Do You Know I'm Glad Now That You Fired Me?

“Today will be your last day.”These words randomly emerged from the recesses of my memory the other night. ...more
Dr Curly Rita Arens My sentiments exactly.more

Dear President Obama: What About Parents Who Stay Home?

[Editor's Note: This post has been updated as of 2:15 pm CT 1/22/2014. The author would like to clarify that she is not asking for a childcare tax credit for parents that stay at home. She believes increasing the dependent deduction by $3,000 instead would benefit more families in America.] So I watched the State of the Union address last night with my husband. It is a miracle I made it over half of the way through as most years I bail after 10 minutes....more
OH!!  A video all about this!

State of the Union 2015: The Economy & Working Families Top the President's Speech

[UPDATED 7:20 p.m. PST: President Obama laid out a broad and aggressive agenda for his seventh year in office. Read on for more details and reaction from social media. --Grace] ...more
CreativeBugger Wow, 48 hours isn't very long when your spouse is in the hospital and you have ...more

Culture: “Selma” Is About About Woman Power Too

David Oyelowo and Carmen Ejogo – Photo: vanity At the risk of hopping a bit late on the “Selma” talk bandwagon, I finally was able to put some words on paper about the movie I went to see to commemorate Martin Luther King’s week-end. I wanted to go see “Selma”, I was intellectually craving, literally, this historical masterpiece that I, as a Black woman, ought to have seen in tribute to the late Dr. King ....more

3 Tips to Dress For Work On The Week-End

3 Tips to Dress to Work on Week-Ends – Marled Woven Top – $59.00 – Photo: Are you working this week-end? I’ve always found dressing to go to work on week-ends particularly tricky. First, it’s the week-end, and I’d rather be lounging around than doing anything remotely associated with work, especially...more

I’m kind of bad at self-promotion. But here’s my best effort. ;)

I’ve already given you all my opinion of the Ultimate DIY bundle. (In a nutshell, it’s a screaming deal if you love crafting, sewing, painting, and DIY decorating). But, I thought you all would find it helpful to hear what other readers think of the bundle too! ...more

Britax and BOB on Sale: 25% to 34% Off Car Seats and Strollers

Albee Baby has some nice prices on Britax and BOB car seats and strollers right now. If you don’t feel like waiting for a 30% off sale, this is a good time to buy: Select...more

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair for $39.43 with Coupon

I found a great deal on the Fisher-Price Space Saver high chair. It’s as low as $39.43 with coupon code FPSALE...more

Spot a Bad Boss at the Interview Phase

I have a funny story: I’m on my lunch break.Oh, that’s not funny enough for you? You are so demanding.Fine. How about this: I’ve been on this particular lunch break since 2004.That’s right. I had finally had it up to here with a boss (no, not this boss – this is a completely different story). The pay was high for my college-educated, 24-year-old self at the time, but, as I soon learned, the emotional stakes were higher....more

54% off Deluxe Mini Play Cube Today Only

The Deluxe Mini Play Cube from Anatex is 54% off today only at...more

Up to 50% Off Photo Books & More Plus Extra 20% Off at Shutterfly

Coupon code LOVEIT gets you an extra 20% off at Shutterfly through January 27 on top of sale prices. There are some pretty good sale prices, too: Photo books are up to 50% off Magnets are up to 50% off Canvas prints are up to 40% off Necklaces are up to 50% off More Use coupon code SHIP39 for free shipping on orders of $39 or more. Related:...more

I Finally Got Promoted…And My Husband Cheated on Me!

So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know! Sandra Bullock & Jesse James – Photo credit: I met L through a friend of a friend of a friend (at this point, I probably met her more than she met me, but that’s besides the point) ....more

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

These are the coolest coins.. EVER....more