8 Things Women Wish They'd Known Before Getting Married

 I wish I had known.......more

Who Am I? A Look at the Victims of Domestic Violence

Who am I? I am your mother, your daughter, your sister, your co-worker, your neighbor and your friend.  I am your nurse, your hair stylist, your chiropractor and your son’s piano teacher.  I am the lady in line next to you at the grocery store.  I am the woman sitting beside you Sunday morning at church.  And I am a victim of domestic violence....more

Loving Someone Who Deploys Isn't Easy, But Definitely Worth It

My boyfriend’s job requires that he leaves me, much like a deployment within the military would. He is former military and has been hardwired for the excitement that this lifestyle and type of work brings to the table. The work he does now is very similar to the work he did in the military and includes all of the same risks. People who work within his field are in danger. The job requires years of experience and specialized training—only a small niche of men meet these requirements....more
I'm really in ur shoes. Even i love my husband's passion towards his job and even I do believe I ...more

You, me, and your wife

I never thought I wou date a married man. No little girl grows up thinking "I hope my prince charming has an ex princess charming and they have a baby charming, and I just kind of show up" sheesh...but even though the little girl inside of me is screaming "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!" I'm still laying here, in this bed, next to my married boyfriend. I mean don't get me wrong his wife knows about me, we live together,  me and him I mean. She lives with her mother now, with their son. ...more

8 Things Women Wish They'd Known Before Getting Married

 I wish I had known.......more

Diachronic Paradigm

Ed's wife, Catholic, English teacher, tea drinker, Democrat...more

Everybody’s Marriage Stinks Sometimes, Including Mine

Last week we had a BIG fight. The big chill lasted for several days. “Perfect” I thought, I had just written a book telling the whole world how amazing DH was, in bed and out; and how we had sex if we were fighting to make sure none of our quarreling was built up sexual tension. Of course, I knew we were never having sex again and I ruminated for several hours on how embarrassing this all would be with the new book release. During this time we discovered a book about stress relief for men and Irritable Male Syndrome . ...more

6 Ways to Support The Relationship Between Your Partner and Your Kids

Here are 6 proactive ways to support the relationship between your partner and your kids:Say thank you to your partner in front of your kids and encourage them to do the same...more

Forced into Marriage at 14

 “I refuse to walk in my mum’s shoes” says Mister , 14 year old child bride to WFAC concerning how she was forced to marry a man who is 3 times her age “It all started when I left the city and travelled to the village to spend the summer holidays with my grand mum”, Ms. Mister narrates her struggle, fighting against marrying a 35 year-old man. August 2013, Mister recalls, her mum joking about her meeting her husband in the village....more

Marriage Takes Two... Your Spouse and You

It saddens me when I read articles on how Marriage is about making your partner happy even at the cost of your own happiness. That it's admirable and virtuous to be a willing sacrifice on the Altar of Love. Even in our modern age, many people still think this way. Maybe that's why more people are getting a divorce! The roles of couples are not as defined as they used to be and men and women share the marital responsibilities. Why does anyone have to make a sacrifice? If you believe that sacrifice is required to make a marriage work, I say you're mistaken... ...more

My Favorite Pre-marital Assignment

I mentioned before in an earlier post how I would blog about my favorite pre-marital counseling assignment.  My husband and I have been married for over eleven years and this one assignment has stuck with us all this time.  We frequently refer to this assignment.  Our pastor in pre-marital counseling assigned us to meet with over ten married couples.  Our pastor had specific couples in mind with specific stories for them to tell us about....more

Want To Be A Wife? Act Like A Wife

Believe it or not men (for the most part) are looking for a traditional woman. They’re all for your independence and your financial contribution to the cause, but at home, he wants his wife to be a wife....more