Happy New Year from Dr. Romance!

 Dr. Romance on creating a Happy New YearMost of us are infused with good will and joy over the holidays, getting together with loved ones and friends, spreaking kindness, and being surrounded by reminders of holiday spirit.  The holidays happen around this time of year for a reason: it's the time when the old year ends, and the new one begins. We have yet another chance to start again.  Here are some ways to keep that happiness going....more

“Don’t You Trust Me?”

Too many brides hear this question from their fiancée before the wedding. It’s usually about money and it’s usually because the couple hasn’t openly and honestly discussed one of the most important components for their upcoming marriage.  Who wants to spoil the euphoria of wedding plans and the excitement of honeymoon planning by discussing money? Many women won’t take a chance of bringing up a subject which, in the past, has made her future husband impatient, sometimes even angry? ...more

4 Reasons to Table Tough Conversations with Your Partner

In a perfect world, no one would ever need to put off a difficult conversation with a significant other. We would be zen-like all the time, speaking from our hearts, steering clear of accusations, and crystal clear on what we want to have happen next. We would be stellar listeners and paraphrasers and eager to make things right with the people we love the most....more
My sister does this all the time. Sometimes it is the time to table it; other times it is not.more

Financial Drama in a Book Store

In ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de St. Exupery, the little prince tells a man that he can’t linger but must get back to his own planet to feed his fox and water his flower. The man encourages him to stay, saying ‘the fox is wild and the flower will take care of itself’. The little prince answers, ”You become responsible for what you tame”....more

5 Things You Need to Know About Successful Stepfamilies

5 things you need to know about successful stepfamiliesApproximately 56% of second marriages with children under the age of 18 in Australia end in separation and divorce. Want to know what sets the 44% of successful stepfamilies apart from the rest?1. They understand that stepfamilies are different....more


If it was one thing you would want your spouse to due to you sexually what would it be and why                                                                        ...more

Men are Idiots, Study Confirms

Men are Idiots, Study Confirms...more

The Time I Caused Stress.. With Socks

I bought my husband socks for Christmas.  Yes, I know, I am a giver like that.  I was pretty proud of myself, since I splurged and got him actual Nike brand socks.  He's usually happy with any kind of socks, as long as they fit (he has a size 14 foot!).  It gave me a little thrill to think that he, who can never find socks that fit well, would enjoy the name-brand socks (with built-in extra support, even!). ...more
jojobluu Yeah, my husband is kinda like that, too, about length. He likes only no-shows, and ...more

12 Things We Learned About Love & Sex

One would hope that the older we get, the more mature we grow in ourselves and in our understanding of "Love." ...more
I learned several: 1) Love people for who they are. 2) Sometimes people who love you, will not ...more