6 Tips for Creating Your Own Paycheck Fairness Act

If we can’t get our elected officials to help us close the gender based wage gap, we’ll have to do it ourselves. On Monday, the Senate failed to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, yet again. The bill needed 60 votes but fell short 52-40 with every Democrat voting aye and every Republican voting no. Two independent Senators split their votes....more

What You Need to Know Before You Start a Business

I was having lunch yesterday with a new friend, and she had a bunch of questions for me as she was at the really early stages of getting her start-up up and running. At first I was inclined to say I didn't have that much more experience than her, but as we started getting into the conversation, I realized how incredibly much I had learned in a short six months. And I figured it would be nice to capture that journey of realizations. So here they are!...more
Thank you!! This is so insightful! I am at the very beginning stages of opening a business, and ...more

Giving Up the Mommy Guilt

It has not escaped my notice that women with children often express regret about their performance as mothers. I remember coming back from my own (partially paid) maternity leave, and for two months, driving to drop off and pick up at two different day care centers, doing my work, running the household, rocking the baby, mothering the four-year-old, and feeling like a total failure at everything I did. (Yes, I had a husband at home, but he left early for his office, and came home late, getting in his hours and pushing for professional advancement.)...more
Thank you for putting words to how I feel right now...! I am the mother of four little boys - ...more


Life has been a bit of a blur lately. I turned 29 years old on Monday, so it’s a new year. For me, and for you too,...more

My Journey To Coaching: How Quitting My Job Led Me To My Passion

"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired."- Fannie Lou HamerIn 2013, I was sick of tired of being sick and tired and I decided to transform my life by becoming a certified personal, motivational, and startup business coach. ...more

Always the Intern, Never the Hire

Intern? Grad Student? Keep having sex with these 6 rules for success. Internships and graduate school can make or break a woman’s life and career. But poorly structured training programs can dramatically interfere with a woman’s romantic, sexual and life goals....more

What Motherhood Penalty? Why Motherhood May Just Be Your Career’s Best Ally

Don't forget to Leave a comment! Parenting principles for work – Photo credit: http://www.humptybumptykids.com/caption From what you can read in the media, motherhood and a successful career don’t exactly go hand in hand. Actually, there is even what is called a “motherhood penalty”...more

Balance Work and Life!

Balance Work and Life!http://wobcmagazine.com/7021/87174/a/balance-work-and-life ...more

Yeah. There was a lot of stuff in that freezer.

I didn’t realize quite how much until I put it all out on the counter. Good heavens....more

Too Many Shirts

How your happy road to minimalism looking?...more

It’s Okay to Be a Man & Talk about Domestic Violence

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Allstate Foundation® and Latina Bloggers Connect....more

Preschool Drop Off Was Harder Than I Expected

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to drop my little guy off at preschool. I expected a bit of separation anxiety and perhaps a few tears. After three straight years together I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would be hard to place my son in the arms of his teacher and walk away ....more