What Does An Orgasm Feel Like?

Trying to explain what an orgasm feels like is tricky. While we can all agree it feels absolutely amazing and it’s something we would, ideally, like to feel on repeat forever, finding the actual words to describe the specific, detailed feeling of an orgasm leaves many of us, if not most of us, speechless. ...more
Maybe Betty White said it best on Golden Girls--she said something like, "I'd been married seven ...more

I'm Coming Out, Again, After Getting a Divorce

My first 'coming out' was around 1992.It happened in an era when spotting a friend at a gay club meant stammered excuses and letting an HIV-positive friend sip from your drink meant hearing loud gasps.So why, in 2015, am I coming out again? The landscape has changed since 1992. We now have marriage equality in the majority of states and we have had a transgender woman, Laverne Cox, on the cover of TIME magazine....more
There are a boatload of terms now and quite a few have arisen in the asexual community.   And ...more

The cost of family planning

Well-meaning friends and family members always have questions. When you start dating someone for a while, they want to know when you are getting married. When you get married, they want to know when you are going to have a baby. When you have a baby, they want to know if you are going to have another baby. (And, if several years go by, they really want to know if you are going to have another baby. If you hedge at all, they are happy to remind you that you should do it now.)...more

Women, Claim Your Orgasms!

A wise woman once said that an orgasm is not something she has (As in “I just had an amazing orgasm!”), rather it is something she takes – which makes a lot of sense to me. Having an orgasm is my responsibility, not that of my partner! Goodness knows I have faked a fair few of them in my life, I am not proud to say. In fact I had been sexually active for nearly ten years before I shared my first orgasm with someone else, my husband (then boyfriend). Previously it was something I could only achieve on my own and for years I thought I was defective somehow....more

Survey Says? The Real Scoop on Sexless Marriage

Top Google searches for sex and sexuality were spotlighted in a recent and enlightening New York Times article. According to author Seth Stephens-Davidowich, "sexless marriage" is the most Googled phrase about sex and marriage -- even beating out "unhappy marriage" and "loveless marriage." Stephens-Davidowich claims over 21,000 folks search for sexless marriage results every month....more
I think it's obvious that the decision to have a sexless marriage is not always made by both ...more

Your Relationship Doesn't Stand a Chance Without This

He may be smart and handsome and successful. She may be the best lover you've ever had. Maybe he's your best friend. He cares about your career and goals. She doesn't roll her eyes when you tell that same joke yet again. He understands why an extra five pounds slays your self-confidence. She just gets you.There's so much right about your relationship. But despite all (or some) of his wonderful qualities, why, oh why, isn't the relationship everything you want? Why are you fundamentally unhappy with her despite moments of bliss? (And, no, you're not crazy.)...more

Where Do You Advertise and Promote Your Romance eBooks?

This post was originally on DaliaDaudelin.com. Check out Dalia Daudelin's romance and erotica for some steamy, fun reads!...more

When Should You Talk to Your Children About Pornography?

When I was eight years old, my friend Annie told me about a movie she saw at home. She described scenes of a naked woman riding a horse and a man peeing in a woman's mouth. Many (many) years later, I realized Annie had watched one of her father's porn videos. (Is this a "Sorry, Mom" moment? I don't know.) As countless comedians have pointed out, porn is so much easier to come across these days—both for adults and children. So, because of that, we need to be able to talk to our children about it....more
I started watching softcore porn in kindergarten. It's because I had a TV in my bedroom. I ...more