How to Write a Headline or Teaser That's Impossible to Ignore

Have you finally penned your masterpiece, soon-to-be-viral post? Hold up: There's a little more to write, and it's incredibly important. Your post title, as well as what you say about your post in social media, are your workhorses. The best post in the world does no good if no one clicks through to it. ...more
How I will get to NYC for free!! (My best teasing headline so far!) Just by clicking there ...more

7 Time Management Tips for Work-At-Home Moms

I didn't choose to become a work-a-home mom almost 10 years ago, but it's turned out to function as a great fit for our family. I've had readers ask me how I manage to do it all and make time for my family. The ugly truth is: I don’t do it all. You should see the state of my kitchen. Okay, maybe you shouldn't look at the mound of dirty dishes or the piles of clean laundry waiting to be folded. Being a work-at-home mom allows me to drop my kids at the bus stop and greet them when they step off the bus. Plus I'm pretty happy with my office dress code: jeans and a cute top....more
Be flexible, I would have to agree with this and I would like to ...more

Who (and What) Benefits When I Work From Home

Three hours every week. How would you spend them?In 2011, I was convinced that my then-seven-year-old daughter was going to spend three hours every week alone and locked outside of our house, when she would be released early from school and no one was home. At least, that was the recurring nightmare in my mind that took root a few months before this childcare gap was about to become a reality....more
I loved this...more

I'm Thankful For My Job (and not just because I get a paycheck)

It can be easy to focus on the negative in work situations, and I am guilty of this a lot lately. As much as I’m ready for something new, my job has largely been a good situation for the last five-and-a-half years, and I’m grateful for it. Without my current position, I don’t think I would have been able to figure out what’s next for me—and actually believe that I’m capable of doing it....more

Making Do: Make-Up

You know how I’ve been trying to save money by making do with items that we’ve already got instead of buying new ones? Well I’ve been wanting to talk about this one for awhile….make-up!!! I’m not a big make-up person ....more

the coffee wake-up call I wasn't expecting

“You’re always in a rush.” I looked up from my phone and emerged from the kazillion thoughts already crowding my mind, seeking attention on a Monday morning. An older gentleman stood in front of me in the Starbucks line, making conversation while we waited. “You must have kids,” he continued ....more

Thanksgiving Vacation

I can’t tell if we, as a country, are on vacation this week....more

8 GREAT Car Seats at 30% to 44% Off [Britax, Recaro, Diono]

Woot! Check out the prices on these car seats at Amazon. Some are for today only, so don’t wait! ...more

What On Earth Is A Brand?

What Is a Brand? ...more

Why Thanksgiving is Great For Your Career

Give Thanks – Photo: Thanksgiving week is here, yes already…Turkey’s been bought, menus are being planned, families are getting ready to gather, some for better, others for worse, and we’re all ready to go ahead and think of those people, events and things we are thankful for (and those ...more

Lightning Deal Picks for Monday [K'nex, Fisher-Price, Summer Infant, More]

Here are your baby and toy Lightning Deal picks for Monday: Bonus Deal of the Day: Up to 40% off Baby Essentials. Includes Britax, Baby Jogger and more. 9 am ET:...more

How to make chicken broth that is actually tasty

When I last mentioned making chicken broth, some of you shared that you’ve had trouble making chicken broth that rivals what you can buy in the store. So, I promised to show you how to make chicken broth that does not resemble dirty dishwater, either in appearance or flavor. Though this recipe doesn’t come directly from Cook’s Illustrated (What the what???), the method is kind of a riff on their chicken noodle soup recipe ....more

The Secret of Success is Helping Others

The Secret of Success is Helping Others