Child Support Modification, take 2

Turns out he did request for a modification--based on what I have no idea.I had 10 days to get my information in, and even though I got it in within 9, because they didn't input it into the system, I now have to request for a hearing.  Somehow, they calculated childcare to be $0.0.  And his CS was reduced $500/month.So now I have to go face him in court.  Again.I feel sick.I can't believe it....more

9 Ways Sweatpants Can Lead To Divorce

Eva Mendes warned us all about the matrimonial threat posed by sweatpants. I was trapped in the Toronto airport this weekend and their merchandisers seem hell bent on making it divorce proof. I couldn’t find sweatpants anywhere, and I really needed a pair. Lots of people think she’s wrong, but these are some ways sweat pants can legitimately ruin even the most stable union:...more

An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband

Ex-Husband,(no salutation necessary)As of yesterday, we are officially divorced.  Finally.Thank you — for not only wasting 16 years of my life, but another full year in divorce.  We ended up on the settlement where we would have been 8 months ago.  Thanks for taking up more of my life.  Thanks for costing more money.Thank you — for making me realize what you were doing during all those times you were detached from us.  Me. The boys....more
adelewishnot YOU GO!!!!!!!  The struggle...the lies.....the utter bs.  And?  We are stronger ...more

4 Things I Learned From My Wife's Cancer Scare

Marriage vows are promises that we make to our soon-to-be spouses during the wedding ceremony. Most of us say these things with all intentions of reaching 'until death do us part'......more

Dear Dr. Romance: Everyone has been trying to reunite me with my exes.

Dear Dr. Romance:EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE has been TRYING and FAILING at having me reunite with one of my exes…or Something like that. My asinine brother took out pictures of my ex-husband of 9 years and started guilt-tripping me. The funny thing is this: I remained on good terms with ALL of my exes for reasons. I have NO Interest in running into anyone who I shared even a short period of my life with and having drama. It serves no good. Hence…the good term theory....more

The Co-Parenting Diaries: How To Not "Kill" Your Ex On The Bad Days

I had been hellaciously sick...for almost a week. I finally caved and forced myself to ask the doctor for antibiotics last Monday, and she graciously obliged. Thankfully, I have been on the mend ever since....more

Signs of a healthy relationship

S/O and big thanks to Kevin Hart....more

How to answer THOSE dumb questions

The ink is barely dry on your divorce papers and you still have a tell- tale tan mark on your ring finger, but some nitwit is bound to start asking stupid questions.Don’t let your head spin around like one of those creatures from a horror movie, just act cool and flippantly send one of these remarks their nosy little way. They’ll never ask you again. ( Unless they are really TRYING to make your head spin around!)...more

How to identify a Divorced Mum's GF

 All women know that the truly important supporters in our lives are our Girlfriends. They may even be our sisters. But if they are not blood related, they are related by heart.Any Divorced Super Mum will tell you they would not have survived the whole separating and divorcing circus if it wasn’t for their trusty Girlfriends or BFF’s....more


In the midst of DD1’s spring break fun—taking DD1 to the water park with her BFFs while DD2 was still at preschool (their schedules don’t match and thought it would be nice to have a big sister only day!)—planning a sleepover and movie night, playing with our sweet little puppy:...more