Weekly Wellness Challenge: Sleep Well.

Why does it always seem like Monday morning wake up is so much more difficult than any other day? I even tend to sleep more on Sunday nights than any other night but the alarm goes off and I dread getting out from underneath my warm covers…especially when it is cold outside!...more

January Fare

There is nothing particularly attractive about January, the weather is dreadful and summer is way off into the distance. It's too soon to start planting, even indoors, and the garden looks like a wet hamster shivering in the frozen rain.Since the outdoors offer nothing at this time of year why not make January the month of overindulgent pampering? A regimen of fruits and vegetables to nourish your body, healthful home made beauty masks to brighten your skin, relaxing herbal teas and fruited honey to lighten your spirit....more

Have you been tempted to wear a face mask to keep out the flu?

Recently, when talking to a dear friend, another nurse, and lamenting that I was hesitating taking unnecessary, though desired, plane travel due to concerns about the flu, she said to use a facemask. I pooh poohed it due to my experience using them while a labor and delivery room nurse many years ago.   What I remembered is that once the paper surgical mask became moistened, due to the moisture we exhale while breathing, it became less effective as a barrier. After our discussion, I decided to research this further....more

Running with the "Diabetes Monster"

Living with T1D is a challenge every day. Everything you put in your mouth, is a challenge. Everytime you take your blood sugar, its a challenge. Everytime you try to improve your life by getting fit, its a challenge....more

5 Easy Ways to Start Meditating

You've heard all about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, from reducing stress, anxiety, and pain to making us happier and smarter to warding off sickness. You've probably added it to your lengthy to-do list as something to try. In fact, one of your New Year's resolutions may even be to begin a daily meditation practice. After all, we all could benefit from a little bit more zen in our lives. But how do you meditate? ...more
GoodHealthGirl I've tried numerous times and I think that I tried to do too much all at once. ...more

30 Day Mindfulness Photo Challenge 2015.

I write this blog post in the summer sunshine at my desk, overlooking the ocean and horizon. Sitting nervously I’m hoping  I don’t get hissed at by my small audience. You see I’m one of those people. I bloody love setting goals for the New Year. That’s right I’m one of those awfully annoying people who love to kick of the New Year with vision boards, plans and resolutions. I ‘am planning personified, I can plan a plan like nobody can, action, however is another thing altogether....more

When will things balance out?

I have a difficult time handling negative situations, I sometimes over react like it is the end of the world or as if I'm always the victim. Reminding myself about all the positive things that are happening around me feels almost physically impossible. I can somehow turn anything positive into a negative thing. Although When something amazing happens and I can undoubtedly see God working in my life, there is nothing in the world that could turn my positive attitude into a negative one. What makes it different? I hope I can balance my life out soon!...more

New Year, New You

Ok, so I know we are almost 2 weeks into 2015 (ummm, how did that happen?!) but being a new year means new goals, new resolutions and the like. Did you manage to make any resolutions? I made the usual, get organised, get into shape as well as a few work and study related goals. So, I thought it would be fun to highlight some amazing products available from the good ol' U S of A for putting your best foot forward in 2015. ...more

Making New Habits Stick

The start of the New Year is full of posts and articles  about changing, new habits and resolutions, advise on diet and exercise. You know you want to change and you may even know how you will start. What you don't know is how to really change, how to stick with it, how to become a newer and better you.It is easy to acknowledge that you need to eat better, exercise or move more, waste less time, be more productive, quit smoking. If you really could do that, you already would have. So how do you make good intentions start, and then stick for good?...more