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...And then I fell in love...

My life turned upside down a little over a year ago when I met my sweety. I was definately NOT looking for anyone and neither was she. We met at a party and the rest, as they say, is history. The life I was leading was not a bad life. It was just a life. And then, I fell in love!...more

Yes she knows that I am blogging about her...not sure if she really likes it or ...more

Patti Smith's JUST KIDS: They Were Far More than That

Patti Smith wrote People Have the Power, Peaceable Kingdom and, with Bruce Springsteen, Because the Night and that’s just the tip of the artistic iceberg.  Poet, painter, actor, composer, singer, muse – she’s all of it. She's my age - and I've met her. ...more

Just bought the book and cannot wait to get started!

~ Courtney Chesley

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Please Help Tell the Story of Our Sex Lives

Many of us remember the day we first ran across Our Bodies, Ourselves, as something of a revelation; perhaps you even picked up the more recent edition of the same book focused on menopause. But have you wished your voice was in there too?...more

Can Americans Care for Their Families Without Losing Their Jobs?

We work long hours. We work multiple jobs. We can barely afford healthcare, or we’re doing without. We’re stitching together childcare, or we’re sending our kids to school with H1N1.   We exert ourselves to be good spouses, sons and daughters, parents, members of our community, friends - in snatched moments from being good but insecure employees.   And while we may talk amongst ourselves about hard it is to manage it all, perhaps we feel that this is just life and try to muddle through as best we can, on our own…  ...more

From fluffy sausage wallets to Pink Parts.


Mary Daly, One of Our Feminist Foremothers, Has Died

Mary Daly is an important feminist foremother whether or not you knew of her, agreed with her, or read her books. Her work was like a powerful intellectual and spiritual snow-plow, taking the risks to clear the roads for others to travel. There are radical pioneers who risk everything the world will say about them or do to them in order to truly inhabit what they believe. They walk what they talk, even when the talking alone is an act of courage. Mary Daly was that kind of pioneer. She lived her truth. ...more

You are so right -- flawed does not mean without deep value! Mary Daly was a real ...more

Review: “Julie & Julia”


A plan for all seasons


Cornbread Muffins