Stay Stylishly Warm With These 5 Must-have Winter Accessories

Oh my goodness, were any of you hit by this recent snowstorm? We had three feet of snow dumped on us, and not only was there a ton of snow… it was really cold!Being stuck in the house for days means that all those winter sales were calling my name, ...more

7 Essential Tips for a Flawless Manicure

Last week I was almost locked inside my apartment due to a bad headache that lasted the entire week, but it's finally gone!On my blog, I usually do a Monday Manicure post, but today I thought I'd try something a little different. Instead of a ...more

10 Tips on How to Achieve Healthy Winter Skin

Follow these simple skincare tips for a beautiful and glowing complexion this winter season.  ...more

5 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Natural Hair & Luscious Locks

We're wrapping up our 3-day mini series on natural hair as provided by Curls Understood. I hope you learned a little something about showing your tresses some much needed TLC. If you're new to the natural hair process, these are the perfect ...more

How to Criticize an Outfit...Without Losing a Friend

As women we are often far kinder to our friends than we are to ourselves. We can spend hours criticizing our never-ending list of “flaws.” My hair is frizzy, my nose is crooked, my thighs look huge. We could go on all day, but when it comes to ...more

Sista, I Love You But I Hate Your Fake Hair

You may see it as a contradiction. I was even told off on Facebook by a fellow black “Sista” who was annoyed that I had made generalizations about Remy and other fake hair that is woven or glued onto the heads of so many of my girlfriends. She got mad, and I basically told her that just because I don’t like her hair, doesn’t mean I love her any less....more
FeministaJones Speak your truth. I can take it, my back is broad.more

Easily Create Your Own White & Pink Manicure

Hi, everyone! I hope you've all had a great evening with all of your loved ones. I spent my evening with my boyfriend and his parents. It was very chill, but it was really nice to have a relaxing night for a change. ...more
White and pink - great combination .. looks very cute :)more

11 Clever Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer

Lustrous and long hair is a dream for many woman worldwide. You put a lot of effort into your haircare routine in order to boost length and give it the luster and volume you desire. Yet, the improvement you see is not enough to satisfy you. There's no denying that growing out your hair can definitely test your patience. It seems as if you have to wait for years before you actually notice a difference....more

NOTD 2-3-16 CoverGirl Speed of Light (Star Wars LE)

It took forever to find the third Star Wars edition CoverGirl nail polish in Speed of Light. I previously swatched and reviewed the other two Star Wars shades here, so when I finally got my nails on Speed of Light, I took the time to do a full manicure. The CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polishes are my favorite drugstore line, they apply beautifully, even and wear for a week with a good base and top coat.Speed of Light is a grey-beige creme, opaque in two easy coats ....more

Anese Hydrating Elixir Spray | Review

[pr sample] Anese is brand spankin' new! They just launched this January with five fragrances of their...more

Weekend Deals and Steals

Alright lovelies, it's time for this weeks round up of Weekend Deals and Steals! Nordstrom is having their Winter Clearance SALE and there are some MAJOR markdowns going down! Here are my current favorites.. ....more

Diamond Nails with Model City Polish

Good afternoon everyone! ...more

Beauty review: primer products – eyes, lips, face, and Ultimate Ozone

I love makeup – so why am I nonplussed by the entire “primers” category?Is it just me, or is the word “primer” a bit off-putting when it comes to cosmetics?  The concept is clear – just like with wall paint, makeup primers prepare the surface and make stuff stick.  With walls, I love that concept, but for makeup, it somehow doesn’t connect with me....more

7 Lipsticks for women who hate lipsticks (prepare to fall in love!)

Today, I met a friend who hasn’t bought a lipstick in 6 years. 6 years! As someone who probably buys 6 lipsticks a WEEK, this was almost impossible for me to comprehend ....more

The Search for The Perfect Pinky Brown Cream Lipstick Is Over! Meet ColourPop Aquarius

I Bought It ColourPop Aquarius is the pinky brown cream lipstick of my dreams. But, I have to say I was slightly disappointed when I first received this little piece of luxury lip color. Disappointed? ...more

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Reads!

Need a new scent this Winter? Enter Pammy Blogs Beauty‘s Giveaway for Beyonce’s NEW Heat Kissed Fragrance! Beauty Info Zone is all for skincare that makes us look and feel younger ....more

THAT Red Dress

This dress. I am in LOVE with this dress. I saw it last fall when my Mom and I were out shopping and my first thought was, “I wish we were doing something for New Years Eve so that I could buy this and wear it.” Well, about a month later, we decided to go see our friends in Detroit for NYE and I immediately went to Macy’s to see if they still had the dress ....more

5 Smart Ways To Get More Done In Less Time

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Do you struggle to do everything you need, and want, to? It was easier to get stuff done in Senigallia, where going anywhere never took more than 15 minutes, and there was always family around to help...more