How Can We Do Better By Our Autistic Girls?

Autism is different for girls, and not only because fewer girls than boys get autism diagnoses. Autistic women and girls not only tend to have different traits than autistic boys do, but are also socialized differently -- leading to many of those ...more

If You See My Teen Doing Any of These Things -- Tell Me!

These days of parenting are different, aren't they? We're on a hair-raising new frontier of child-raising that grows more technologically complicated and confounding with every new iteration of "iDevice," social media platform, and social sharing ...more

8 Ways For Parents to Survive Youth Sports

I fondly remember vacations from youth sports, that precious week or two between the end of one season and the beginning of another. I power-walked at the local field without suffering a concussion from random fly balls. I shopped for groceries ...more

Fitess Expert Jenna Wolfe's Smart Tips to Get Lean in 2016

Small steps can add up to big changes and an overall healthier life. That's what fitness expert Jenna Wolfe will tell anyone who will listen. And with her new book, Thinner In 30, the busy mom of two is putting some walk behind her talk.  ...more

Every Child Is Our Child (RIP Noah Chamberlin)

Most of my writing is typically devoted to the portrayal of the humorous side of parental life; this isn't one of those times. This choice of topic is a departure for me, because it feels unbearably heavy, and I know that for some, it'll feel too ...more

What I've Learned From My Brother's Suicide

Being the oldest child gave me a few privileges growing up. One that I remember clearly was being able to stay up later than my brother. It was probably only 15 to 20 minutes later, but being eight or nine years old at the time, it seemed like I was up until midnight! ...more
I lost my brother the same way and I can't say the words yet. I hope we can be of help to each ...more

Learning How to Say No

I think one of the hardest parts of life is saying no. If you are a parent, you might be constantly saying no to your children. It starts to get easier. However, when it comes to helping and volunteering for things, I have a very hard time saying no to people and commitments. Perhaps it's the mother in me. Moms are very giving people who are willing to sacrifice their own time and energy for others. ...more

Surviving the Tattle Battle: A Quick Guide For Parents

Whether in the classroom or at home, tattling can drive adults crazy! We all want children to have the ability to solve problems on their own. However, what we often forget is the complexity of the social/emotional skills involved in problem solving. ...more

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I was given a flashback photo from one year ago today. We were in College Station for a soccer tournament, and Jay wasn't playing yet. However, she was her sister's number one fan!...more

weekend (unplugged)

Swim: cancelled due to "cold" (It was 55. ...more

Happy Pretty Picks – Week 3

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you had a great week! It was a long week at our house with an upset tummy and a cough but that’s the only real complaint we had so we should consider ourselves lucky because it could be much worse ....more

Bailey’s 25mm Wand Curls

For a long time, people could not tell me and my twin sister, Brooklyn, apart, so I decided to cut my hair and donate it to charity. Ever...more

Dear Leo, I’m Inviting You to Take Me to the Oscars

Hey, Leo! I can call you Leo, right? First of all, I feel like I need to apologize ....more

Motivation Monday Week #179

Welcome to this week at Motivation Monday where all our friends share delicious recipes, DIY projects, and plenty of ideas for family fun....more

One Month Shy

My Dearest Alice, Eleven months. As I type this you are lying on the floor next to me eating your bottle. Ok, you are playing with it and waving at me and kicking your feet and making all sorts of chatting noises ....more

Fox Valentine Box

The Room Mom for Vaughn's class is a sweet southern lady and when she asked me if I minded doing some "heads/tails" for the class party, I thought that was southern slang for odds and ends. I was wrong....more