What to Do If Your Debit Card Gets Stolen

Recently my daughter realized her bank debit card had been compromised. She checked her account, as she does almost daily, and saw several charges she hadn't made —the first two being for just $1.00....more
RenaMcDaniel Thanks for leaving a comment, Rena! Sorry that you had this problem as well.  Sort ...more

Guess What? The Waitress Carrying Your Food Has No Sick Time.

Many people are already familiar with the conundrum that many restaurant industry employees usually face when they become ill. Like other laborers who receive no benefits, they either work while sick or pay their rent late. The restaurant industry gets additional attention because those sick workers are breathing on the public's food. What many people do not understand is that the industry is set up to keep it this way, and changing this would require a massive overhaul of how the restaurant industry runs and makes money....more
Under Cover, did you ever waitress or bartend?  At least for an extensive period of time and ...more

Hiring a Handyman: How to Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Your patience and ingenuity with that funky self-assembly bookcase was, by all accounts, astonishing. People were talking about it for days afterward, and the bookcase in question is still standing....more

Why I Don't Mind Working for $5 an Hour

     Over the years I've worked a lot of crummy jobs.  I've worked a lot of low paying jobs, and jobs that paid alright but that worked me to the bone.  I've been under compensated, and I've done jobs that were above my pay grade because I would work for less than I was worth.  And I wasn't happy, but I can honestly say that I'm happy now.  I only make $5.00 an hour, and I am happier with that than ever before....more

Useful Tips for Parents Saving for College

The cost of earning a college education is on the rise. Besides tuition, students also have to pay for housing, food, textbooks, and entertainment. Check out this article for a few tips on how to start saving early for your kid’s college expenses....more

Envelope System

If you need help sticking to your budget the Envelope System works wonders. I first heard of the envelope sytem at my local church, then also after attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University....more

Traveling Abroad Tips

Happy throw back Thursday! In honor of looking back I am going back to that time I studied abroad in Australia my junior year (woaa throw back)! Also, sorry it's a bit of a lengthy post!...more

Save Money: All you have to do is ask!

When trying to save money or make your money go farther a great place to start is calling your current providers of cable, auto insurance, cell phone carriers, internet provider, etc. Especially if your contract is up for renewal or close to renewal it’s the perfect time to call around for other quotes.  If you are pleased with your current provider and do not want to change do not be afraid to mention other competitors prices or promotions, most companies will match or sometimes even do better.  As a long time loyal customer and someone who pays their...more

HOT! Target's New Holiday Deals

Here is a sneak peek @ Target's new holiday plan! Highlights: ...more

How I Cut My Grocery Budget In Half

I used to spend around $400 a month on groceries and another $200 a month on household products (toiletries, diapers, laundry detergent, etc.)  Since I began couponing I spend $300 a month on both groceries and household items together and some months I only spend $200 for our family of 5.  Four years ago a group of my friends at church started couponing and telling me how much money they were saving on groceries.  I was excited to get involved and give it a go.  I had used “a” coupon before but nothing like what I was about to do.  So I...more

I just realized that I spend 1k/year on what?!

 See this dog? He looks defeated. He is defeated. This is pretty much how I feel right now....more

You Can Budget

When thinking of living on a budget or putting a budget together many people dread the thought, the process and think of only restrictions. Budgeting brings you freedom to live intentionally, and accomplish things you desire to achieve.  Be that a family vacation you’ve been dreaming about, purchasing that piece of furniture you have been eyeing, living debt free and so much more. This post is to encourage you that you can budget and stick with it!  If you have never budgeted just get started!  Do you know what you spend...more

16 Tips to Thrifting

  Me + thrift store = love x savings. All of my friends know me well. When I call and say, "Hey, you want to go out tomorrow?” they know that equates to giddily perusing though several thrift stores, hitting yard sales, or picking up stuff from Freecycle. Some decline unless I include lunch; others are as game as me. ...more