Feeling Stagnant? 5 Ideas For When You Need a Fresh Start in Your Life

Two years ago, after a summer of extreme downsizing, I moved from a small town to the city. I cut my hair, sold my piano, and stopped updating my blog....more

How Majora Carter Brought Down the House at The Pitch

Majora Carter brought down the house during the inspiring The Pitch session at #BlogHer15. Her passionate description of her company, StartUp Box, which pairs tech companies looking for quality talent with entry-level employees in low-status communities, earned her a year of marketing and PR support from SheKnows Media! ...more
This moment was by far my most favorite time! I so enjoyed all of the Pitches! This is what ...more

6 Things to Do After a Blogging Conference

If you’ve ever been to a blogging conference, you’re probably familiar with the term “conference hangover.”...more
Jill, thanks for the post! This was the first time I attended BlogHer and I'm curious about ...more

Top Diaper, Wipes and Formula Deals of the Week [In Store: 8/2 - 8/8]

Welcome to Part 2 of the TDFDOW where we give you the best in-store diaper (etc.) deals of the week! Check out...more

Killer Cooling Costs

How is it that every summer I’m completely thrown off guard by our ridiculously high electric bill? Given Tucson’s heat, our A/C is running constantly – even with our thermostat set to 80 degrees during the day and 76 degrees at night! I thought last month’s electric bill was bad ($209) but since we were gone for a full week at the beginning of July, I’d half-expected this month’s bill to be lower ....more

Here's a simple rule that works: Don't be late

I could have written this article myself. I hate it when people are late. I hate it when I'm late (yes, it does sometimes happen, though very rarely and by a few minutes only). If you're going to be late for something, or you think you might be, warn the others ahead of time. "Sorry I'm running behind I expect to get there 5 minutes late" is a good way to put it. Send that as a text or email at least 20 minutes ahead of meeting time....more

From Road Warrior to Home Warrior

It is official, my road warrior status has come to an end!  Even though I knew it was coming (even before I found out I was pregnant), it is still such a shock to realize I have unpacked my suitcase for the last time.The last 4 years have been spent visiting clients, representing my company all over the world.  I've been to a lot of different places and met more people than I can remember.  Thousands of miles have been traveled and I have loved every single minute of it....more

Ashley’s July 2015 Budget Update

Happy August! Despite the terrible heat Tucsonians experience in August, it’s one of my favorite months of the year. My husband and favorite (only) sister both have birthdays this month ....more

$25 off $100 at Gymboree Today Only [Up to 70% Off Site-Wide]

Take 25% off your purchase of $100 or more at Gymboree today only. Use coupon code SAVE25. The entire site’s up to 70% off already! ...more

$10 Off $30 Kids Clothes Purchase at Kohls plus 20% Off Coupon [& 1-Day Sale]

Take $10 off your $30 of kids’ apparel purchase at Kohl’s online with coupon code...more

Homemade Mondays week 144

Homemade Mondays is a series for people that are on a journey to better living, via healthier eating and a more natural lifestyle....more