Do you have RAGE about your sexual abuse?

from Enfolded in Silence by Barbara Hughes...more

What Happened to Dinner and a Movie?

Seriously, what happened to dinner and a movie? That was the question I asked my best friend the other day.It seems like every guy I meet lately is only interested in one thing — sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive. I know that 99.9 percent of the time, sex is the only thing on the minds of men, but, come on, give a girl a little bit of credit....more

What You Don't Know About Your Partner Can Hurt You

There are often discussions during which people bring up other people’s sexual histories and past relationships, usually as a way to measure others’ worth or values as potential partners. Many of these discussions are usually centered around women’s past behaviors, choices, and whether or not their engagement in certain sexual activities or types of relationships make them “quality women” or “marriage material”....more
To add to the allergy one: someone with a deadly food allergy can have an attack being exposed ...more

Is It Possible to Have Uninterrupted Sex After Baby #4?

It was after our fourth and last child was born three years ago that my husband and I were really and truly schooled in how children can make your sex life really and truly miserable. Before this baby's birth — my first C-Section — we were smug marrieds, romping in the sheets wherever and whenever, freed by the great age gap between our older two boys and our younger daughter, coddled by grandparents always available to babysit and buoyed by the sheer exuberance of youth....more
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After fifteen minutes and cuming at least ten times, I looked at his face.“What’s wrong?” then it hit me. He wanted pain.  I reached over and grabbed the feather whip. I let my legs fall to the bed. Holding the whip in my hand I placed ten solid swipes across his chest. The joy came to his face, but it didn’t seem to be enough. I turned it around to use the handle. This time I hit him twenty times. His chest started to show signs of redness.“Do you want me to stop?” I asked wondering if I was going too far. He shook his head, stuck out his chest and I continued on....more

FUNNY Pick Up Lines You Can Use To Make Him Laugh!

Hey Babydoll,Do you want to 'turn up the heat' or 'pump it up' with your man and get closer than ever before?Then you got to give these FLAMING HOT AND CHEESY PICK UP LINES A TRY!But first, here's how you can use them. ...more

Interracial Relationships in the BDSM Lifestyle

A few weeks ago, I read a conversation on Twitter discussing interracial relationships, namely those between White men and Black women. The main issue was related to the latter group being seen as a fetish by the former. It immediately piqued my interest-- my very first relationship ever was with a White man. While I did not engage much in said conversation, I found myself revisiting what had transpired within that affair....more
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I did what he said the second he told me and man was I surprise.“It didn’t fit!”Remember I told you (LxWxH).  There was no problem. I was wetter than the pool at the hotel. He was just a giant. I could feel the wall inside me scream from the pleasure of being caressed by the smallest thrust of his hips, which caused his member to enter with caution. The sensation was so good that I couldn’t make a sound. It had to be the expression on my face that gave him concern.“You ok?”...more