Lessons From My Year-Long Shopping Ban

I faced the dresses, skirts, and shirts hanging in my closet and did not feel fresh.I don't want to wear that dress - again!...more

Transform Your Kitchen With an $800 Budget

Life is expensive. Making your space better doesn't have to be. ...more
Bravo! Very well done. I love what you did with the range hood - such an easy fix for not a lot ...more

The Gifts You Should Be Giving This Graduation Season

Listen. I know everyone under their mother is going to want to run to the nearest Hallmark store and grab a Precious Moments ceramic doll with a copy of Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss this graduation season, but I'm here to scream a resounding, "NO!" ...more
Slapdash Diaries Exactly and RIGHT!? About those slip-ons? Seriously cute.more

Why I Hate Shoe Shopping

I don't know about you, but trying on shoes at the store seems almost as bad as going to the dentist. Okay, so maybe getting a cavity filled is slightly worse than being surrounded by boxes of new shoes, but it is still something that I dread. Contrary to the popular societal belief that all women love shoe shopping, it just isn't true in my case....more

Prepare for Your 4th of July

It’s that time of year again.The July 4th holiday weekend.  Break out the BBQ, mosquito spray, and sunscreen, because this is the year you’re going to finally get it all together and throw a holiday get together never to be forgotten.Um..but, how exactly do you do that?Well, it starts with the food right?  Let’s move beyond the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs and think of the America of the past—like an America that would use an adorable red and white retro popcorn maker.Guys, there's a crank on it.  ...more

And They're Off: Purchasing Your Baby's First Shoes

Buying shoes for your new baby doesn't have to be expensive if you know where to look. There are a few things to consider: ...more

Creating a Gender Neutral Nursery on a Budget

Perhaps you are waiting to find out the gender, or maybe you are not crazy about an overdose of girly pink or boyish blue. Either way, a gender neutral nursery is a popular option for many modern parents. The options for nursery gear are endless and can be overwhelming to any parent. The price tags that go along with these items can quickly cause sticker shock. Creating a beautiful gender neutral baby nursery doesn’t have to drain your bank account if you shop smart online and use coupon codes! ...more

Easy Accessibility of Funds from Quick Online Personal Loans

The personal loan is a very popular loan among borrowers, mainly because such a loan fulfills all sorts of economic wants. The flexibility of a personal loan means borrowers can use financing obtained from one for numerous reasons, including home repairs, purchase of a home or automobile, as well as going on vacation. ...more

Get Paid to Shop Online

UPDATE: I'm now up to $744.69 in payments from Ebates.Ebates - Get Paid to Shop OnlineIt sounds like a gimmick doesn't it? "Get Paid to Shop Online" is too easy, so it must be a scam or a "bait and switch" lure to get your attention and then WHAM hit you with the fine print. Click here to sign up in 15 seconds. ...more

Lessons From My Year-Long Shopping Ban

I faced the dresses, skirts, and shirts hanging in my closet and did not feel fresh.I don't want to wear that dress - again!...more

Saving Money on Groceries and in the Kitchen

Becoming financially independent and free starts with good saving habits. Saving money on groceries and in the kitchen includes practical tips and advice how you can increase your savings while still living a good life....more

What Is Financial Planning and How to Get Started with It?

Most likely you have heard about financial planning. Quite often it may sound scary and very complicated. But what is financial planning and why should you care? Is this only for financial professionals or should you know about it as well?The good news is that it's not that complicated as it sounds. ...more