22 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From a TV Reporter

People think when you’re on TV you have hair and makeup standing by, and someone is there telling you what to say, and you’re just a face on TV – someone else did all the work. Not true. At least in my case. ...more

Why Blogger Is My Favorite Blogging Platform

I use Blogger as my primary blogging platform, and I adore it. I used to be embarrassed because I had "blogspot" in my URL. I used to feel like a complete idiot when I attended conferences and couldn't fathom what all the WordPress people were discussing. But now? Now I own it....more
This.  I have blogs on BOTH platforms and my most successful with more organic search results ...more

Why Should You Start a Blog in 2015? Here Are Some Very Good Reasons.

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. LinkedIn. Tumblr. Google+. The opportunities to spread yourself out all over the Internet seem never to end in the year 2015. So why on earth would you start a blog?...more
Although I love blogging and have been doing it for years, I feel like people are just starting ...more

The Grocery Budget + Reusable Bags

I am in complete awe of people who spend less than $1,000/month to feed their families. ...more

Free 11 oz. Photo Mug with $1 Purchase at Tiny Prints through Saturday

Spend a dollar or more at TinyPrints.com and get a free 11 oz. photo mug. Use coupon code...more

Could You Buy Nothing New For A Year?

I recently came across this interesting article by a woman named Sash Milne who bought nothing new for a year. Wow. When I read that, it sounded crazy to me ....more

25 Signs Entrepreneur Career Is for You

Entrepreneur career can be extremely rewarding with more spare time, opportunity to give back and financial stability. Have you ever wondered whether you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? Or most importantly, a successful entrepreneur? Not everyone has the passion, drive and ability to start a business....more

Being direct and assertive is not a character flaw

I find that when men are direct and assertive, people expect it of them and enjoy it. When a woman does it (such as myself), […] ...more

And all that jazz (or food)

So, with the recent grocery challenge throwdown, I thought it would be helpful for myself if I took a really in-depth inventory of all the food in my house. Holy smokes, what an eye-opening experience!...more

Stop Getting Fleeced

[protect your money from the fat cats. ...more

Power Cords & Kids: Things You Shouldn't Leave At The Office

Just this afternoon I arrived home from a day in San Francisco. A group of us traveled there on the prowl for great new flavors and ate at seven restaurants in just under six hours. It was not for the weak-of-stomach. ...more

If I Only Had a Brain

There are days when you wonder, is it them? Or is it me? Normally, at work, a co-worker says something a bit confusing and you are able to cipher through it and reply back with a better flow of words.  It’s called “getting along well with others and working as a team”.  Then there are other days when the person talking just makes no sense at all. ...more

4 Ways to Simplify Natural Hair For The Busy Female Entrepreneur

Natural hair is fabulous, embracing your natural roots can be a very empowering journey. Simply learning how to maintain your natural locks has been a means of appreciating everything that makes me unique as a black woman.   One thing it is not, is a simple process.  ...more