Robin Thicke Begs Estranged Wife Paula Patton to Take Him Back, But Should She?

"I wish I could changeI wish I could changeI wish I could stop saying the same old things..."-Robin Thicke, "Complicated"...more
I would not care for the way he is behaving. I value my privacy too much for this. I am not ...more

We Eloped and Our Faith Keeps Us Strong

 In the wake of our secret nuptials, it's safe to say we were walking on clouds of bliss. Wide-eyed, oblivious, and utterly temporary fluffy clouds of bliss. ...more
@Angela Watts, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share your story! :)more

Creating Your Own Wedding Ceremony? Try These Helpful Tips

Many couples are moved to write their own wedding ceremonies because they aren’t comfortable with the traditional ones, they don’t belong to a tradition that has a ceremony, or they just want to create something unique that expresses their love and commitment....more
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Matchmaking and Adoption

I learned yesterday at work that when Orthodox Jews are “dating” (used loosely as it is more akin to matchmaking), they are not allowed to speak to other potential partners. Granted, this could be incorrect as I didn’t grill my friend about it. She was talking about a family member to another friend and mentioned that even though there was another very interesting young lady that he would be a good match with, he is currently committed to seeing if he is a match with another young lady....more

Relationships are not easy, but if we are lucky they are worth the struggle!

My journey through life has been complicated.  Much of the complication I have brought on myself by making less than stellar choices.  However, some of it just is. I have been blessed with many great relationships, and some not so great.  I was blessed with two children from my marriage to my ex-husband, and for that I will be forever grateful for the relationship and grateful to him....more
jvalgean2010 I am so sorry you are going through this struggle.  What I can say is that you have ...more

Wedding Gifts Should Be Fun!!

Buying a wedding gift isn't always easy. Everyone wants to be the gift-giver who sails in with a memorable, ever-so-thoughtful gift! A wedding gift seems so weighty; we always want them to be perfect. We're saying something with a wedding present and we're sending out our best wishes to the couple for a happy future together. Forget the nesting bowls and the napkin rings. Is there anything more depressing than wrapping silver-plated napkin rings that you know will languish in a drawer somewhere, slowly tarnishing? Let’s think about more personal options.  ...more
The experience gifts are a lovely idea, but would be waaaaay out of my budget. Do people give ...more

What do Men Need More Than Sex (For Bonding)

In the dance of the male-female relationship, men need something more than sex in order to open up their hearts. Men need to be admired and respected for who they are by a woman who will be kind to them. From the time of their boyhood, men live in a world where they hear, “No, don’t do that.”Don’t run in here.Don’t touch that.Don’t cry.Stop teasing your sister.In adulthood it becomes:...more

Meditation on Father’s Day

Once upon a time, things were going very badly in our home—lots of anger explosions and Exie breaking items and toys and pet abuse and pushing and shoving and kicking the children and yelling and swearing at all of us and death threats and apologies and then the cycle would repeat and on and on and on. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I think I have a tendency to lose myself in a relationship

Dear Dr. Romance:I was wondering if I could ask you for some advice. I'm feeling so troubled.  I got divorced a few years ago. Since then, I became involved with a man more than ten years older than me. I got a work assignment out of town, and he was adamant about keeping a long distance relationship going, but I wasn't feeling ready. As emotional and hurt as I was from my previous relationship, I didn't feel it was the right thing to do. So I broke things off and he was very hurt....more

Date night (or day) ... It's not just a cliché!

Remember when you couldn’t wait to spend time together? Remember when you couldn’t wait to dress up, put on make up and look your absolute best for each other? Research shows that happy couples spend time together – and they enjoy it. In a recent survey, 88 percent of happy couples reported they make time for “date nights,” a time that they spend alone together, without children and obligations (Northrup, Schwartz & Witte, 2012)....more