Breastfeeding and Sex Can Co-Exist

Most of us love having the giant full breasts of a nursing mom, but milk leakage is part of it! Find out how breastfeeding and sex can co-exist....more

Six Months Later – The Romance Checkpoint

This post is for the romantics - for those that actively pursue those passionate and romantic moments in a relationship.It has been six months since “V” Day and time to prompt all you lovers to check the romance gauge in your relationship. Here is a checklist to get you started. Image: Rennett Stowe via FlickrIn the past six months:...more
Hi Rachel,   7/10 is great!    Also, I'm sure there is more that keeps you happy that is not on ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I am somewhat leery of another romance

Dear Dr. Romance:My last romantic relationship (that I thought was mutual) ended because she said one day out of the blue, "I don't love you any more." I think she never really did, but rather I was her crutch after her lastbreakup. I loved her wholly, with all my everything, however she did not do the same. That, of course, hurt....more

"Lesbian Bed Death": Fact or Fiction?

I first heard the term "Lesbian Bed Death" aka LBD when I was 18. Women would mention it and say that is was real, and it happened to women after they had been in monogamous relationships for many years.  I was never worried because I was quite young and was not in a monogamous relationship, so I didn't even give it a thought....more
TerriLynnMerritts I am going in for my annual physical next month.  I will talk to my physician ...more

Help! I'm Too Tired for Sex!

This week’s column is one giant sad trombone coming out of my pants. Sorry for the TMI but I used to be a total sex person (didn't we all?) and now I'm a born-again virgin (not really, but … you know). Someone asked that I address post-baby sex, and to be honest, I don't really want to because what is there to say? Image: ginnerobot Gross? Ew? No thanks? ...more
At 55 yrs and after raising 5 sons (one more at home still), we have more sex and more variety ...more

How To Stay Monogamous

Modern Americans appear to be serially monogamous. For those who wonder how to stay monogamous in a relationship, it can be helpful to look for “triggers” for cheating within relationships. Research shows that these most commonly move one member of a couple from being content in a monogamous relationship to the cheater/cheated column. If these exist in your life and marriage, be aware and proactive to keep your love strong....more

The Ever Changing Human Pair-Bond

In spite of the intense displays of life-long passion our media tells us we should find in our partnerships, the human “pair-bond” has actually meant different things at different times throughout human history....more

Spa Day!

Yes, I know, I gave you two endings. I just wanted to know which one you like or are they just the same? It’s been a rough few weeks, and it is time to pick up my spirit. You see Mr. Hollywood took back the car, leaving me with nothing but my brother’s old piece of a car to sell toys out of.Now I’m off to the spa. See what happened was…Nikki, a dear old friend from out of town, blew in and insisted that we head off for a day at the spa. I told her everything about Mr. Hollywood, how we met, the trip to California and how he threatens me with a lawsuit if I said anything....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm really confused about a guy

Dear Dr. Romance:I'm really confused about a guy I know online from a social site, he's ten years older than I am. We've been in contact for several months.  We now live in different countries.  Recently, our chatting got intense and he told me that he likes me.    We planned to meet up in another country.  But he was suddenly never online and never contacted me even by email. I was really devastated....more


I have known this guy for 26+ years. We became bestfriends when we were in our early 20's. We ended up falling in love with each other and always wanting to be around each other. Although we were in love, we didn't have sex for 2 years after. It was good for about a year until some else interfered. It broke my heart and it wasn't true. We eventually talked again and the feelings seemed dim. To make a long story short, 16 years later we are still friends. Now in our late 30's, we have became closer. The problem is we have a strong physical attraction for one another that is almost ridiculous....more