5 Simple Ways How To Reduce Monthly Expenses

Are you looking for ways how to reduce monthly expenses?One of the biggest challenges in personal finance is finding different ways how to reduce the monthly bills. Running a household is quite an expensive affair, but there are many things that you can do to minimize the cost. There are some expenses like car payments and mortgages that are static, so you can’t really change them. However, it is still quite a shock when your bank statement arrives and you find yourself staring in despair at that long list of monthly bills and direct debits going out of your account....more

5 Tips to Help you Afford to Travel This Year

When I start talking about the various trips we have taken, I often get looks of wonderment coupled with questions about how we can afford to travel so much. A lot of our friends look at us and say "I wish we could travel as much as you do" (in my head, I am thinking..."man, I wish we could travel more!")....more

How to Start an Emergency Fund While Already Living on a Budget?

Based on the recent OECD study, there are 21 countries where the full 40-hour work week still keeps families in poverty....more

If You Feel Envious, Remember This First

Envy is an ugly word. No one ever wants to admit they feel it. But sometimes it is irresistible, even if we don't talk about it to others....more

10 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Fill Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are everywhere. This is no surprise since they are an easy way to fill up a blank wall and you can find inexpensive frames at your local home or grocery store. ...more
abrown9929 I'm so glad you enjoyed them! Sometimes they can be so hard to fill:)more

How to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top (for Cheap!)

So I have a secret to share: I've been working on my muffin top since December....more
Hi there, nice to meet others who are on a weight loss journey as well. I enjoyed your post ...more

Purchases to Make in May

Did you know there are better times to purchase specific items than others?  That is right, there are specific months when retailers are trying to off load specific products or when a launch of a new product is about to appear, retailers often try to move older models by slashing prices.  It does take a little research and shopping around but many times the savings are well worth it.  I love to budget and plan out our money but my husband is actually quite the researcher and savings guru in our household.  Many people, friends and family know if you want to find a good...more

Should Married Couples Have Separate Bank Accounts?

There’s really no ideal way for couples to merge their finances together once they’ve said their “I do"s (or even before the vows have been said), however to avoid future financial communication issues it’s important to have the conversation about how you two plan to handle the household finances going forward....more
I've always thought that married couples should share everything, but situations change and ...more

Lessons Learned From A Year of Not Spending

"We should do this," I said to him. I was reading an article about a woman who'd gone a whole year without spending money. I mean, she ate and she had a home, but any extraneous spending went out the window. No gifts, trips, new clothes, anything. ...more
For many people, your year of no spending is a way of life. There is no money for frills. I must ...more

A Bunch of Crap the Class of 2015 Should Ignore

Dear young(er) people,I've always wanted to write a commencement speech, but that usually requires being invited to a commencement at which to speak....more