What to Wear on Your First Day of Work

Deciding what to wear is always hard for women. Not only do we want to look stylish and cool, we also want to feel comfortable in what we are wearing. Add in our indecisive nature and the tendency to believe we have “NOTHING TO WEAR!” and the problem just gets worse. Needless to say, choosing the perfect outfit for the first day of our new job may top the charts when it comes to difficult fashion decisions (maybe right behind a certain all-white-dress decision)....more
I will be returning to work next week after spending a year and a half at home with my kids, and ...more

When Getting Burned Out Is a Good Thing

As strong, driven women who are bold enough to step into leadership roles, we work our butts off to succeed. But as time goes by, we often fear that if we pause, we’ll fall asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately, this attitude can cause you to miss out on the opportunity to live a truly incredible life. Rather than running from feelings of burnout, you should follow them....more
Thank you. You put this list together so clearly. It is just what I need to be reminded of this ...more

Health Secretary Nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell: Would a Man's Appearance be Criticized This Way?

So if you haven't heard yet, my friend and Office of Management and Budget Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell was nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services, replacing Kathleen Sebelius. It's a huge, demanding, pressure-filled responsibility, and Sylvia's experience and skills are a very good fit for the position....more
DonnaFreedman  I just said the same thing the other day about Rush Limbaugh.  The fact that ...more

my employees say their coworker slacks off when I’m not around, explaining an 18-month internship, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. My employees say another employee slacks off when I’m not around I supervise three people (all at least 20+ years older then me; I received this promotion due to very odd circumstances) ....more

what to do when you disagree with your manager’s feedback

You sit down with your manager to discuss your work performance – and end up fundamentally disagreeing with her feedback to you. How can you respond and state your case without seeming argumentative or even insubordinate? At Intuit QuickBase’s Fast Track blog, I talk about four key steps to responding to feedback that you disagree with ....more

the winner of the hiring advice contest is…

In response to this week’s call to share what you wish you knew before you started hiring people (or what you wish hiring managers knew), you all created a huge compendium of fantastic, real-world hiring advice. It’s a seriously amazing resource that anyone who wants to be better at hiring should read through. I had a heck of a time choosing one winner out of so many excellent contributions, but the $150 Amazon gift card provided by IT recruiting and staffing firm Modis goes to …...more

8 workplace dilemmas you might face — and how to overcome them

We hear a lot of bizarre workplace stories here – from the boss who kept stealing people’s lunches to the receptionist who wouldn’t stop hugging people. But these are outliers; chances are good that you’re going to go your whole career without encountering them. What you almost certainly will encounter are the more typical obstacles that people hit in their work lives, like having the boss who always championed you resign, or receiving a bad performance review, or being overworked to the point of burn-out ....more

now managers are calling millennials’ parents

Harvard Business Review is claiming that some companies are now calling their millennial employees’ parents to report on their job performance … and that their employees actually like this, rather than telling their companies to back the hell out of their personal lives. I … am just going to refuse to believe this is true. I know plenty of 20something and we have plenty of them as readers and commenters here ....more

BOGO .88 Sale at Crazy8 through Sunday

Through Sunday, buy one regular priced item at Crazy8.com and get another for 88 cents. Your discount will be spread across all items. No coupon code necessary ....more

Britax B-Agile Stroller on Lightning Deal Today

The Britax B-Agile stroller in Sandstone will be on Lightning Deal at Amazon at noon, ET today. It’s already at its lowest price ever there–25% off at $188.21. I suggest being ready to go just before noon, as this one will most likely sell out quickly ....more

New $8 Coupon for Nurtured by Nature Diapers

Interested in trying Nurtured by Nature disposable diapers? There’s a new $8 coupon for them at Amazon...more

Free Prints for a Year with Snapfish Mobile App [Up to 100 Prints per Month]

Snapfish is offering an awesome prints deal for folks who use their app on a cell phone or tablet. Install the Snapfish prints and gifts app...more