How Minimalism Is Going to Get Me What I Want Out of Life

There’s something you should know about me: I consider minimalism to be a big part of my life....more
Laurend1985  I feel like I've been the same way with my husband. He's much better about ...more

Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard With These Plants

Hi, friends! I love enjoying my coffee on our back deck in the morning & my after-dinner fruit before bedtime, but here in Austin we have had lots of rain & with rain we get lots of mosquitoes. ...more
I will tell the other bloggers too if you want, other people are talking abou it toomore

Lessons From My Year-Long Shopping Ban

I faced the dresses, skirts, and shirts hanging in my closet and did not feel fresh.I don't want to wear that dress - again!...more
Thanks for writing this! I did something akin to this. In my own life I often observe that a ...more

Give a Better Future by Giving Less this Season

While often a wonder-filled time with family and friends, the holidays can also turn into a consumerist frenzy resulting in mountains of waste that endanger our collective future.World leaders meet in Paris  this month to decide the fate of our planet, which at the rate we’re currently going, won’t be an especially pleasant place to live in a few decades....more

Taking Out the Trash

About once a year, we arm ourselves with trash bags and walk through our neighborhood to pick up trash. We probably should do it more often. Maybe we will, as the kids get older....more
Do you just do it as an individual or did you start as a community activity?more

The Lasagna Garden

Earth. Garden. Organic.Its not really a garden yet. More of a garden bed. Our Lasagna Garden. It's ready for the spring, even if it's only late November here in Southern Ontario....more

"Santa Wouldn't Put THAT In My Toys..."

"Santa Wouldn't Put THAT In My Toys" ...more

Organization Spotlight - Mission:Wolf

The stars create a mosaic of brilliant light in the clear summer sky, and a crisp breeze runs through the leaves of nearby aspen trees. As I sit on the ground gazing up at the milky way, the song of the wolves begins in a hushed tone. The song crescendos as more wolves join in, creating a moment that I will never forget....more

Mini Me OR I Want to Be a Tiny Home Owner

Dear HGTV,You make me lust over Tiny Houses. You dedicate no fewer than five shows to these treehouses and miniscule apartments and itty-bitty cabins in the forest, and you make this suburban hippie wanna-be drool over the idea of reducing my carbon, albeit wedge-heeled footprint....more

Christmas Cards, Oh, Christmas Cards...

Does anyone really want to receive season's greetings via snail mail anymore? Have we really ever liked the whole idea of sending and receiving Christmas cards? Well, I guess I do, or did. In recent years, the few I find in the mailbox during the holidays do put a smile on my face. But, I'm still not exactly sure if I'm just going to end up doing this again....more

Oil Pulling???

It was one of those annoying conversations with my ex-husband .... yes they happen .... more often than I would like and they tend to stem around him forget most conversations. He started to tell me about some adverts he had seen around London and then continued to enlighten me about this new thing called oil pulling. So why was that annoying, I mean, I understand if you are there thinking it was so nice of him to think of my blog when he saw those adverts?...more

How To Channel Your Inner Homesteading Hippie Mama (No Matter Where You Live)

Will your neighbors think you’re a weirdo? Maybe.Do you ever yearn for a simpler time? A time without smartphones and global warming and Donald Trump? Me too, and then I remind myself that those simpler times came before the advent of birth control and deodorant and toothbrushes and I’m like, “Maybe 2015’s not so bad.”...more