An Experiment With My Insanity – Broken Gas Tank Door

A month ago I broke the gas tank cover on my car, and worse, I barely touched it and it snapped right off. Awesome, right? You may think I look confused all the time, but look at me holding the gas tank door. I look at the car, look at the broken door, the car, the door. Bewildered is the word of the day, sexy right? Sexier than hell.The best part of this story is that it’s actually true, I have to do this whenever I get gas.It’s funny, married, single, ALL men are willing to help a damsel in distress. Bless these hunks....more

Sex and a Woman. Every woman should read (explicit)

Sex. Mmmmm. For every woman, sex is an amazing thing. Most men have no idea how the woman's mind works, and just how often we think about sex. We can be so perverted at times (dont deny that when you see something in the shape of a penis, you laugh.) and often, we tend to be the horniest creatures on earth. Once a woman's sex button has been pushed, there is no time limit to how long it will stay on. So, since sex is such an incredible thing, that everyone should enjoy lets talk about sex....more
Toys are great fun and are the best aids to help you find what works best for you. Your partner ...more

Make Sure Your Blow Jobs Don't Blow

Noggin DOs to Make a Blow Job Fun and not a JOB that BLOWSIf I ever run into a genie, my "world peace" wish would be that all the cum tastes like the cream filling of a twinkie, it doesn’t make you fat, and ingesting it cures cancer....more
This made me laugh. :)more

Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Church Social

As previously discussed, last night there was a church social in my town. Now I’m not a church goer, and I also don’t technically believe in God. However, the meet up website suggested this as a great place to meet people. Yes, I’m a member of a meet up group, you should also get involved in these things, many different events for the single crowd....more

Do You Put Out For Poutine?

Of course, who wouldn’t? Four bucks worth of fries, cheese and gravy has Canadian girls dropping their pants faster than you can say “Where you going with my zamboni?”Forget tequila, that’s a rich man’s gig, all you need is four bucks.Welcome to Canada, come for the poutine and stay for the crazy, beautiful, wonderful people in this land I call home.

Dear Dr. Romance: They say I am a diamond as a man

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

When Did You and Your Parents Have "The Talk"?

I grew up surrounded by friends who seemed not only fascinated with sex, but were also perfectly comfortable discussing it in front of other people, regardless of our age. Yes, in elementary school my friends talked about sex. Although they weren't sexually active (which, now that I think about it, would have been horrifying), they spoke about sex in funny ways or as if they actually knew what it was all about....more
I'm still waiting for my talk...I'm now 36 with a son, so...might be moot at this point!?!? :-)more

Survey Results: What led you to orgasm with a partner

What led our community to orgasm with a partner?Last week’s survey had some interesting findings. Let’s look at what the men and women of our community shared!WomenStarting with the gals, we had over 200 women complete the survey.What led women in our community to orgasm with a partner?...more
Nice.... surveymore

What About Confident Men Turns You On?

I love a confident man!!! Who doesn’t?Not arrogant.Not self-important.NOT a fucking douche....more

You Don't Fit: The "One-Size-Fits-All" Trend Sets A Dangerous Precedent Beyond Body Size

As far as I am concerned, unless its written on a scarf, 'one-size-fits-all' is the biggest lie the fashion industry might ever tell. While on the surface ridiculously naive and discriminatory, it is more than a tag on a piece of clothing most of us will never wear....more