Homemade Chicken Wild Rice Soup

 Shout it, scout it, read all about it, “COLD WEATHER HAS STRUCK THE MIDWEST and EAST COAST” causing cold bodies, runny noses, and frost bite! The remedy?This Homemade Crockpot Wild Rice Soup recipe!! It is absolutely delicious and ...more

So I'm a Vegan. How Do I Explain This to a Teenager?

My teenaged niece has expressed interest in learning about the vegan lifestyle. As honored as I feel, I’m not sure I even knew that being a vegan is a lifestyle. Image via Shutterstock ...more

Gluten-free Pierogi with Potatoes & Cheese

Any tradition I was exposed to growing up was related to Polish culture. My dad's parents were from Poland, so growing up around Polish food and customs was of course a heavy part of my dad's upbringing. My dad shared a slice of his upbringing during ...more

10 Healthy Snacks for Lazy People Who Want to Eat Healthy

This post was inspired by my good friend, Melissa, who recently reached out to me needing some "EASY, HEALTHY snack ideas for LAZY people."In a perfect world we'd all have time to spend hours playing Top Chef in our kitchens, whipping up gourmet ...more

Celebrating Chinese New Year & The Year of the Monkey

A little known fact – Way back in the 80's, before the world became this crazy place, I spent many of my informative years living in Saudi Arabia with my family. It was an interesting and culturally different place to live, and it provided so many opportunities to explore the world and learn about other cultures.  ...more

13 Whole30 Super Bowl Recipes

Hey y'all! Super Bowl 50 is upon us, and I have to tell you that I am SO excited! Not only am I a huge football fan in general, but Peyton Manning is one of my all time favorite celebrities. His career, philanthropy, and cheesy TV commercials have all been absolutely cherished by my family. The fact that this is (probably) his last season to play makes his Super Bowl appearance that much more exciting! GO PEYTON - VFL! ...more
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Pink Heart Beet Pancakes

These pink pancakes claim their power from iron rich beets! Oatmeal also adds to the iron power of these pancakes, making it a great vegetarian option as well.  White or wheat flour can be used; the white flour making the pink stand out a bit more, yet the wheat flour boasts a bit more nutrition....more

Maccheroncini alla Casanova: A Valentine's Day Recipe from the Original Latin Lover


West Lake Beef Soup

West lake beef soup is a humble starter soup popular among Chinese folks as it calls quite common ingredients: tofu, beef, shiitake mushroom, starch and coriander. This soup is so yummy but so mischievous. It is quite hard to photo ....more

One-Pot Lemon Chicken Pasta

I’ve been really obsessed with one-pot meals lately. It’s been cooler out and I’ve just been feeling a little lazy so I really love how easy one-pot pastas can be and it’s always an added bonus that cleanup is also much faster! This lemon chicken pasta is light and flavorful ....more

Pink Party Donuts.

Literally love at first bite. I mean… does it really get any better? These are my party donuts! ...more

Roasted Beet Salad with Feta #SecretRecipeClub

It’s Secret Recipe Club Day!...more

Orange-Ginger Chicken and Cashew Lettuce Wraps

Every once in awhile I get a big craving for chicken lettuce wraps. I found a recipe on Kristine’s Kitchen that look irresistible to me. Although this recipe has several ingredients, it’s a snap to put together...more

20-Minute Chicken Enchilada Soup Recipe

20-Minute Chicken Enchilada Soup...more

Fat Tuesday Jambalaya Soup

One of the most filling soups in my soup arsenal – Creole-style Jambalaya soup is simmered in homemade-in-the-pot chicken broth, tomato sauce, and paprika. Make it on Sunday and serve on Tuesday – it’ll be even better! I recently learned that Jambalaya is the distant cousin of Spanish paella, which explains why I love it so much: Paella is one of my all time favorite rice dishes, especially when prepared over a smoky grill ....more

Lemon Marinated Kale

I’m usually late to the party on a lot of things. Quinoa … Downton Abbey… and not to mention kale. But I finally hopped onto the kale bandwagon a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since ....more