9 Ways to Celebrate Leap Day

I'm always on a hunt for more time to spend with family, do the laundry, read a great book, sleep, and many of my friends feel the same way. Just last week I had a conversation with a friend about how we'd like 30-hour days -- with everyone else ...more

Should Childcare Providers Be the Experts in Everything?

With more and more states requiring childcare providers to fill roles they were never trained to fill, providers are struggling to provide a well-rounded set of child development services. As providers most of us never went to college for a degree in ...more

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Young Mom

Motherhood came to me a lot earlier than I ever thought it would. I became a mom two months after my 19th birthday. I don't usually like to volunteer that information. I like for people to assume that I'm pushing 30 when I go somewhere with my three ...more

Pregnancy After the Heartbreak of Miscarriage

For 16 long months I waited to get pregnant. I took my temperature every morning. I took all the ovulation tests. I tracked my symptoms. I took pregnancies tests. I got my hopes up. And for 16 long months I was disappointed. My heart was broken. Of ...more

How Can We Do Better By Our Autistic Girls?

Autism is different for girls, and not only because fewer girls than boys get autism diagnoses. Autistic women and girls not only tend to have different traits than autistic boys do, but are also socialized differently -- leading to many of those ...more

The Bra's Lament

I'm certain we didn’t start out like this. You were so excited. You liked my tiny rose in the middle, a minor decoration, but detail enough. A little embellishment to hide under your clothes. You liked that I was simple and comfortable. I liked your curves and of course, your taste. You took me home and unwrapped me from the fine tissue paper. Caressed me. We studied in the mirror together how we complemented each other. ...more
Great writing!more

My Kids Keep Asking For a Pet (Spoiler Alert: Nope.)

I have two boys, they are 9 and 11, and they have finally put their foot with insisting their need for a pet. They’ve begged, they’ve pleaded, they’ve promised me the moon and the stars if only I will get them a pet. The thing is, I have a strong dislike of animals. ...more
This is hilarious and the wisest approach yet to that whole pet discussion. I have 3 boys and ...more

5 Things I Wish I Could Do When My Toddler Starts Screaming

Impulse control. Four-year-olds don’t have a lot of it. Thankfully, 40-year-olds do (or at least we should). ...more
Thanks for sharing your experience and insights Mandy. My babies are still young to do that kind ...more

7 Ways Toddlers Insist On Being Assholes

Here’s the thing about kids: they are assholes.They don’t care about you. As long as you are meeting their ransom demands, the rest of your life is irrelevant. ...more

When The Parenting Labels Suck You In

I had never...more

Peaches and Eggs

Life is great! Really, it is! I have so much to tell you that will make you smile! ...more

Sensory Play for Babies and Toddlers: A Safe, Edible Paper Alternative

(Here’s a quick post with a quick baby tip. I still have a zillion other posts and updates I want to write, but this one was quick so it got priority. Talk to you soon! ...more

She's Here!

On my due date, Monday, February 1st, I had a prenatal appointment in the morning. She swept my membranes and told me I was dilated to a one and 75% effaced. I went to the chiropractor and acupuncture that afternoon ....more

Snowy Day Tissue Paper Art

I know I should be sharing spring crafts, but we just received our first measurable snowfall! It finally feels like winter!...more

5 Great Movies For Your Hopeless Inner Romantic

I love movies. But I especially love mushy, sappy, occasionally corny, funny, quirky, sexy, steamy love stories. Any or all of those elements are fine ....more

10 on 10 : February 2016

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!...more

Fitness Awakens: Lightsaber Training with New York Jedi

We’re well into February, and as I’m sure is the case with many, my fitness resolutions aren’t going as well as I had planned. I have every intention of going to the gym and sweating my proverbial (and literal) butt off, but it’s so boring. There are only so many times I can kick box […] The post Fitness Awakens: Lightsaber Training with New York Jedi appeared first on The Fairytale Traveler ....more

37 Year Old Grammy

  Over the last couple years my life has changed drastically. My daughter, who I call "The Child," left the nest. I got married for the first time. I became an aunt—twice. I had a major unplanned surgery which was hard emotionally and physically. Bought a house. Sold a house. Changed jobs. Had other health issues. Started a business.And most recently, 6 weeks ago, my grandson arrived. I am a grandmother. I repeat. I’m a 37-year-old GRANDMOTHER....more