My Happy List

This week, I thought Monday's could use a little more happy since they're usually the most depressing day of the week....more

love coppertone clearly sheer sunscreen

ive been using coppertone clearly sheer sunscreen for a couple of weeks and i really love it!..i was given the 50 and 30 spf to try for free as a buzz agent....its one of the best sunscreens ive ever used...its not greasy at all....i can wear it undermakep and it makes an excellent makeup base....and im assured that my skin is actually has a matte...more

Reviewing Finding Me by Michele Knight

 I just finished reading Michele Knight's book , Finding Me, about her survival from 11 years of rape and torture in captivity. Her voice is very direct and clear. She descibes her abuse but leaves some things private, which I applaud her for doing.  She lets us know some of how she struggled and survived. Her abuse was horrendous beyond imagining. She needed to tell her story and I am glad she did. Her determination to live was heroic. She has all my admiration and support. At first, I was concerned that she has apparently had no therapy work on her torment....more

Stethoscope Germ ALERT!

Have you ever heard of MRSA (pronounced MERSA)?  MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is a dreaded bacteria that people can pick up in hospitals and it is unfortunately drug-resistant....more

Weight Loss Surgery Duodenal Switch

Robin's view Surprising news, My insurance approved my surgery. Bigger surpise its June 23, 14. YUP I have been running around for a week getting all the pre-op tests done, booked hotel for overnight stay and will be leaving for NYC Sunday. Its a complete whirlwind but I'm grateful in a way....more

Remember How Precious Life Is

Mike Robbins ...more

The Bystander Effect: An extensive guide released by NoBullying Today.

Bullying in school does not involve only the bullies and the bullied — it also involves students who just watch the situation happen and let it be....more

Asking for Help IS Okay

The other day, I showed my middle school students in my Girls' Lifestyle Camp a few clips from the show So You Think You Can Dance.  I thought it was important for the girls to see these dancers who followed their passions and dreams through hard work and dedication despite the obstacles and difficulties.  I also thought it was imperative for the girls to see a form of self-expression, to see dance as one of the many ways people share their uniqueness and their emotions....more

What are the Healthy Solutions for Joint Pain?

You have joint pain - in your knees, in your ankles, in your wrists, and in your hands. How can you solve your joint pain problems in a healthy way? Here are some suggestions you can try: ...more

How Disney's movie Frozen Can Help Promote Mental Health Awareness

Disney’s newly beloved movie, Frozen is one of the best Disney movies I have seen. It’s right up there with the classics such as The Little Mermaid and The Beauty and The Beast. You all know the tale, as I’m assuming you’ve watched the movie already since it’s already won Best Song “Let It Go” and with the world knowing Kristen Bell has some serious vocal chords (total girl crush over here!) that can stand next to Idina Menzel (I mean, Adele Dazeem.)...more