Confessions of a Reformed Pinterest Mom on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine's Day, which means that somewhere out there thousands of moms are frantically searching Pinterest for the perfect Valentine’s Day inspiration. They are making glittery Valentine’s Day slime, creating Valentine’s Day robot craft ...more

Should Childcare Providers Be the Experts in Everything?

With more and more states requiring childcare providers to fill roles they were never trained to fill, providers are struggling to provide a well-rounded set of child development services. As providers most of us never went to college for a degree in ...more

How Can We Do Better By Our Autistic Girls?

Autism is different for girls, and not only because fewer girls than boys get autism diagnoses. Autistic women and girls not only tend to have different traits than autistic boys do, but are also socialized differently -- leading to many of those ...more

Fitess Expert Jenna Wolfe's Smart Tips to Get Lean in 2016

Small steps can add up to big changes and an overall healthier life. That's what fitness expert Jenna Wolfe will tell anyone who will listen. And with her new book, Thinner In 30, the busy mom of two is putting some walk behind her talk.  ...more

We're All Fighting a Battle, So Let's Be Nicer to Each Other

“Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” I’ve often heard this quote by Plato (or some variation of it) for years. Here’s the thing, though; I’ve never really put much thought into its meaning or relevance. I mean, I understood ...more

For All the Valentine’s Day Haters

Many people hate Valentine’s Day... and I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why.Image via Shutterstock Here are some you may have heard: ...more

What Agents, Editors & Publishers Look for in a Query Letter

During my eight years as an acquiring editor at Seal Press, I saw every kind of query —- from the perfectly executed to those that belonged on a wall of shame....more
It is always nice to get an insider perspective on what editors look for and expect. I like to ...more

The Great Netflix Conspiracy

The creator's of Netflix believed they were doing the world a favor when they punched the sky with their "I've got an idea" finger; they didn't consider their thoughtlessness when making this entertainment continuously available. They didn't think about the collateral damage. They didn't realize the adverse effects on creatives, who should be poured into their craft - not poured into How To Get Away With Murder....more
stephanie2morrow Bahaha! me...I totally relate :)more

Beginning again... and again


JTV Jewelry & Giveaway!

So often Valentine's Day is centered around a significant other, when I think it is much better to focus on anyone who is special in your life. I recently talked about this in my post about the Galentine's Day Brunch my friend hosted for a bunch of her girlfriends. It was fun to just have some girl time and talk about appreciating our friends and loving ourselves....more

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With This Gem-tastic Giveaway

The nice PR people at Jewelry Television (JTV), asked me if I...more


What do you want your life to be like, then imagine it in vivid detail.Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Repost: Six Years a Marathoner

It's been six years. On Saturday, February 13, 2010, I sat in a hotel room in downtown Austin and wrote this post. I have a plan for marathon #2, but it won't be until 2017 ....more

Am I a late bloomer or a continuous bloomer on life's journey

I used to think I was a late bloomer. An old term, does anyone categorize someone with that  description, I don't know.  What does it mean, late bloomer, is there something wrong not filling your potential young when traditionally you are full of promise. Maybe a slow steady rise is a more positive term for someone who doesn't come into their own, reach full actualization, when they are young.  Did it mean that I squandered time, failed? No, I now know that I progressed along the path that is solely mind, fulfilling my life's progress on my time table. ...more

Simply Saturday


Cashew Nut Cookies For Chinese New Year

It’s the time of the year to bake Chinese New Year cookies again! I’ve decided to revisit a previous recipe but use a different ground nut powder instead....more

Wyeth to Wyeth

From Under the Gables: "My father was a terrific technician. He could take any medium and make the most of it. Once I was making a watercolor of some trees ....more

In the World of Save. Spend. Splurge.

OMG.. blueberry cake in a mug.. and it’s MICROWAVEABLE ....more