Juno On Giving Away Our Power

Last week, WomenBloom published an interesting article by Rebecca Hamm, a Master Sufi and therapist, about personal power. How we give it away, or not. Basically, Rebecca explained that when we put someone else’s needs, expectations, or demands in front of our own, in a way that ignores our higher good or our own ‘truth’, we are asking for trouble. ...more

Divorce In The Middle Ages

They call it a mid life crisis in men and menopause in women. There are huge differences. Mid-life, for a man, is comprised of an increased self awareness and the desire to feel young, at any cost. He suddenly is attracted to the mirror instead of his wife. He can be easily caught, staring at his reflection, holding in his stomach and smiling. A woman, on the other hand, avoids the mirror at all costs. The reason for the difference is simple. For a woman, mid-life is not a crisis, it's a disaster. As the man's mind focuses on how he can look young ...more

I got together with two friends this weekend and one was having a hot flash while we were ...more

Divorce: Trying to Keep the Children Out of It

My ex-husband is creating his own special version of deadbeat dad and husband. It's a version where the father buys a Coach pocketbook for one of his daughters, but doesn't buy food for them. It's a version where the father would prefer to prevent a child going to camp just to spite the mother. And it's a version where the father would prefer his health insurance coverage for his daughter's solely because that way he won't have to give the mother a check. ...more

The more stories I hear, I wonder if there is any normal divorce, and if there is any normal ...more

turning 50..scary or not

this is the first time blogging so bare with me. I am just sitting her thinking of my upcoming birthday..the big 50. I don't know how I am supposed to feel should I be sad because I haven't done anything with my life or happy because I have a really good life. ...more