How Can We Do Better By Our Autistic Girls?

Autism is different for girls, and not only because fewer girls than boys get autism diagnoses. Autistic women and girls not only tend to have different traits than autistic boys do, but are also socialized differently -- leading to many of those ...more

Fitess Expert Jenna Wolfe's Smart Tips to Get Lean in 2016

Small steps can add up to big changes and an overall healthier life. That's what fitness expert Jenna Wolfe will tell anyone who will listen. And with her new book, Thinner In 30, the busy mom of two is putting some walk behind her talk.  ...more

We're All Fighting a Battle, So Let's Be Nicer to Each Other

“Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” I’ve often heard this quote by Plato (or some variation of it) for years. Here’s the thing, though; I’ve never really put much thought into its meaning or relevance. I mean, I understood ...more

10 Tips For My Daughters on How to Dress Themselves

At preschool drop-off another mom pointed out,"Your daughter's socks don't match." I turned my palms upward in a je ne sais pas and wrinkled my nose, "Rough morning. Can’t win ’em all.”  ...more

The Dummy Proof Plan for Choosing a New Vehicle

After completing a 3-hour road trip where an antifreeze leak kept us smoking for a good deal of the time (the car was smoking, my daughter and I were not), and also left us driving in 27 degree weather with no heating capabilities, I was ...more

The Myth of the Entitled Millennial

For some years now, we millennials have been the subject of countless negative think pieces, articles, and TV spots. You would think that because we're the best educated group in US history, you'd see older generations patting themselves on the back for what a good job they've done. Instead, we are told that we're lazy, entitled, self-obsessed, and a list of other adjectives that suggest that we're the absolute worst....more
Wow, Sanity Thief, this is intense. As a Humbled Seeker Gen Xer, I appreciate hearing your ...more

Should Childcare Providers Be the Experts in Everything?

With more and more states requiring childcare providers to fill roles they were never trained to fill, providers are struggling to provide a well-rounded set of child development services. As providers most of us never went to college for a degree in education or a teaching license. We also did not go to school to be qualified to perform developmental and behavioral mental health assessments. ...more

The "I Ignore Homeless People" Club

This morning as I sat in my car, my seat warmer keeping my ass nice and toasty, Elvis Duran is entertaining me because they’re talking about what movie represents your love life … and I think to myself, "Is there a movie with clowns in it that isn't scary?" And it doesn’t dawn on me until they’ve been off air for two hours, that it’s "Patch Adams!" ...more
BlogHer Also, thanks for being the sort who thinks about this.more

There is No Utopia

These last 2 years have been some of the hardest in my life. I have been mentally and emotionally drained, and stripped down to my very core of whats really important.We decided 3 years ago that we wanted to move somewhere other than our hometown. For many different reasons, but mainly just to experience somewhere new. Not many people get to experience a fresh start. We had had issues with family members, hated the gray weather 10 months out of the year and wanted some property. So thus started our search for Utopia....more

Black Girls Got The Juice

Hey y'all! I'm BACK!  I know, I know it's been far too long but I am so glad to be back on the heels of yet another glorious Beyonce performance....more

Weekending – Local Living

Happy Monday! ...more

Religion and Violence

From ChurchPop: At the top of the list of the twentieth century’s deadliest regimes, you’ll find three anti-religious states: Communist China, the USSR, and Nazi Germany. These three alone were responsible for an estimated 130,000,000 victims, which dwarfs the number of people killed in the name of all religions throughout all of history. And that number doesn’t even take into account the millions killed by Pol Pot’s Khmer Rogue, the Communist North Korean regime, or the Derg (the Ethiopian Communist state, headed by...more

Secret Recipe Club--Banana Coconut Bread

It's time for a Secret Recipe Club recipe again. This month I had Cookaholic Wife...more

Breakup Essays: Foreword

Don’t you wish that you could tailor a relationship breakup to suit your needs? Kind of like relationship dissolution...more

Worst week of my life

January 21 ~ 28, 2016. That week is going to deserve a special chapter in my biography because my emotions were SO up and down....more

The Debate, The Birthday and Super Bowl Sunday

I know not if my sisters watched the debate last night. If they didn’t, they missed it and I don’t know that I can do it justice. To begin with, Carson didn’t hear his name called so he stood aside while almost everyone else filed onto the stage ....more

Ragtag Group of Weirdos

For two years now I've had the same group of kids in homeroom and also in language arts. They were last year's seventh grade, and they are now, obviously, this year's eighth grade. That class has 11 boys and two girls, and we have been through so many ups and downs in the past year and a half that they'd be impossible to enumerate here.They can be a real handful ....more