Never Ask Someone Else to Write Your Online Dating Profile!

When you're a Ghost Writer, you often wish you hadn't agreed to let someone else take credit for YOUR brilliant, original words.   But are people ever sorry they asked YOU to ghost write for them?  I think my obnoxious divorcee neighbor wishes she could take back that fateful day when she asked me to compose her online dating profile.  Listen:Lydia: I just got my eyes and boobs done.Me:  Done? I didn’t realize you were born with incomplete sets?...more

Drama: A Day in the Life.

I get an email time stamped at 1:27am this morning (Monday, yay, first day of the work week!) saying that no, he is going to pick up DD1 today (legally not his day), and what’s up with an ultimatum about getting a response from him by Saturday at noon? Context:  Today is a holiday for DD2 but not for DD1.  When a holiday is attached to a week end, the parent who has the week end, has the holiday.  He had this past week end....more

Breakups Force Us to Choose Between Anger and Peace

“You act on the outside how you feel on the inside.” Tracy McMillan...more

A Message to Single Moms

Being single can be tough. Being a single MOM can feel downright impossible. Especially when it comes to dating. So I'm going to tell all the single mamas out there, the very words I've needed to hear myself at times: you are worthy. Believe it, because it's true. ...more

Respect Lesson: Get Two Steps Ahead of A Bully

After my divorce and other failed relationships, I decided to dig deep to explore how I managed to get myself into the same mess over and over again.As part of my self-exploration journey, I started taking boxing lessons and then mustered the courage to join a martial arts school led by a UFC fighter, Kenny Florian and his brother, Keith Florian.Being surrounded by men who were solely focused on mastering attacks and defenses gave me an opportunity to gain insight to and respect for how men fight.Verbal Battles Follow A Pattern...more

My Story Page 10. My Attorney

     It is hard to decide what to do when you are in a state of shock.  That is where I found myself.  Barely able to make it through the day, paralyzed in my new reality.  Sinking deeper into a sadness and depression the likes of which I had never experienced. ...more

Perfectly still...

I am trying to be still, perfectly still.  My life is going well.  Not quite how I would have designed it but I believe that God is in control.  He knows the beginning and the end.  He is the ...more
i love your opening encouraged....more

7 Confessions From Women Who Go Back to Abusers

Leaving an abusive relationship is never easy. We know that up to 75% of deaths related to domestic violence happen as a victim attempts to leave or after a victim has left an abuser. It is difficult not only for victims to leave, it is also difficult for them to admit to why they stay. Too often, people are highly judgmental of the choices victims of DV/IPV make and that judgment silences victims. The best support we can provide to people who are in abusive relationships is to be respectful of their autonomy, respect their choices, and offer whatever levels of support and assistance we can. ...more

Divorce & Custody: How Do You Survive the First Long Visit?

This will be the first week the boys spend with my estranged husband. We have a custody agreement finished. The financials and such will happen in March. He gets them Fall break. For a week. 7 nights. A week. Now, some might say "Holy CRAP! You are FREEEEEE!" And, I am. No, I don't worry about them being with him. They will be fine. They just won't be with me. Won't. Be. With. Me. ...more
EmiliePeck I love them more than I can say....and trying hard.  Thank you for readingmore


Over the last few days I’ve been struggling with making decisions, with being confident in what to choose, how to act.  What to ignore, what to address.  I’ve been down and out, feeling like I should give up already.  Although I’m not even sure what giving up means.  I’m so tired of fighting.  I’m so tired of the vigilance. ...more
Lisa Thomson thank you so much for your kinds words, Lisa!  I can feel myself relaxing on the ...more