Give It Up: How Compromise Could Be Killing The Chance of a Great Relationship

We've all heard the same advice over and over again - the key to a great relationship is compromise. However, I'm here to bust the myth. To be honest, I don't think compromise is the key. In fact, I'm pretty sure it can sometimes be the nail in the coffin of your future happiness....more
Caitlyn_Bell you are so right. While compromise isn't the key to a great relationship ...more

Love and Marriage

“If I get married, I want to be very married.”― Audrey Hepburn...more

Oceanic Metaphors

A piercing gull's cry through the pounding of the waves does not end until its caught it's prey. The rhythm of the ocean is a beauteous thing, and it has a staccato beat that never sleeps. Each swoop of wings brings the birds closer to shallow tidal pools of food. You would never think about the nature of the gulls and the crabs, and it doesn't really change the nature of the thing. Yet the birds only cry out for their food served up in rocky bowls, and the crabs try hiding in their tidal pool doom....more

The Great Fear of Remarriage: Re-Failure

 I have a friend who went through a divorce around the same time as me.  We encouraged each other during the single mom years and shared a kindred spirit through the ups and downs that motherhood brings.  ...more
I want to get married again because of the table decoration and the champagne, and the clothes. ...more

It is NOT OK to be the OTHER WOMAN

I have read a couple of blogs on here about being the "OTHER WOMAN." If you like someone in another relationship whether or not he is married, it is NOT OKAY to get involved. Women make up all these excuses as to why they start something with a man who is already involved. The same goes for Men.  They say,"He is not happy with his Wife/GF""They got together young""He said that he is going to break up with her anyway"...more
I agree!  Be smart and don't be the other woman.  Set a better standard for yourself.  You want ...more

INTERVIEW: Aisha Saeed's Debut Novel 'Written in the Stars' Tackles Forced Marriage

BlogHer Publishing Network member Aisha Saeed has had a busy year: in addition to being one of the main team members of the We Need Diverse Books campaign for more inclusivity in children's and Young Adult literature, Aisha has just published her first novel, Written in the Stars....more
If you are currently facing a forced marriage situation or trying to help someone who is, please ...more

My Marriage is Doomed and Other Lessons from Author Gretchen Rubin’s Talk

Photo credit: Amy Pinard PhotographyI have realized a problem with my marriage. Yep. While seeing one of my favorite authors, Gretchen Rubin, speak the other night, I learned a possible reason for why my husband and I drive each other crazy in certain cases....more

The Perfect Marriage Takes Work

The other day, I was walking past a coffee shop when I was hit by an undeniabletruth. Upon the blackboard sign outside the shop was the quote, “A perfectmarriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other”. Thethought followed me all day and became an epiphany, because as much as we’dlike to believe that it’s not true about ourselves; nobody is perfect. Everybodydoes things that annoy others and everybody makes mistakes, but it’s the waythat some people persist in loving each other that makes a marriage beautiful....more