Something a small as a blackberry taught me this ...

Picture a busy street. One crammed with four lanes of commuters cruising along at 55 mph. Add the bike lanes. Add the sidewalks.  What do you see? Is your imaginary sidewalk empty?  Or did you see the runner? Did you see the children walking with their parents? Did you see the dog and his owner? Did you see the woman in the wheelchair sitting peacefully beside her companion? What do you think of the things that you see? Or do you, for that matter, think at all....more
Ah - this is a great moment to remember and to share. A beautiful description and thought.more

Falling in love outside your relationship

Does his cheating have to result in a divorce?I am in love with my husband and I am also in love with my boyfriend. Does this sentence seem like gibberish to you? Why? Take a moment to think about it, please....more

My five years with Ronnie

 “Married couples who love each other say a thousand things without talking.”-Chinese proverb Today, May 20, is my fifth wedding anniversary. I thought about whether it is appropriate to write and publish this since this may not be the right place to do so....more


So many couples are now separated part- or full-time because of military deployment and/or work travel and schedules, I get a lot of questions about faithfulness. Your marriage vows may have said, “'til death do us part” but no one said anything about what happens when a military career or traveling job makes it necessary for you to part, and you want to maintain the closeness in your relationship....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm married but I love somebody else

Dear Dr. Romance I really admire how you advise people, please help me too. I'm married and I love my husband very much, but I love somebody else so much I don't know why although people say you can't love 2 people at the same time but I do. coz I love him very much and am jealous with him. He is a married man also and he loves me too.more than his wife. Please tell me what to do coz am confused.Dear Reader:...more

The 5 Worst Types of Bridezillas

According to, the average American wedding costs approximately $28,427 – and that’s not even counting the honeymoon! No wonder brides are so stressed. But, that’s no excuse. Being a Bridezilla can cost relationships, time, and dignity....more
I appreciate your article.  I do have issue with $28,427 for the average American's wedding.  ...more

Double Date

Dinner with just you and your spouse are important and necessary if you ask me, but dinners for four are just as important.  According to a study at Wayne State University bonding with other couples actually strengthens your own relationship.  ...more

Daddy issues on a whole new level

My husband is a wonderful man. (And that is not just because he reads this blog.) He is a supportive spouse, an intelligent person and a fantastic father. In our hurried life, we pass messages via text, talk while he is standing in the kitchen and cozy up on the couch together. I hope that he feels the same level of support from me that I feel from him. ...more

From the Trenches of Alcoholism

Alcoholism sucks. I know I'm not speaking from direct experience, but as one with a ring side seat, let me assure you that is absolutely awful. I can tell now. I know what to look for. And that fact alone has been hard won. It's come from emergency gallbladder surgery two years ago....more

4 Ways to Think (and Act!) Like a Lover

For many women, the term "lover," conjures up images of a mistress, a woman who's engaged in a wild fling, or a character in a romance novel. Her life seems a little shocking, a little scandalous, and maybe a bit exciting. And sometimes women wish they could do the things she's doing, says the things she’s saying, and experience some of the excitement she's feeling - in other words, be somebody's lover....more