How to Spot a Fake Designer Handbag

Summertime brings street fairs, flea markets and yard sales almost to your front door. Hitting the aforementioned events gives you a chance to spend time with friends and family while exercising. That’s what you tell everyone, but you know that you’re really looking for a deal....more

Some Female Grads Start Out Ahead But Still End Up Behind

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How Minimalism Is Going to Get Me What I Want Out of Life

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Marriage and Managing Your Finances

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Small Business Series: Writing a business plan

 If you have a great business idea that you are passionate about and want to be your own boss, you should take the leap and pursue it. No "what ifs" no "I can't", just take the step and do it....more

The devil that is debt - my first credit card

 Like many people, I've made quite a number of money mistakes and getting into debt as a young college student was one of them....more

Small Business Series: Got a business idea? Now what?

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Dealing with Debt - Part 2

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Dealing with Debt - Part 1

 As much as we all hate debt, a lot of us have to admit that we have debt or have had debt at one point in time. Credit cards, student loans, car notes, overdrafts and mortgages are usually the big items in our debt portfolios....more

Shift your circle of influence

I read an article on that touched on shifting your circle of influence and it has resonated with me ever since. Below is a snippet from the article:"There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did and who always will....more

To be or not to be Frugal

 People talk about this all the time - Being frugal. In a lot of cases, the consistent message seems to be  that the only way to really save money is to be completely frugal and enjoy life's "little" pleasures....more

Categorizing your finances