The One Thing All Moms Seem to Want

When I was interviewing moms about what was going on in their lives—what was working, what wasn’t, what they really wanted out of and in their lives—the number one thing that always came up as what they really wanted, almost above all else, was Inner Peace. ...more
You are right on the money.  When I stopped rushing around, quieted my mind and truly asked ...more


A few months ago I posted a picture on Instagram with #selfcaresaturday in the description. That day I had taken a quick drive to Santa Monica for a facial. Then I walked right around the corner and had lunch by myself. Such a relaxing day. A day that had come after way too long....more

First things First

I am thrilled to be here. Truly. It seems that I am the last to know about things, like when it became uncool to wear those parachute pants and rainbow knee highs. But as it happens in fashion, things do seem to come around again and here I am a little late to the party, but made it nonetheless.......more

Sugar and Spice Everything Nice or is it?

Sugar and Spice Everything Nice or is it? Food Comparisons For Sugar We strive to eat better.  We go to the trouble of checking out the healthiest item on the menu, so we can enjoy what life has to offer.  Going out with great friends, family and coworkers is part of the everyday fun in life.  A month has gone by and we can't figure out why no weight has been lost. ...more

I Don't Do Moderation (very well)

 “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”  -Rumi...more

Seeing the Cloud in every Silver Lining

Sally is rarely happy. She just can’t tolerate it when things are going well. She needs something to worry, complain and imagine will go wrong.We all know a Sally. She will whine that this good weather won’t last and that it is sure to be miserable the day of her family barbecue. She hears of the illness of a colleague, and proceeds to list the family members she has had with a similar (or worse) illness over her lifetime.She is looking older and more unhappy with each passing day. But she won’t stop....more

It Works Face Mask, DIY


3 Calming Breathing Exercises for Kids (& Adults!)

3 Calming Breathing Techniques for Kids (& Adults!)...more

One Breast or Two?

So, are you supposed to feed the baby on one breast or both breasts at a single feeding?While we are at it, what counts as a feeding? One breast or both breasts? What if the baby takes one breast and then 20 minutes later wants the other breast? Is that 1 feeding or 2? The answer is yes.  Or no.  Or I don’t know. If you are asking these questions, you are too caught up in what your baby should  be doing and you aren’t paying attention to what your baby is actually doing....more