How Minimalism Is Going to Get Me What I Want Out of Life

There’s something you should know about me: I consider minimalism to be a big part of my life....more
Laurend1985  I feel like I've been the same way with my husband. He's much better about ...more

Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard With These Plants

Hi, friends! I love enjoying my coffee on our back deck in the morning & my after-dinner fruit before bedtime, but here in Austin we have had lots of rain & with rain we get lots of mosquitoes. ...more
I will tell the other bloggers too if you want, other people are talking abou it toomore

Lessons From My Year-Long Shopping Ban

I faced the dresses, skirts, and shirts hanging in my closet and did not feel fresh.I don't want to wear that dress - again!...more
Thanks for writing this! I did something akin to this. In my own life I often observe that a ...more

An Open Letter To Plastic

Dear Plastic, ...more

Wild and Free - My Thoughts on Captivity (and what you can do to help)

Ok, stay with me guys. I'm not one to preach about things too much, but as an animal lover, this is a topic that I am passionate about so I wanted to share my thoughts on captivity. It's not a bitter activist post, just a message of what is going on and what we can do to help change it....more

7 Reality Checks on Tiny House Living…and why we designed the Tiny+ Life.

There’s a not so tiny revolution sweeping the country for tiny house living. People can’t seem to get enough of these magical mini modulars. Seems that they trigger a deep desire for ‘the simple life’.  While less is more,  the underbelly rarely discussed, is 'no room for stuff = no stuff to do".  Do not let this comment lead you to assume I’m not a fan of the tiny home.  I am not only an early adopter of the concept but have lived for 5 years ( 8 months a year) in a 170 sq. feet Airstream with my husband. Sharing allowed us a mere 85 sq. ft. each....more

The Sky is Falling!

Yesterday, I was out on a merry jaunt around the neighborhood with the kids, the dogs, and my Sweet Babou when I was attacked by a maple tree. Seriously. I was walking along, happy as a clam when BOOM a maple tree casts down a branch upon my head.It hurt....more

DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer


Succulent Propagation: How to and Results

It has been a  little over a year since I tried propagating my succulents and I must admit that they may have been the start of a gardening obsession. Not only have I started collecting more succulents, but I've now added historical and English roses into the mix......more

Local Communities Vital to Forest Conservation

By Kristin Drexler, faculty member, Human Ecology and Forestry, School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at American Public University...more

Amazing Women in the Yucatan!

Two weeks ago I met a stunning group of women. We were all citizen science volunteers on the Ray of Hope Expedition 2015 to the Yucatan. Our goal was to take ID photographs of Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, and to obtain 30 genetic samples from Mantas. The Whale Shark goal was awesomely met, the Mantas were elusive, but the group of women on the expedition made the trip more than worthwhile. (There were absolutely wonderful men on the trip…but Wednesday is for women! Sorry, guys.)...more

Why Glass Straws are the Eco-Friendly way of the Future

Last week the video of the scientists who assisted a turtle by removing a plastic straw that was lodged in its nose went viral.Did it make you sad?It definitely made me sad. Watching the turtle suffer for such a senseless reason was extremely heartbreaking and frustrating.It made me want to do something....more