21 Reasons to Have More Sex!

Sometimes for us ladies it is good to be reminded that sex is good for our health, wellbeing, looks, and our hearts . It's totally doable to adjust our attitude and forgo a few more minutes of sleep or watching TV in lieu of some good romping in the hay, all in the name of healthy living. In addition to the possibility of great pleasure, sex is important for many other reasons. Here is a list of a few of the many benefits of having sex and orgasms....more
Fantastic psot! I love all these reasons and certainly have experienced the benefits.  Keep calm ...more

Don't bogart that lube

What else can I say? You saw it for yourself. A stoned vagina can orgasm without even a touch -- and I mean a big, wet, crashing oceanic orgasm. Look, Ma! No hands!...more

8 Red Flags that my Husband needs Sex

It was time. I could tell it was time because Henry, who usually traverses the house with the stealth of a Native American tracking a herd of jittery American Bison, had begun stomping around and inadvertently slamming into furniture as if he'd become a gutshot version of one of the American Bison he was tracking.(Henry doesn't actually track American Bison. It's a metaphor. For something. In this story. Good, right?)Bottom line. Henry needed sex. I know when Henry needs sex for these reasons:...more
Good on you!  Cranky when we should be getting busy is a common theme at our house.  Finally in ...more

Bar Hopping For One: Yay Or Nay?

This post is inspired by a JenAndMen reader, who I’ll call Michelle, who wrote me the following message:...more

Making the Most of Your Fertility Naturally

Whether you have just started trying to conceive or you have been trying for years, there are things you can do give your self the best chance. In general, couples have about a 20% chance of conceiving each month. Approximately 80% of couples will conceive in their first 6 months of trying, if you haven’t during this time you need to take things seriously. Some physicians will ask you to wait a year before making an appointment, but you don’t have to, and if you are in your thirties you should NOT wait try for more than 6 months before scheduling an appointment....more

The sound of the buzzer

Maz had my eyes crossed in a matter of seconds not to mention the liquid of sticky joy that escaped from deep within me was making its way across the top of the machineThe noise from up stairs had long exploded and we barely heard sounds of distanced echoes racing across a large canyon.I could tell that he too was ready to release the tension that was building up inside of him. The sounds of my lips smacking to the sound of the escaping suction started to quicken along with my hands motions of going up and down on his shaft, he was ready....more

The Role of Supervision in the Home And Teen Sex

A primary way to decrease risky sexual behavior in teens is to limit their opportunity to be in risk prone situations, specifically keeping them supervised at home. “Sexually active youths have sex at home when they are unsupervised.”...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I discovered she is lesbian

Dear Dr. Romance:Nine months ago, I met a girl on Facebook.  my words about many subject attract her , then she add me as her friends, and I discovered that she is lesbian.  Before that, I didn'tknow there was lesbian world but when we chat I get to know her very well, many walls fell, and I am only one who sees thru this wall.  She fell in love with me and she joined the school because of me and her life change.  ...more