Stay Stylishly Warm With These 5 Must-have Winter Accessories

Oh my goodness, were any of you hit by this recent snowstorm? We had three feet of snow dumped on us, and not only was there a ton of snow… it was really cold!Being stuck in the house for days means that all those winter sales were calling my name, ...more

7 Essential Tips for a Flawless Manicure

Last week I was almost locked inside my apartment due to a bad headache that lasted the entire week, but it's finally gone!On my blog, I usually do a Monday Manicure post, but today I thought I'd try something a little different. Instead of a ...more

10 Tips on How to Achieve Healthy Winter Skin

Follow these simple skincare tips for a beautiful and glowing complexion this winter season.  ...more

5 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Natural Hair & Luscious Locks

We're wrapping up our 3-day mini series on natural hair as provided by Curls Understood. I hope you learned a little something about showing your tresses some much needed TLC. If you're new to the natural hair process, these are the perfect ...more

How to Criticize an Outfit...Without Losing a Friend

As women we are often far kinder to our friends than we are to ourselves. We can spend hours criticizing our never-ending list of “flaws.” My hair is frizzy, my nose is crooked, my thighs look huge. We could go on all day, but when it comes to ...more

11 Clever Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer

Lustrous and long hair is a dream for many woman worldwide. You put a lot of effort into your haircare routine in order to boost length and give it the luster and volume you desire. Yet, the improvement you see is not enough to satisfy you. There's no denying that growing out your hair can definitely test your patience. It seems as if you have to wait for years before you actually notice a difference....more

Barbie Just Got A Lot More Bootylicious

News flash: Barbie’s got some junk in her trunk! After nearly 57 years, Barbie is finally packing on some healthy pounds and she's not rushing to sign up with Jenny Craig to shed them! In fact, she's quite okay with it, and so are we....more
Darn Barbie.....LOL! Interesting article. This millennium has brought forth numerous change that ...more

Mom Jeans Are Back in Style... And My Crotch is Scared

Mom jeans are back, because obviously someone forgot how ugly these things were the first time around.The 80's are back and I'm not happy. Just when I'd finally made peace with lowrise jeans (OK, so 20 years after they debuted, but who's counting?) it seems that the fashion Gods have decided that mom jeans are once again stylish....more
Oh this is priceless ! Thank you for the levity and the memories and the perspective. We must be ...more

Good HUES-Day Linkup: Valentine's Day Gifts + Nordstrom Giveaway

1. Kate Spade New York Stud Earrings | 2. Dogeared 'Chain Heart' Necklace | 3 ....more

6 Summer Makeup Tips

Is the summertime heat making you look like a sad clown by the end of the day? Don’t worry. Runny makeup will be a thing of the past as soon as you embrace these six summer makeup tips. 1 ....more

Style Steal // Distressed Denim

Helllllo ladies! Today i'm teaming up with YMI Jeans to bring you a MAJOR STEAL with this killer pair of denim! If you've been on the hunt for some distressed skinnies look no further! ...more

ELF Satin Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

The new ELF Cosmetics Satin Lipsticks ($5), formulated with Vitamin E and Shea Butter* for moisture and comfort, are designed to be a "touch of" color with a creamy satin finish. These feel similar to the original formulation of the Moisture Lipsticks that ELF launched in 2013 (they later changed the formula and packaging to the black tubes they now offer, a downgrade in my honest opinion), the main difference is the pigmentation - the Moisture Lipsticks are very rich in color, while these Satin Lipsticks are sheer to buildable. With all that said, I LOVE the formula of the Satin Lipsticks, the creamy smooth feel when applying, the cushiony comforting wear, and the buildable color that can wear up to 4 hours before another touch up is needed ....more

Just Call Me Sweetheart – Valentine’s Day Look Featuring Too Faced Bon Bons Palette

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with soft pinks and sweet kisses and as a tradition, each year I have created a Valentine’s Day look using the Too... The post Just Call Me Sweetheart – Valentine’s Day Look Featuring Too Faced Bon Bons Palette appeared first on Honeygirl's World ....more

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Collection

Press SampleThe new Lovatics by Demi Collection by NYC New York Color has some great products for eyes, cheeks, brows, and lashes. All of the products are reasonably priced and work really well. Demi.. ....more

$200 Target Gift Card Giveaway

New month, new Target gift card giveaway again! How was the first month of your 2016? Mine was great! ...more

Today Kiehl's Is Unveiling The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don't Age Good in NYC

The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good (DZCFPWDAG), a state-of-the-art, anti-aging center in New York City opens today at 4 pm.  Step right in! -PJ Gach...more

Have You Seen The Walmart Exclusive Wet n Wild Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palettes?

I Bought It Affiliate Links While perusing the makeup aisles of Walmart last week to hunt down a new range of lipsticks, I happened upon something else entirely fabulous – the brand new 10-pan Wet n Wild Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palettes in Nude Awakening and Bare Essentials. These two gorgeous palettes are Walmart exclusives AND under $6 each, so of course I snapped them up. While I don’t own either the Urban Decay Naked or Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palettes, these two from Wet n Wild look similar from what I have seen online and in stores ....more

Can't Live Without

We all have our favorite products or items that we can't seem to live without, those products that no matter what we try - we keep coming back to.I'm rounding out a few things that I use on the daily and don't see myself stopping any time | Converse Shoreline Sneakers - I wear these sneakers constantly!...more