4 Ways You Can Push for Women's Equality EVERY Day of the Year

I was savoring my grilled salmon salad recently when my lunch partner’s casual comment made me drop my fork and get serious. "They've asked me to be board chair at the Brooklyn Museum, I'd be the first woman in their 100-year history. But I don't know if I can do it," Elizabeth Sackler said. "What do you think I should do?" ...more

Join Us NOW! We Can Make Life Work: For Everyone. For Every Family.

Do you ever feel like your job is taking over your life? Or keeping you from living your life? Feel like you're missing major family events, or making challenging choices when it comes to caregiving for either the young or the elderly in your family because of work commitments? ...more

GoDaddy & Mad Mimi: Why Email Marketing Is Important for Bloggers

Some of you got to meet the folks from GoDaddy at the Expo of BlogHer '14. Today the company announces its acquisition of email marketing start-up Mad Mimi, which was founded by a jazz musiciain who wanted to reach his peeps. We talked to Steven Aldrich of GoDaddy and Gary Levitt of Mad Mimi to find out why email marketing should matter to bloggers....more

This Doesn’t Happen In Real Life!

I have been having a particularly stressful day. Lots of “blah” stuff not worth going into. And I open my email and see THIS in my inbox: ...more

Coffee Break: What Are Your End of Summer Rituals At Work?

Photo credit: porchdrinking.com So it’s the end of the summer…Kids are back to school, schedules are tightening up, and morning traffic jams are getting worse and worse. And as many of us return to work after Labor Day week-end, a small vacation, or just a day off here and there, the mood is not exactly the best… I believe in rituals as a way to help ourselves ease life’s transitions and new seasons. And if we value rituals as part of our everyday life, why not integrate them as part of our work life too? ...more

Best, Still-Available Labor Day Baby Gear & Clothing Deals: BOB, Britax, Recaro, More

Having too much fun this Labor Day Weekend to shop the sales? You’re in luck! These hot baby gear and clothing deals are still available ....more

How to Never Pay Full Price for Anything (Almost): BigCrumbs

In our last post, we shared a simple but brilliant way to score a discount at just about every major US retail store by using discounted gift cards. However, with more and more commerce moving online, how do we score discounts on our online shopping since not all offer gift cards? That’s the topic of […] ...more

Work It: Leather-Waist Dress

So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know! Leather-waist dress – $134 – bergdorfgoodman.com I’m loving this Carmen Marc Valco cap-sleeve leather-waist dress from Bergdorf Goodman ....more

Back to school means back to work

When the new school year starts today, I’m not sure who’ll be more excited, my eighth...more

It’s Back to School Time: How To Get Back to Your Career at the end of Summer

Don't forget to Leave a comment! Woman-with-Post-its – Photo credit: gogirlfinance.com Happy Tuesday! It’s back to school time, and if you have not noticed or do not in any way want to be associated with kids’ frenzy over the new “Frozen”-themed lunch boxes, just check out the morning traffic…I’ve always loved the whole “back-to-school” thing, what with new books, new shoes and a whole new attitude (all bound to last for a least a week before things get back to a new normal) ....more

September Planned Budget

As I mentioned yesterday, August was a bit of a dud income-wise. Everything said and done, we ended up earning (after taxes) $5728. To that figure, I’ve added the $589 we had leftover from last month ....more

Target Baby and Kid Deals: ErgoBaby, BOB, Fisher-Price, More [Week of 8/31]

Thanks again to Christy at must-read site...more

15 years ago today…

Joshua’s arrival made us a family of three. It’s weird…in some ways, it doesn’t seem all that long ago....more