The Insanity of Falling in Love

I have exceptionally good hearing.  Usually that’s a good thing.  However, on some days it’s horrible.  On some days, the normal sounds of living are excruciatingly loud noises to me and I want to climb into a hole and bury myself in it.  On those days I am unruly and short tempered.  I am more than difficult to be around....more
OH MY GOODNESS, Do you know me and my husband lol. I am the exact same way. I wake up late and ...more

Nowhere to Run To, Baby...

How to Keep Your Man Interested When You Think He's Bored of You

thats for sure. men hardly put any effort in once they get too comfortable!more

Pros and Cons of Using a Donor

My husband has non obstructive azoospermia, which essentially means that as far as we can tell, he is not producing any sperm. This is a post from my blog about our experiences dealing with infertility as a couple and about raising our little boy who has been brought into our lives using a sperm donor. ...more

I Put My Husband Through Grad School and All I Got Was This T-shirt

My husband decided that he needed to go back to school to get a PhD when he was 30. I was 27 and we had a newborn baby. During the time that he was in graduate school he insisted that he could not work, that he needed to pay full attention to his degree, and that he would finish 5 years from the time he started.  Why didn't I protest this plan from the beginning? Why didn't this sound unrealistic to me?...more
This woman is in pain and I feel for her. I hope she is in a position to get some counseling.more

So Your Partner's A Crossdresser: Now, What?

I received an email last night that made me think a lot about the direction of my blog. For the most part, I do like to post issues that occur or activities that I do with my children, but in between those posts I occasionally talk about my husband, who happens to be a crossdresser, the fact that my daughter is gay, or my son's propensity for wearing pink. These are things that I struggled with at one time or another, but came to understand, accept, and support....more

My Marriage Advice

My evenings can be boring...and honestly, quite lonely. With the kiddo tucked into bed by 7:30, I find myself aimlessly flipping through 132 television channels and finding nothing that interests me. I'm starting to feel dull and agitated - I need to get out more....more
Good post.more

My Cave

I've spent the past several months hunkered down in my cave. Filled with  shock and pain and sadness, it's the only place I've felt safe and protected. I've let few people in, and when I've had to go out, I've scrambled back home. Back inside, safe again....more
Dear Spooker, Healing is a journey and people find their own paths through it.  So being in the ...more

Fair Fight Guidelines

Thirty years of marriage counseling and twenty-five years of a second marriage have convinced me that fights are not necessary in a marriage. Married couples need to have discussions, they need to solve problems, and sometimes they need to disagree, but they don’t need to squabble, argue, bicker or fight. Fights are dramatic, which is not helpful to a discussion. If you have enough energy to create drama, you have more than enough to tone it down into a discussion....more

Interview: Mistresses Speak Out

Through out history, the mistress has been the villain that everyone hated.  She has always been seen as the home wrecker with no morals or respect for marriage or relationships.  That seemed to have changed a bit when Kerry Washington hit the scene as Olivia Pope in the hit tv show, Scandal.  Week after week, fans took to social media to root on the mistress of the President of the United States and being the other woman didn't seem to be so least on tv....more