10 Football Themed Party Ideas for the Superbowl

Those of you who know me wouldn't be surprised by how much I love parties AND Pinterest. Put those two together this time of year, and you'll understand my excitement when it comes to the Superbowl. Lately I've been a Pinterest fiend, searching for ...more

How to Make Knot-Bow Headbands for Babies & Toddlers: An Easy DIY Tutorial with Patterns

Are you ready for the perfect gift for a baby or toddler? Check out these too cute knotted-bow headbands. I'm totally gushing over these because as you can see, they are ridiculously cute!!! And because I think that every little girl should wear one, ...more

How to Make Stunning DIY Marbled Bowls

Hello everyone! And happy Friday!Today I have a special DIY project for you. Stunning marbled bowls, that you can use for anything you want (except food). These would be perfect as a gift; I think I'm gonna give some to my grandma. I know ...more

Creating a Vision Board to Crush Those Goals

I came across a quote from Jimi Hendrix that read, “In order to change the world, you have to get your mind together first”. Considering his life history, I thought it was kind of amusing; but it did get me thinking about mindset and goals. I firmly ...more

New Year, New Storage Ideas to Get Your House in Order

Storage!  Who doesn’t need storage?There are some really cool ideas for storage we can all implement into our own homes for 2016. On Facebook this morning these first 5 ideas where just hanging out waiting to be noticed. Just look what one ...more

Valentine's Day Craft: Paper Fortune Cookies

With just a few supplies, you can make these adorable fortune cookies just in time for Valentine’s Day! They're pretty easy to make and can also be used for a Chinese New Year celebration, wedding or baby shower favors.Paper Fortune CookiesSupplies you will need:...more

How to Make a Valentine's Day Pom-Pom Wreath

Valentine’s day is not my favorite holiday but it’s pretty high on the list. Really, what girl doesn’t like a day of love, chocolate and gifts? I love to decorate for the holidays and this tutorial is a fun idea and it’s not your typical wreath. It’s fluffy! Lets get started! ...more
This is so cute! And such a smart way to make lots of pom poms at once!more

How to Make a DIY Wedding Date Chalkboard

If you have been following my blog, you know that 2015 was the “Year of the Wedding” in our family. Our daughter got married in August; and since we are a DIY kind of family, lots of the decor was created by yours truly – with assistance from our multi-talented family and friends. ...more

How I Found My Vintage Mantel

Ever since I was of house buying age I’ve dreamed of a beautiful fireplace and mantel. In my childhood home we had a gorgeous stone fireplace (not the thin stone veneer … but the real thing) that stretched up to the tip of our cathedral ceiling. I think it was at least 12 feet tall ....more

Quilt Your Stash Week 6

Hello! It's Tuesday, and that means it's time for Quilt Your Stash Week 6. As I mentioned yesterday, I was away at a quilt retreat last week, and so I wasn't able to work on my latest strip pieced scrap quilt ....more

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

DETAILS | shaving set / water bottle / slippers / beer making kit / chocolates...more

Disney’s Tsum Tsum Inspired Birthday Party

Take some plush toys and combine them...more

{Video} How to Clean a Farmhouse Sink FAST!

If you have a farmhouse sink in your kitchen, you probably know how fast it...more

What Can my Chickens' Comb Color Tell Me?

A healthy chicken will normally have a bright, rosy red comb. The comb is an external indicator of chicken health, overall condition and most importantly her circulation. By keeping an eye on your flock's combs, you can often be alerted to internal issues going on ....more

Letter M - Industrial Wall Decor

Hey there!One thing you cannot ignore when entering this room is the BIG letter M.That big chunk of wall was calling for something big. At first, I wanted to hang or paint a chalkboard, but then, the thought of getting lots of dust on the dark floors kept me away from it.So, the letter M won this battle. I'm glad my son's…Continue Reading ...more

Easy Flower and Heart Headbands

My girls are so excited for Valentine's Day!! To them, it's a fun holiday full of red, purple, and pink hearts and and excuse to dress up a little. And since each of my girls loves a special hair accessory, I thought that they would enjoy an early Valentine's Day gift from me: Valentine-themed...more

Essential Oils 101 On Line Basics Class

So it is no secret that I am IN LOVE with our Young Living Essential Oils! We have been faithful Young Living users for almost two years and our lives are better in tons of ways. We are healthy and feeling happier and more fulfilled than ever before ....more

The Heaping of Coals

We drove home that night in silence. Not an uncomfortable, awkward silence but rather the kind that you have when there are sleepy kids in the back of the car and you are all looking forward to climbing into your nice, warm beds. ...more