What Would Your Life Look Like Now If You Hadn't Started Blogging?

Ten years ago, I was two years out of my graduate writing program and just returning from maternity leave (I came back the week after the fourth of July holiday, come to think of it) to my product management job in corporate America. If I hadn't started blogging on maternity leave, I would not have written anything new in almost a year. ...more
Rita, I can really relate to this post! I have found the world of blogging has led to some ...more

The Midlife Pursuit: What's My Passion?

Aside from stalking old boyfriends, I've learned a lot about myself through the quizzes on Facebook. For instance, the “Friends”character I’m most like is Monica because according to the quiz, “I’m a little uptight but a great friend.” Not surprising, I am a peach pie, not because I live in Georgia but “I’m cute, quirky and a bit of a smart ass.”...more

Do You Own Your Job or Are You Just Renting?

You might not know it just by looking around, but every workplace has two kinds of employees: renters and owners....more
Great post.  I work in the software development industry - and while I like to own it it seems ...more

Where to sell jewelry?

I believe a previous blogger here, Claire if I am remembering correctly, sold some of her jewelry during her debt free journey....more

Work or Pleasure

In sticking with the spirit of this morning’s post of feeling overwhelmed, I have determined that I need to give myself a break. On the way to gymnastics practice this week my son was mad at me for making him leave playing with the neighborhood boys to go to practice and he angrily spit out at me “Do you want me to just work all the time? Don’t you want me to have fun?” Now as a logical adult I see the ridiculousness of that statement…he goes to practice 3 days a week, 4 hours a day ....more

my coworker keeps trying to goad me into political arguments

A reader writes: I’m a grad student interning for the summer at an apolitical government agency. In an effort to make conversation with one of the permanent staff members on my team, we got to talking about our respective collections (he collects coins, I collect political campaign buttons). I regret telling him this, however, because now this coworker has taken to quizzing me each day on obscure U.S. political history ....more

Three Common Small Business Culture Mistakes

The culture of an organization is often tied very closely to its success. And yet, it has been my experience that most small businesses are not very good at “that culture thing.” If you ask the owners of small businesses about the culture of their organization, many give you a blank look. Others tend to respond with the description of their personal approach: “I run my business based on good customer service.” Or, they just shrug and say, “I have good people and they work hard. We are small and don’t have a lot of time to think about things like culture....more

8 things your boss won’t tell you … but wishes you knew

Have you ever noticed that when people are promoted to management roles, their perspective on workplaces issues often changes? That’s because, as managers, they see things that they might not have been exposed to as employees — and as a result, they view workplace questions through a different lens than the one they used before. Understanding that shift in perspective can help you get along better with your boss, have more insight into her actions and decisions, and even perform your job better ....more

Reminder: BOGO FREE BabyLegs Legwarmers during Birthday Sale

This great deal on BabyLegs...more

5 Highly Rated Toys at 36% Off or More [VTech, Magformers, More]

These five highly rated toys are 35% off or more at Amazon right now. All of these ship free with Prime or with a $35 purchase. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Mouse, Small: 36% off at $45 ....more

Coupon: 20% Off at Big Lots on Sunday [Friends and Family Sale]

Take 20% off your order at Big Lots stores this weekend. If you’re a Buzz Club rewards member you can shop Saturday from 2 pm until closing and save 20% with your rewards club card. Print this coupon for use on Sunday whether you have a card or not ....more

Ask the Readers |Frugal House-Building Advice?

Recently, I got an email from a reader asking for advice about building a home. While I do have some experience in home fixing-up and I can paint All Of The Things, I have nooo clue about actually building a house! Image thanks to Armchair Builder via Flickr Creative Commons However, I’m positive that some of you have been through this process and have some wisdom to share ....more

Why I took up smoking for my health

I have had a lot of jobs in my life....more