Whose Responsibility Is It, Anyway?

When we recently had something fixed in our home, the instructions were unclear, and the technician wanted further clarification. Since my husband was the one who knew exactly what needed to be fixed and how it had to be done, I felt really stupid not knowing what to tell the technician. I literally was reading verbatim directions sent to me from my husband who retrieved them from the inspection report. Wouldn’t the technician know exactly what was required and where?...more

The One That Got Away

To say that I’ve had a bad run with dating recently would be the understatement of the century. I can barely take myself seriously anymore when asked about my love life, and I’m starting to wonder if my friends can either.For example, there I was, perched on a barstool at my favorite local haunt, when one of my best friends inquired about the “boy du jour.” Yep, she asked it just like that – which stung – a lot....more
adelewishnot Good luck! :)more

I Got Married on Mother's Day

My maternal grandparents had come from Stockdale, Pennsylvania. My godparents had arrived from Charleston, South Carolina....more

10 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Husband

For most families, life is starting to get crazy.  If you have children from preschool through high school, you're probably feeling inundated with school project projects, sports, recitals, and end-of-the-year activities.  Even if you don't have school-age children, you know that many activities - work, church, community and volunteer - swing into high gear in the spring....more
nursemommylaughs Thanks so much! I hope that a couple of the ideas will work for you.more

Garage Door Problems

This morning our garage door would not close. In the past few months we've been having some troubles with the sensors getting off track causing the door to go down a little and then back up. This has resulted in a few things: leaving out of town and returning to find the door open and a very irritated wife as I am usually the last to leave in the mornings. I'm not sure how mornings go in other households but in ours it's hustle and bustle, making sure everyone has everything they need for the day before making a hasty exit, buckling in car seats and being on our way....more

We Got Married to Drive Each Other Crazy

We Got Married to Drive Each Other CrazyOriginally posted on http://www.myhousefullofboys.com/we-got-married-to-drive-each-other-crazy/ Please tell me that you and your spouse have these constant battles?? (and yes, I am the offender on several of these)...more

11 'Right' Reasons to Get Married

This is a very important question and sadly, I don't think many people actually ask themselves this question until it's too late. Lets talk about the "right" reasons to get married:...more
VickiLarson I agree, making any type of commitment is a very personal choice.  Sadly, many ...more

Blue Jeans Without the Bling...

I met my favorite farmer at a Dartmouth College fraternity party more than 22 years ago. No matter how many times they hear it, my daughters love listening to the story....more