5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Working From Home

A while ago, we wrote about tips to get your boss to let you work from home. But working from home isn't always roses and butterflies....more

What I Hate Is Feeling Like My Job Is Evidence That I'm Blowing It

I'm trying to decide right now if I'm being a spoiled little brat, a rebel, or a hopeless dreamer....more
Love George Carlin, haha.  I constantly feel at least eight steps behind everyone else, so you ...more

Video Equipment: From Newbie Essentials to Best Production Value Secret Weapons

If you're just jumping into video production, you might find yourself spending hours on Amazon trying find the video equipment you need to get started. You'll be reading reviews and seeing suggested products like professional-level cameras, wireless microphones, daylight-colored lighting gear, and tripods with ball heads or pivot heads....more
Just Beet It Glad it was helpful!more

There is no meaning to life

Fair warning, today’s post might get a little philosophical. I think I gave it away in the subject there, but there is no meaning to […] ...more

Not Dead Yet: Long Live the Resume

I feel sorry for the humble resume--it’s been on a celebrity deathwatch for years. In the digital age there’s no need for an old-fashioned resume, is there? Surely social media, video and technology have replaced the boring old resume when it comes to recruiting and evaluating talent, right?...more

Facebook is Fantasyland: 5 Tips to Manage Your Online Presence

Social media is everywhere. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, social media sites are being used in a wide variety of ways. People build company brands, their own personal brands, communicate with family and friends, share interests or beliefs, champion causes and plan business or social events.  With such broad visibility and scope, it’s important to be aware of your online presence....more

Ask About Values Before Hiring

It’s always exciting when you open a new role at your company. Here’s your chance to bring in fresh insights and perspectives to uplevel your whole team! As the interviews wind down and you’ve narrowed the field to your top one or two candidates, how do you know which is going to be the best fit? On paper they both might look terrific, and obviously they can do the job or they would not have gotten this far. But are there ways to predict the “fit factor,” and shed some light on how they will mesh with the talent you already have in place? Sometimes it is all in the questions you ask....more

How to Catch a Millennial

The search for talent is on and every business is looking at the Millennials. Also known as Generation Y, Millennials were born between the early 1980s and late 1990s. These young workers have fresh ideas and a high comfort level with the digital age. They’re needed to fill many entry-level roles. So why are they turning down your job offers? ...more

13 things my writing students need to know

It's obvious when a class's honeymoon period is over. It happens after the first essay is graded and it feels like deflated balloons. No eye contact. Sagging shoulders. Grumbling. From some anyway.As a writer and teacher of writing, I'm acutely aware that the process of receiving feedback is tough. Believe me, I've cried over bad reviews before. Writing is personal and involves vulnerability. To be critiqued is painful, irritating, angering. But, it's part of the process and often makes the writing better. If you don't give up....more

Play to your distinctive strengths

This is mash-up post! Part book review and part inspiration, both thanks to Whitney Johnson and her latest book, Disrupt Yourself:...more

BOGO $1 Classic Dolls at Disney Store

Buy a Classic Doll at Disney Store...more

60% Off Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center

Here’s another hot Little Tikes deal: This Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center is 60% off at $35.78...more

Up to 50% Off “Retro” Games Today Only at Amazon

More than a dozen “retro” toys are 33% to 50% off today only at Amazon. It’s the Deal of the Day! Choose from Spirograph...more