Last Summer Staycation

It's sad, summer is almost over ; ( But Fall is pretty awesome as it brings Halloween, crisp air and lots of pretty colors.But we can still have one last summer blowout this Labor Day weekend! For many who have already started school or are on a budget, getting way out of town might not be an option so I've compiled some fun ways to have fun this last summer weekend in your own hometown!Soak up the fun and sun before it's gone for another year!...more

The Special Sauce

Our goal at The Brickell Media Group, LLC is to shed some light on the science behind how to connect with the right buyers at the right times more often. We’ve nicknamed it our “Special Sauce” that best describes what we do differently here at BMG. In additional to a multitude of other elements, using the element of science and proven human behavior to your advantage can be the singular choice that defines if you connect and close or just leave another voice message. ...more

Scratch Wireless Cell Phones Win for Best Value: Free is Good

It's the time of year when parents stress about back-to-school expenses. Soon-to-be first-year college students begin bargaining for extras, while junior and senior high school students plead for their first cell phone. If you're trying to find a cell phone solution that will please everyone in the family, it's time to meet the newest and best contender: Scratch Wireless....more
The problem with scratch wireless is the cell phone.  The Motorola Photon Q is old, outdated and ...more

Year-round Christmas Shopping

So, we recently got through the Christmas in July sales, and I believe I even saw some summer “Black Friday” marketing attempts by a retailer that rhymes with Farget.  Is this crazy?  Yes…and no.  Although I am not alone in being someone who shops for Christmas gifts all year long, I know that folks who join me in this madness are few and far between.  Most of the time, I get comments like “You’re crazy” when I tell people about my early Christmas shopping habit.  However, if you’ve read my blog about grocery shopping and dinner lists, you can probably understand a ...more

8 Tips for Drawing Up a Will

It's not something we like to think about, parents or otherwise, but it is a serious and imperative document to establish once you have kids. The #1 reason people put off making a will is the cost associated with it. I'm happy to tell you that you can make a legal and binding will without forking out the cash to hire a lawyer*. ...more
As a parent AND an estate planning attorney, I think it's really terrible advice (especially to ...more

Underwriters Get Personal

I’ve never been clear what an underwriter does.  But now I am. They analyze your expenses and income to determine if you are a risk to the lender.  I am buying a house and deep in the process....more

The Time I Blew a Crazy Amount of Cash on Discontinued Lipstick

We've all been there: Faithful to a particular cosmetic item; loyal as can be. We've grown to depend on it day in and day out, and it has come through for us—pun intended—with flying colors. Then, one day...Poof! In comes word that said item has been discontinued....more
As much as my pockets can bear, Denise. Sigh. But, alas, you already know...lolmore

A man called Murphy

  What would happen if I lost my job? Oregon is an at will state, which means I could be fired at any time, for any reason. My employer is private, & not subject to any unions. There were three previous temps in my position, though I've outlasted  & outperformed each of them. My last performance review was a bit rocky in some areas, but things have smoothed out lately....more

How to Launch an Offering

I recognize that this post may tick some people off. And... I'm going to write it anyway....more