Evil is Like Peeing in the Ocean

I came across this science video that explains about peeing in the ocean and it reminded me of evil. No, I’m not saying that pee is evil – it is a natural part of human life, and all other animal life for that matter, that can often feel quite enjoyable and relieving. What I mean is – evil is like a tiny amount of pee and God (good) is like the huge vast ocean.  Maybe Gandhi said it a little more eloquently than I:...more
ScientologyDad Well, I guess the title worked then.  :)  And yes - I believe that at the core ...more

Homemade Swiffer Mop/Clorox Wipe

Please read my homemade disclaimer.I’ve seen different versions of this idea around on Pinterest and the interwebz lately.  I made my own thing to try it out, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I initially used it to clean the floors....more

Litterati: Using Technology to Make a Social Impact on Our Environment

 Photo: Flickr, "Plastic Ocean" by Kevin Krejci  ...more

My Daily SkinCare Routine Taken Straight From The Cupboard

Once we made the decision to begin a frugal lifestyle it soon became apparent that my habit of spending loads of money at Sephora on facial treatments was over.  It was sad because I adored Sephora and Ulta, but then again it wasn’t that sad because most of the products worked for a short time and then didn’t seem to give me the same results over time.  Of course the ones that did work were now to expensive for me....more

Volkswagen Joins Global Green USA to Auction The First All-Electric E-Golf

Volkswagen of America, Inc. and Global Green USA are partnering in the auction of the first 2015 all-electric Volkswagen e-Golf....more

31 Days of Simple Self-Sufficiency


Why is There Still Whaling in 2014?

Whales are one of the world’s most majestic and mysterious creatures, but they have long been targeted by hunters and poachers. Fortunately, in recent years, the demand for whale meat and other by-products has plummeted. While the scientific community is just learning how social and intelligent these animals are, the international community is failing to unite to protect these crucial marine mammals. Despite the fact that we no longer need whale oil or bones, humans are still slaughtering whales....more

The Future of Education is in the Hands of Teachers Like This

This week I sat down with Seth Brady, one of the 12 Illinois Teacher of the Year finalists.  Disclaimer:  Yes, Seth is my son, the same son ...more

D.I.Y Natural Home Scents

It is Fall!!!!...more

Ecuador and Volunteer Tourism

Leaving Ecuador on the red-eye through Miami last Thursday to my home in Dallas, I have to admit I was quite tired.  My trip to Puerto Lopez, Ecuador in order to dive Isla de la Plata (the Poor Man's Galapagos) for the Marine Megafauna Foundation, to photograph Giant Manta Rays, was both challenging and inspiring at the same time.  There were inevitable low points...after all, we were in the developing world, and one always has to brace to see harsh reality....more