Homemade Chicken Wild Rice Soup

 Shout it, scout it, read all about it, “COLD WEATHER HAS STRUCK THE MIDWEST and EAST COAST” causing cold bodies, runny noses, and frost bite! The remedy?This Homemade Crockpot Wild Rice Soup recipe!! It is absolutely delicious and ...more

So I'm a Vegan. How Do I Explain This to a Teenager?

My teenaged niece has expressed interest in learning about the vegan lifestyle. As honored as I feel, I’m not sure I even knew that being a vegan is a lifestyle. Image via Shutterstock ...more

Gluten-free Pierogi with Potatoes & Cheese

Any tradition I was exposed to growing up was related to Polish culture. My dad's parents were from Poland, so growing up around Polish food and customs was of course a heavy part of my dad's upbringing. My dad shared a slice of his upbringing during ...more

10 Healthy Snacks for Lazy People Who Want to Eat Healthy

This post was inspired by my good friend, Melissa, who recently reached out to me needing some "EASY, HEALTHY snack ideas for LAZY people."In a perfect world we'd all have time to spend hours playing Top Chef in our kitchens, whipping up gourmet ...more

Bacon Roses: Your Step-by-Step Guide

I really wanted to name this post something more fun like...Because Nothing Says I love You More Than Bacon... or Because Men Don’t Give a Sh*t About Flowers, Cookies or Chocolate.....more

Apple Rose Pastry Puffs

Apple Rose Puffs are such fun to make. Impress your guests by using puff pastry to create an easy and elegant dessert perfect for any occasion. Apple Rose PuffsINGREDIENTS:...more

The Gluten-Free Pie That Will Make Any Man Propose

This pie recipe will always be near and dear to my heart. You may have seen it floating around the internet under the name Shoney’s Strawberry Pie, but in our home,  we call it "The Engagement Pie" or "The Pie That Will Make Any Man Propose".  ;-)...more

Gin Lime Coconut Truffles #GalentinesDay

Tart and sweet with the zip of a little gin, these white chocolate and lime truffles are rolled in coconut for a little trip down the islands. Happy Galentine’s Day! Yep, you read that right ....more

Raspberry Double Chocolate Granola

Raspberry Double Chocolate Granola makes an easy gluten free snack or breakfast with perfectly crunchy clusters. Granola is our favorite – I love making a different batch every week for me and the kiddos to snack on. They now know the familiar routine and come running to take turns adding their favorite mix-ins every time.. ....more

Glitz and Glamour of Old Berlin

It’s Valentine’s Day Eve, which means it’s time to talk about romance, glamour and fairytale-like lives. Well…let me share my version of it. My romance is not young, in fact.. ....more

Healthy Meal Plan Week #29

Organize your week with a Meal Plan that will help you navigate through the next week of meals to make dinners easy, healthy, and something your family will absolutely love! Everything you need is in this meal plan, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and desert for the week! Eek… tomorrows the big V-day! ...more

Sandestin Getaway

A few weeks ago we went to the beach for a couple of days....more

Achari Chicken

Quick and easy recipe to make Achari Chicken or Pickled Chicken with the spices that you already have at home! When I made Achari Chicken for the first time, my husband was completely bowled over. It was a big win for me because it came at a time when I was relatively new to cooking and most of my attempts at cooking ended up with all curries being totally overwhelmed with huge amounts of masala or spice powder ....more

S’mores Bark

Semi sweet chocolate bark filled with graham crackers, marshmallows, and sprinkles. This s’mores bark is the perfect last minute gift for Valentine’s Day. ...more

Cashew Nut Cookies For Chinese New Year

It’s the time of the year to bake Chinese New Year cookies again! I’ve decided to revisit a previous recipe but use a different ground nut powder instead....more