5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Working From Home

A while ago, we wrote about tips to get your boss to let you work from home. But working from home isn't always roses and butterflies....more

What I Hate Is Feeling Like My Job Is Evidence That I'm Blowing It

I'm trying to decide right now if I'm being a spoiled little brat, a rebel, or a hopeless dreamer....more
Love George Carlin, haha.  I constantly feel at least eight steps behind everyone else, so you ...more

Video Equipment: From Newbie Essentials to Best Production Value Secret Weapons

If you're just jumping into video production, you might find yourself spending hours on Amazon trying find the video equipment you need to get started. You'll be reading reviews and seeing suggested products like professional-level cameras, wireless microphones, daylight-colored lighting gear, and tripods with ball heads or pivot heads....more
Just Beet It Glad it was helpful!more

Fathers should take the same amount of parental leave off as Mothers

If men were forced to take off 50% of the parental leave time, it’d be better for everyone all around. So if a mother would […] ...more

5 Harsh Truths About Supporting & Being Supported

There’s something about doing what you love that makes you hypersensitive about how others feel about it. I see it all the time on social media. In my early days of following my dreams I was extra sensitive and even celebrities feel that way at times. Take Erykah Badu’s infamous declaration for example:“Keep in mind that I’m an artist…and I’m sensitive about my shit…”...more

How to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

In college, I was an active person. It wasn’t that I worked out a lot or played sports. It was inadvertent, but true. From the dorm I lived in, as well as the house I lived in my junior and senior years, it was roughly a 10 minute walk to my classes. And I typically made that walk several times per day. After classes, I would head to my job a server where I was on my feet power walking all over the restaurant for 4-8 hours, depending on the day. I was on my feet a lot. So much so that I didn’t really have to think about health and fitness outside of school and work....more

Year of Becoming an Adult: October Update

Just last month I told you guys that we’d completed 2 out of our 4 2015 goals on our Year of Becoming an Adult list. Here’s where we stand now: Wills: Completed a couple months ago. Life insurance for hubs: I’d mentioned in my last update about hubs losing a bunch of weight (50 lbs, to be exact!!!) He still wants to lose about another 20, but decided to go ahead an initiate the life insurance process now ....more

On Being Relevant After Retirement

Nancy M. GarberI’d submitted my retirement papers and was attending my last conference when a younger colleague confided, “My biggest fear about retiring someday is no longer being relevant.” He’d made no secret of his envy (his exact words were, “You know I hate you now”). He's since taken a job outside the field of higher education, where we worked together for more than a decade, but his observation sparked questions about my own relevance outside the daily workforce. In fact, it has haunted me for years....more

How to Know If You Have a Shopping Problem

*This post originally appeared on LBMT on January 7th 2013. It was updated on October 12th 2015. It’s no secret I used to have a spending/shopping problem…a big one ....more

20% Off at Kohls [Plus 15% off Costumes and $10 off $50 Home Purchase]

Take 20% off your order at Kohls.com through today with coupon code TAKE20 or code COLUMBUS.20. Print this pass for in-store use. Kohls card holders can take another 20% off with code APPLE20 ....more

Phone Case for the Save!!!

I’ve mentioned that when we switched phone providers, one of the perks was that we got new upgraded phones for free (of course…this was right before the newest iPhone came out so now our “new” phones are one generation old. But I digress…) Anywho, when we got new phones I immediately invested in really sturdy, hard-core phone cases. It seemed like the prudent thing to do and, Lord knows, I have a bit of a history of shattered phone screens (see here and here) ....more

Toy Department Lightning Deals for Monday [Baby Stella!]

Don’t miss these Manhattan Toy Lightning Deals at Amazon today. These dolls get great ratings! All are Prime Early Access: ...more

40% to 50% Off Site-Wide and Free Shipping at The Children’s Place

Everything’s 40% to 50% off today at The Children’s Place online. No coupon code needed. Priced as marked ....more