Dear Amy Pascal: What Were You Thinking?

Amy, Amy, Amy. Boy, do we need to talk. In general I write these clever little letters to public figures who have behaved poorly (Mama June, etc.) where I have a polite build-up with some funny ‘isms that really get the reader going. It’s kind of my thing, if you will. ...more
She was thinking what she feels. I don't understand why she used the company's email to post ...more

The Day My Blog Ruined My Life

Okay, maybe it didn't ruin my life, but my misuse of social media threw me into a terrible controversy at my kids' school. Today's post is about irony. Well, irony and how I messed up my life and the lives of a few others. And how I'm sorry. So very, very sorry. I sit here thinking, analyzing and obsessing about the events that transpired a week ago and set in motion an unbelievable shit storm. As some of you know, I'm a health and development educator for adolescent girls. In fact, I have a whole presentation on cyber-safety and how girls should always be very careful about what they post online. But right now, I'm sitting here, stewing in my own shame. I imagine I'm feeling much like the 15-year-old girl who insisted she knew what she was doing when she texted her boyfriend a boob-shot that went viral. She intended it to be only for his eyes. ...more
jillpond I just realized that you may not even know the term "dooced." (Seems like forever ...more

How to Write a Headline or Teaser That's Impossible to Ignore

Have you finally penned your masterpiece, soon-to-be-viral post? Hold up: There's a little more to write, and it's incredibly important. Your post title, as well as what you say about your post in social media, are your workhorses. The best post in the world does no good if no one clicks through to it. ...more
Thanks for sharing this! It's a great list. I struggle with writing headlines on my blog, Rudeysroommore

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

ONE. This is awesome. A couple babysits for another, and they photoshopped a few scenarios… TWO ....more

The Christmas Rundown

I spent so much time organizing the house that Christmas became a bit of an after thought. With the big day approaching I buckled down, bought gifts and checked off names on our rather short list. So far I’ve managed to keep the costs to a minimum ....more

Hey, readers! I’m giving away 5000 Swagbucks.

5,000 Swagbucks is worth a $50 gift card, in case you were wondering! Unless you’ve been living under a rock or something, you probably are already familiar with Swagbucks, an online points-earning site....more

My Job Interview

Before I get to the job interview (Believe me, I'm not stalling. There's just a lot going on!), A Merry Hour it was!  Last night we had a great time in the spirit of the holidays eating, talking, drinking, and barking....more

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Take an extra 15% off your order at...more

Lightning Deal Picks for Friday [Snap Circuits, Wagon, Power Wheels, Balance Bike, More]

Here are your baby and toy Lightning Deal picks for today at Amazon. I love that sooo many of them are already 30% off or more. 10 am ET:...more

I’m all discombobulated.

I somehow completely forgot to host Food Waste Friday last week....more

51% to 60% off Rockabye Rockers Today Only

Rockabye Rockers are 51% to 60% off today only at Amazon. It’s their toy department Deal of the Day. The 23 rockers included get good ratings, and today they’re priced at $60.59 to $67.99 ....more

Up to 50% Off during Tea Collection Semi-Annual Sale

Hey Tea fans, save up to 50% during Tea Collection‘s semi-annual sale. The Germany Collection items are so cute! I’m seeing some short-sleeved tees at over 50% off ....more