Happy Virgiversary - You've Come A Long Way, Baby

  Yesterday was the anniversary of me losing my virginity. ...more

Stop asking if it's okay to have pubes yet

It is obvious to many that I love men, however I love women more. I believe us women are far more fascinating and complex creatures than men, and we are arguably more empowered now than we have ever been, so why the fuck are we still asking them for their approval. Before I started writing I thought it would be a good idea to read, see what was out there and what other women had to say with their freedom of speech, i’ve noticed that there’s an awakening happening regarding our body hair, but we’re not quite there yet....more
Removing one's pubic hair is ridiculous. If a man prefers a woman who looks like she hasn't ...more

Do Women Even Know What Rape Is?

Recently, Dr. Phil had a couple on his show where the man had “trapped” his wife into marriage by getting her pregnant. That is not my interpretation; the show was actually about people, men and women, who “trapped” their partners with pregnancy.The man did not believe he could keep the girl, so while they were dating he got her drunk and coxed her into having sex without birth control, both of them knowing she was within her ovulation time. She did get pregnant and they did get married. ...more
If somebody waited until a guy was asleep, and then used the opportunity to take the money out ...more

Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Do More Kegels

It may seem pretty taboo to even say the word, vagina, so it is not hard to imagine how many people are unaware of one of the most basic understandings of the vagina. It is a muscle, with elastic properties, and just like other muscles in the body, it can be strengthened or weakened.  Additionally, every male and female person has a pubococcygeus muscle, or PC muscle, that lies on the floor of the pelvis and supports organs like the urethra and bladder....more
Real Talk With Tara I can keep ben wa balls in while climbing and descending stairs, jumping on ...more

Online Dating - What's Not to Love?!

Apart from the disastrous dates, the agonising, the awkward and the pure awful dates, the men who have no idea how to socialise and the ones who simply do not care to try, what’s not to love about online dating?!?...more

Dating a Much Younger Man

Aren’t you always amazed how many men date much younger women?Women don’t seem to “rob the cradle” nearly as much.When I was about 46, I went out with B, a 27-year-old man. And I never regretted dating a much younger man....more

Planned Parenthood Was Always There For Me 

I grew up in a conservative Catholic home—church on Sunday, no TV unless it was the Lawrence Welk or the Cosby Show (yes, insanely ironic). I had a 10 p.m. curfew until I left home, including dances and special occasions. I was an only child with limited access to information and parents that were too scared to give it to me. I was called a slut by my mother when I wore a tank top that showed my bra strap, accused of being on drugs when I nibbled on Easter candy while I did my homework, and asked if I was a lesbian when I bought my first pair of Doc Martens....more
BlogHer good to hear!more

We Need to Talk About Vagina Weight Lifting

About 5 months ago, I was out with some friends for a little dance and drink action when a very interesting subject arose. Once the liquor starts flowin, we all get a little loose with our tongues. We, of course, talk about sex. Who doesn't!? One of my friends is well-versed in all matters of sex and somehow manages to bring up something new every time we go out that I have never heard of before. This time, it was vaginal lifting (VL). Oh yeah, I was interested! But, how do you lift weights with your vagina? The images that were going through my head regarding lifting with my lady parts were incomprehensible until she informed me of the Jade Egg. ...more
Great read! Been hearing a lot about this lately and I'm intrigued. And the video was hilarious lolmore

What Do Our Sexual Fantasies Say About Us?

Have you ever had a dream you wished you never wake from? That kind of lucid dream where everything feels so real that when you finally wake you wonder if it was truly a dream? Now, what is that dream got steamy, and the content started getting a little graphic. Suddenly the dream that you've become engulfed transforms into a fantasy....more

Let's Talk About Sex

My friend Tiffany recently shared a post she wrote on her blog about losing her virginity. Go read it; Tiffany is a phenomenal writer and just a wonderful person but I gush....more