3 Ways Yoga Makes Me a Better Employee

Recently, in becoming more intentional about the way I "look" not just on the outside but also on the inside I've started practicing various forms of yoga. I have been surprised at the short amount of time in which I've been able to experience the positive mental, physical, and emotional effects of yoga. ...more

Why Title IX is Not Just About Sports and I'm Sure Patsy Mink Would Agree

This summer, I joined other advocates and parents from across the nation at the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington, DC. Among the speakers were President and First Lady Obama, Vice President and Dr. Biden, and dozens of other government, policy, union, and business leaders, many of whom were also working parents....more
As parents, we work hard our children’s whole lives to prepare them for adulthood, and this last ...more

Tales From the Job: "Dude, No One Stole Your 1994 Honda Accord."

One of the best jobs I’ve ever had was as a parking lot attendant at my university. I sat in a booth for no more than six hours at a time, took money from people, and did my homework/read a book. It was awesome, especially since I had the night shift, so there wasn’t really anyone parking after 8 p.m, which meant almost two solid hours of reading Jane Austen....more
Love this! I'll never be impatient with a parking attendant again - and I'll try to remember ...more

Feedback, fear and stinky cheese

Barry was speechless, first with shock and then with anger, as he read the email from his boss. See below. There’s...more

Quitting the basketball team / no.2


Muslim Women At Work: The Changing Face of Diversity in Corporate America

Don't forget to Leave a comment! Muslim women – Photo credit: muslimvillage.com Women around me inspire me. Most of the stories I write about, tips I share and (slightly frenzied) enthusiasm I have for anything pro-woman, is because of them ....more

How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Content and Secure?

When I first started working I remember thinking, “If only I could save $50,000, then I’d feel relatively content...more

Quarterly Net Worth Update: Q3 2014

Despite being a quarter packed with travel and intrigue, Q3 was my best one yet in terms of net worth increase. Overall I saw a jaw-dropping 29% increase from the end of June. I never thought I’d be able to top the 21% I managed to squeak out in Q2, especially with all of the weddings I’ve been traveling to this quarter ....more

It’s not exactly good, clean fun…

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. But at least mud isn’t all that hard to wash off. ...more

6 Frugal Things I Did Last Month – September

September was a month filled with lots of frugal things. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you most of them. Why? ...more

Correlation Between Happiness & Success

When one pursues an unconventional goal or career path, one has to develop not just a filter that turns blatant rejection into constructive criticism, but also an unwavering sense of optimism and faith, bordering on crazy fundamentalist. One has to believe whole-heartedly in the purpose of every day’s endeavors, unpredicted encounters are signs from the universe that one is on the right path, and opportunities to accomplish the elusive goal, proof that miracles exist. Actors, dancers, writers and freelancers, I am certain can relate....more

Two Job Offers: How Do I Decide Which Job Is Right for Me?

I was working with a client recently who, after a long dry spell with no job offers or even good possibilities, found himself in the enviable job search position of having two offers. Each job had pluses and minuses. Each one offered challenges ....more

PPO or HMO? Help me decide

Here’s the deal, Eric and I originally had a PPO. Then we switched to an HMO, because it was A LOT cheaper, in that we are currently only paying $15 a month for health insurance. However, this year, prices went up, and now HMO and PPO will cost about the same monthly (about $130 a month) ....more