What to Do If Your Debit Card Gets Stolen

Recently my daughter realized her bank debit card had been compromised. She checked her account, as she does almost daily, and saw several charges she hadn't made —the first two being for just $1.00....more
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Guess What? The Waitress Carrying Your Food Has No Sick Time.

Many people are already familiar with the conundrum that many restaurant industry employees usually face when they become ill. Like other laborers who receive no benefits, they either work while sick or pay their rent late. The restaurant industry gets additional attention because those sick workers are breathing on the public's food. What many people do not understand is that the industry is set up to keep it this way, and changing this would require a massive overhaul of how the restaurant industry runs and makes money....more
Under Cover, did you ever waitress or bartend?  At least for an extensive period of time and ...more

Hiring a Handyman: How to Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Your patience and ingenuity with that funky self-assembly bookcase was, by all accounts, astonishing. People were talking about it for days afterward, and the bookcase in question is still standing....more

You Can Budget

When thinking of living on a budget or putting a budget together many people dread the thought, the process and think of only restrictions. Budgeting brings you freedom to live intentionally, and accomplish things you desire to achieve.  Be that a family vacation you’ve been dreaming about, purchasing that piece of furniture you have been eyeing, living debt free and so much more. This post is to encourage you that you can budget and stick with it!  If you have never budgeted just get started!  Do you know what you spend...more

16 Tips to Thrifting

  Me + thrift store = love x savings. All of my friends know me well. When I call and say, "Hey, you want to go out tomorrow?” they know that equates to giddily perusing though several thrift stores, hitting yard sales, or picking up stuff from Freecycle. Some decline unless I include lunch; others are as game as me. ...more

Toilet Paper and Financial Independence: A post about resources

So, ok. I get made fun of quite a bit. I would say that a great deal of it is justified. *But,* I believe it was Confucius who said that he who buys his toilet paper on Ebay gets the last laugh.Yes. I buy my toilet paper on Ebay, and as such, this is a post about resources.Let’s start with the relationship between toilet paper and financial independence, being as I kind of did already....more

I Don't Want No Freakin' Kids

Hi. This is a contentious topic. I know it is. So I'll just lay it on the table:...more

Invisible Money

So, I owe the idea for this post to a comment from a good friend. Having both viewed The Oatmeal’s validating comic Why Haven’t You Had Kids Yet?, we exchanged a few responses to the comic, and that was that. Or so I thought. That is, until her last response, which went something like: “if there was a way to show the gobs of $$$$ leaving that woman's bank account it would be even better.”Hmmmmmm….is there a way to show the gobs of $$$$ leaving that woman’s bank account?...more

Weekly Budget Check-In #2


Vacation Budget Tips

A few weeks ago I was on my friend Diana’s (www.PantryOverFlow.com) radio show.  It was so much fun!  You can visit her site and listen to her radio show daily.  She asked me to share some travel tips here is some of what I shared. My husband and I make an effort to go away every quarter, just the two of us.  Early in our marriage we came to know the need for this in our relationship.  Everyone enjoys getting away, my husband especially needs this quality time we spend together.  Quality ...more

On a Budget :: 5 Tips for Financial Success

I have a confession. I'm a spender. I'm one of those people that finds shopping therapeutic. On my days off, my favorite thing to do is to head to the nearest mall, craft store, Target (you know you're guilty!), etc., and "browse". Well, my browsing tends to turn into more...well, buying....more
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How to Pay off Crushing Student Debt on a Busy Schedule

The other day, one of my friends and I were having a discussion about finances. I don't know how the conversation started, but it seems like most of my discussions these days seem to circle around that single topic. I don't know whether it is because I am just so passionate about it, whether people see me as a resource to bounce ideas off of, or whether that is the state that many people in their 20s are in: student debt that really piles up due to parents not being able to afford to help send their children to college after the crash of the housing market....more

5 Reasons Why Moms Need to Know Their Credit Scores

Moms bear a heavy financial burden. Most moms are responsible for the finances of the entire household, which means that they need to figure out how to manage the household income well enough to provide for everyone in the family. This is a big responsibility that can make any mom panic. This pressure is even one of the most common stressors that moms experience and can effect a lot of the decisions that they family makes. These issues are very unfortunate, but moms still need to carry the burden of the household finances no matter what....more