Back from the turkey coma, today I want to discuss one of the questions I get asked frequently when I tell people I’m Paleo which is, “How do you do it?” I also get comments like, “I want to try it but it seems really difficult,” or “I tried it once and it didn’t work out.” It’s completely understandable. Changing your diet to something completely different than what you know may seem overwhelming and even impossible....more

How to Lose Weight Using the Least Effort

There are two ways to approach the process of weight loss: one is from the bottom up, and the other is from the top down. Top-down weight loss is easier and more joyful to sustain. Think of weight loss as a triangle (see blog post for graphic)....more

Make your own reed diffuser

Today, instead of doing wash, I made a reed diffuser for my bathroom. It was so easy, and yet so impressive looking. You don't really need any fancy pants ingredients and there is no stove involved....more

Geocache Your Way to Happy Holidays!

A friend introduced me recently to the wide wonderful world of Geocaching....more

Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic GrowthLife is full of irony and paradoxes. The more people I meet, the more my theory about post traumatic growth is confirmed. We all want to live a life that is trauma free and coasts along smoothly. I can’t imagine anyone deliberately choosing hardship over harmony. Yet there are many virtues associated with experiencing a difficult time. When we are struggling and life has pushed us into a corner, we go into survival mode and we find skills and strengths that we never knew we had. This allows us to grow and be more resilient in life....more

The Value of Friendships

What has happened to the value of friendships in this day and age? With the booming popularity of social media, it appears that not much worth is given to the people that are meant to be near and dear to us. As good as social media is, heck I rely on it heavily as a freelancer, there is a dark side as well. The side where people avoid talking to one another, in particular in times of conflict, and instead vent their frustrations online to whoever is willing to read....more

I'm so lost. I want to feel like myself again.

Hi, I'm new here. I'm 23 and I've gained approximately 30 pounds in the past two years. I've been through a lot including a big move to a new city, graduating college, learning to live on my own, etc. it's tough. I don't feel happy with my self. I've started many different diets, and I can't stick with it. I am at my wits end. Can someone please help? I'm afraid I'm losing control. I've never felt this big....more

A Little Wisdom

Sometimes I surprise myself with the wisdom that's rattling around in my brain. I take no credit for creating it; I've simply filtered and retained good material over time. I do have a knack for discernment and storage, I suppose. And clearly I can regurgitate well, as evidenced by the volume of good posts I'm pleased to have produced this month through the daily blogging challenge known as NaBloPoMo....more