I Went Soap-Free and I Liked It

I've gone soap-free. I like it. And I'm not alone. ...more
Very interesting!  I use Biotin shampoo on my hair and lather for privates. But have to use ...more

Top 10 Easy Earth Day Activity Ideas

Earth Day is here! Have you thought about what you might do to celebrate this big blue and green marble we call home? Here are some ideas for my favorite earth-friendly activities that you can do with friends and/or family for a fun and green Earth Day!...more
I've given up lattes unless I have my "To-Go" cup.  I've been feeling so guilty about all the ...more

Get the Stench Out of Your Smelly Gym Clothes

It started just like any other typical day at the gym. I arrived at the usual time in my normal attire: old lycra capris, a baggy t-shirt and hair piled on top of my head....more
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A beginner’s guide to greenhouse gardening in your backyard

There are many people who want to grow plants and vegetables throughout the year. Some even prefer to extend the season and many like to grow plants that generally do not have a good chance of growing in a certain area. If any or all of these instances describe your needs, then you need to look at the benefits of using a greenhouse....more

An Architect's Journey to Turn a Scrap of This and Remnants of That into Fine Homes

Christine Bleyhl is not the stereotypical architect in black clothing.  She often dresses in soft, fall colors that compliment her flowing auburn hair and former copper-colored Volvo. ...more

Will National Park History Repeat Itself?

Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir began the Environmental Movement in 1903.Now, imagine this scene with Barack Obama and Aaron Mair....more


HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?!I think most of us could claim by now to be close to if not already experts in this area. BUT...I was quite surprised myself on some things I didn't know about face washes- like what they put in them for example or what ingredients and types of face washes are actually best for my skin!...more