8 Tips to Help You Manage Your Time

A friend recently told me I used my time more effectively than anyone else she knew. I don’t know if I personally always feel this way, but I will say that I thrive on being busy. ...more
So true!  Too much free time kills it for me.  Morning person all the way!more

Dear Amy Pascal: What Were You Thinking?

Amy, Amy, Amy. Boy, do we need to talk. In general I write these clever little letters to public figures who have behaved poorly (Mama June, etc.) where I have a polite build-up with some funny ‘isms that really get the reader going. It’s kind of my thing, if you will. ...more
She was thinking what she feels. I don't understand why she used the company's email to post ...more

The Day My Blog Ruined My Life

Okay, maybe it didn't ruin my life, but my misuse of social media threw me into a terrible controversy at my kids' school. Today's post is about irony. Well, irony and how I messed up my life and the lives of a few others. And how I'm sorry. So very, very sorry. I sit here thinking, analyzing and obsessing about the events that transpired a week ago and set in motion an unbelievable shit storm. As some of you know, I'm a health and development educator for adolescent girls. In fact, I have a whole presentation on cyber-safety and how girls should always be very careful about what they post online. But right now, I'm sitting here, stewing in my own shame. I imagine I'm feeling much like the 15-year-old girl who insisted she knew what she was doing when she texted her boyfriend a boob-shot that went viral. She intended it to be only for his eyes. ...more
jillpond I just realized that you may not even know the term "dooced." (Seems like forever ...more

Top Wipes Deals of the Week [In Store - 12/28]

Welcome to the Top Wipes deals of the week! There is a coupon for $1 off Huggies wipes (300 ct or larger) at coupons.com found here. There is a Huggies wipes coupon...more

Top Diaper and Formula Deals of the Week [In Store - 12/28]

Welcome to Part 2 of the TDFDOW where we give you the best in-store diaper deals of the week! Check out...more

Introducing Crumb-saving Recommendations

As we’ve gone along in this blog, there have been numerous products and services that we have recommended to our readers. ...more

42% Off Graco MealTime High Chair Today Only

Pick up a Graco MealTime High Chair in your choice of two patterns at Kids Woot...more

Top Diaper Deals of the Week [Amazon Deals - 12/28]

New to Baby Cheapskate? Welcome! and don’t forget to...more

The 411: Weekly News Update

Photo: mainstreet.com Happy Sunday! This is the last Sunday of 2014, can you believe it? As we get ready to close this year, I’m sharing one more time the news that made me smile, laugh, and go “shut the front door” this week: CNN rounds up the leading women of 2014, and each and every one of them is simply amazing, while Fast Company rounds up the 100 most creative people of 2014; The holidays are still upon us, and Levo League gives us a few tips on how to manage the inevitable holidays stress; I’m all about educational toys, especially in this season of gift-giving ....more

Top Amazon Baby Wipes Deals of the Week [12/28]

Welcome to BC’s weekly rundown of the best wipes deals I’m seeing through...more

Meal plan for December 29th – January 4th

My grandpa used to say I was like a fart in a hot skillet; always moving around quickly....more

A Few Things I Learned While Nesting, Purging and Streamlining

With my obsessive nesting nearly complete I stepped back last night to reflect on my decluttering, purging, streamlining process. I actually learned quite a bit about myself from this experience. Over the years we’ve bought a lot of stuff we just don’t need ....more