Invite In Spring!

5 Ways To Invite In Spring!5 April 2014, 01:29 Edit...more

Advice From A Cancer Caregiver

I've been looking forward to introducing you to Megan for some time now. She is sweet beyond words, has an adorable pup named Cooper and best of all, is a cancer caregiver!  ...more

You Are Enough

Mike Robbins...more

Working on the Work

Doing good.  Doing good.  Ish.  Still not counting my calories.  I know I said I was going to yesterday, but I never did.  It's just so much nicer NOT counting calories.  That was the thing I learned last year....more
elaineR.N.  It's such a nice feeling to put on a shirt and have it fit comfortably.  Already I ...more

Plugging Along and Singing My Song

Crock pot chicken last night with mashed cauliflower and kimchi.  Buffalo chicken egg muffins for lunch today along with a Kombucha and spinach salad.  Dinner will be bison, spinach, and sweet potatoes that the kids chose.  A friend asked me to lunch and I declined.  I went to the store and saw the donuts and passed them by.  I don't usually buy the donuts, but they were nonetheless calling my name.Two nights ago I dreamed of eating lots of cupcakes.   It's good dreams are not our real life.  I don't even really care for cupcakes....more
Your day sounds yummy, healthy and happy. Nice! Exercised vigorously for an hour and ate ...more

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. There is an exciting program for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Starting April 15, a program for the prevention of child sexual abuse will be launched. It is a group of organizations in Nashville, TN called the Nashville Child Protection Coalition out of Thistle Farms (info@thistlefarms .org). They encourage the Stewards of Children Training, where you can have trainers come to a group and do the two hour training to enable adults to detect, intervene and respond to children before and after they are sexually abused. It is one concrete thing anyone can do to make a difference about child seual abuse. Check it out....more