How to Redecorate While Using Existing Furniture

Alternative titles for this post were, "How To Do A Tim Gunn With Your Furniture" and "So You're Tired Of That Room But The Furniture Has To Stay." ...more

How I Feed My Family of 6 on $300 a Month

It’s can be hard to live on one income for any family size, but it’s especially hard for a family of six like mine. There are a lot of things we have to sacrifice to make it work. Nothing major though, and we’re happy without those things like cable TV and week-long vacations at the beach every year. We make do. ...more
RebeccaBryant It can be hard, but honestly I love budgeting and getting so much for so little! ...more

If You Feel Envious, Remember This First

Envy is an ugly word. No one ever wants to admit they feel it. But sometimes it is irresistible, even if we don't talk about it to others....more
Oh Gosh I envy so much, people, things, you name it and I want it. Some of the things I realize ...more

How to Redecorate While Using Existing Furniture

Alternative titles for this post were, "How To Do A Tim Gunn With Your Furniture" and "So You're Tired Of That Room But The Furniture Has To Stay." ...more

Take Full Ownership Of Your Life And Watch Your Future Change Overnight

   Today I want to talk to you about a problem that affects a lot of people and that’s the lack of being self-reliant and taking ownership of your life....more

#texasstrong Fundraiser for Hays County Flood Relief

Update as of 6-3-15 at 9:30 am:  We raised over $10,000 in just the first 24 hours of this fundraiser and have now raised over $55,000 (and counting) since Saturday for Texas Hill Country flood victims!...more
Denise Thank you!  We're up to $55K raised now!!! And an interview with People Magazine today!more

The homeowner hustle

So about three years ago, Jon(my husband) and I decided to take the next responsible step in life and buy a house! Yay! Go us!!! I never realized all the excitement and happiness that came along with just looking at houses to potentially buy! When we finally found our perfect house that is when I got the huge reality check. I have to put out how much for a down payment and closing costs????  Let's rewind for a second here. When Jon and I made the decision to buy a house I knew this was a huge well let's face it probably the biggest purchase of our lives!!...more
I think that buying a house is a big step, and while your tips are good they won't work for ...more

Win $20K in Funding Your Brilliant Idea from Clinique & TED

Have the next smart idea? You could win big from Clinique and TED. -PJ Gach...more

Who Has Time for Coupons?

I love coupon shows.I love the organization of it all.  I love seeing these women put their hoards of boxed cereal and tins of vegetables on display.  I love watching the cash register number count down and down and down, until you are literally witnessing a woman buying $600 worth of food for $1.32. But, I just can't seem to get it together enough to do it.  Is it me or does it seem like a full-time job?...more
I am with you!  I started watching Extreme Couponing on TLC and I was super motivated to start ...more

Freebie Thursday!

New Freebies for 5/28/2015 ...more

Looking for reviews? Here are some tips

So, you have a new book or product and you want to promote it fast.Here are some hints for finding reviewers who are willing to review your item for you.I am going to start with some basic etiquette rules to follow for finding and keeping those reviewers.  1) No generic email subjects!Do not write "hi" or "how's it going" or any other generic nonsense in the subject line!People are busy and when they check email, they glance first at the sender, then at the subject line. Generic subject lines often end up in the trash unread....more

Amazon Fire TV: What's Right For You?

Should you invest in Amazon Fire TV? If that's the question you've been asking, this article seeks to provide the answer....more

11 Ways Men and Women See Money Differently

Growing up, were you told that men know more about money than women? According to one financial guru, men and women see money totally differently because of how they were raised. These opposing perspectives are the root o many money fights in relationships. For instance, she says, women are more likely to see money in terms of relationships, and men use money to keep score. Women are less likely to advocate for themselves if they're in financial difficulties. ...more
I think your list is spot on. I wish I had been taught better habits about money. My husband ...more