The Sexiest Man Alive?

I sat in the corner of the playroom, curled up in the pale blue rocking chair. I held my coffee close to my face, each sip foiled by a fit of giggles.Nugget couldn’t contain his laughter, either. We were bursting at the seams.And there was Ian, crouched on all fours in his pajamas….smacking himself in the head with a foam puzzle piece.WHAP!He looked like a complete buffoon making goofy faces with his butt up in the air. His glasses were cattywhompus across his nose and his hair looked like a wind-blown haystack. He hadn’t shaved....more

A New Marriage Model Means Declining Divorce Rates

Don’t believe the myth! Divorce rates are actually down to a staggering rate of 17% for couples who married in the 90’s and 2000’s.You used to look for a partner who was either a good homemaker or a good provider. The man held the burden of providing, and when money got rough, so did the marriage....more

Yes, of course your phone is hurting your relationship

On the (sadly) rare occasion that I leave my desk for lunch, I take my phone with me. I know I cannot successfully walk and text, but I will usually type out a brief note to my husband on the escalator ride through my building, and maybe another note as I am waiting in line to order food....more

Letting Go Takes Love

When you feel beset in your life, and people close to you seem to be difficult and uncooperative, consider that they may be reflecting back to you the behavior your own anxiety is creating toward them. Learning to let go of your obsessively trying to control others can free you to receive the best they have to offer—which may look different from what you think you want, but actually be the perfect gift. ...more

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! 45 Years Strong

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!  45 Years Strong To love is good, too: love being difficult. For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.  ~Rainer Maria Rilke...more

5 Spicy, Racy & Wild Stocking Stuffers Your Husband Will Love!

This time last year I was sitting at my desk trying to come up with a great Christmas present for my husband on a limited budget.  I asked him what he wanted and he replied, “I want you naked on the back seat of my truck.”  I just laughed and said, “No really, what do you want?” Jokingly, he smiled and picked up the extra Christmas stocking laying on the chair and said, "I want everything you can fit into this."  and I said, "If a stocking is what you want then a stocking is what you'll get!...more

Keeping Your Relationship Going Through the Week When You Live Apart

Are you in an adult relationship and working at keeping your relationship going when you're not living together? I am.Okay let me explain.Being forty-something and at that magical age of change, as my GP puts it, you'll understand that my relationship in no longer that same frenzied, happy go lucky type we have during our twenties and thirties. ...more

Mixed Feelings

I have been married for 5 years and I feel like we have been going through a rough patch for at least 2 years now. My husband and I dated for one year and were planning on getting married and in the middle of planning a wedding I found out I was pregnant. SOO the first few years of our marriage and life together has been crazy but we've always made it work....more
Have you tried counseling?  You have to really give it your best effort to get back on track ...more

The Five Love Languages

Have you read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman?  I highly recommend the book.  The book is helpful for all, married, single, parents, if you have people in your life, you will benefit from reading this book....more

Does Your Husband Read Your Blog?

My husband doesn't read my blog even though I want him to, and I am totally ratting him out. Conversations in our house go something like this: "That post I wrote on the NFL? That meant a lot to me but was scary to write, and I was so warmed to see the supportive comments." Blink blink blink ...more
My husband doesn't read mine. He's probably more like yours LOL.more