When Your STD Interrupts Your Sex Life: Tips and Advice

A knowing glance across the room. A certain sigh before bedtime. The perfect music on the stereo. There are many clear signs that your partner is ready for a romantic evening together. Anticipation of intimacy is often a cause for excitement and delight in a relationship. But, what if you are unable to be intimate with your partner when they would like to have sex due to symptoms or pain caused by your STD? ...more

The "IT" Factor

 Have you ever met a person that just does "it" for you?The person that has that something about them that pulls you in no matter what. You see them, and it is like a moth to a flame, a bee to honey, or a gold digger to a stack of money (lol). Someone else might look at that person and wonder 'what the f---, and you're stuck with a loss of words trying to explain it. But when you see him/her every sense in your body knows what it is, and you connect on every level that there is to connect....more
Real Talk With Tara  Yes, me too.  Waiting for that guy who can eclipse Mr. Wonderful.  A.W.more

9 Tips to Make Period Sex Enjoyable

Before the 50 Shades movie premiered, uproar ensued because the director hadn’t considered including the infamous tampon scene in the movie. People either felt outrage at the missed opportunity to embrace period sex, periods, and women’s bodies or disgust over the scene itself. These reactions reinforced the mystery surrounding period sex so today I’m pulling back the curtain to show why period sex is something to consider and how to do it effortlessly....more
So well written!  I"m an advocate of this practice (well, advocate may be a strong word)  as ...more

International Clitoris Awareness Week: How Aware Are You?

It is officially International Clitoris Awareness Week (May 6th thru 12th). I can only assume you are prepared with fleshy tones of icing and little sugar pearls for vulva cupcakes made special to feed guests at your Clit Awareness Discussion party later in the week…or maybe this is the first time you heard about it....more
I remember those sex ed classes.  They teach basic function, but not sexuality, and certainly ...more

May Is National Masturbation Month!

Happy Masturbation Month!     May is Masturbation Month, a time for all of us as adults to get to know ourselves better. It is a also a time to defrost from the stigma of touching ourselves.  It is a time to get to know what we like and perhaps even figure out why we like it. It is a time for us to stand up, lie down, turn sideways and get sexy with ourselves....more

We Need To Stop Seeing Ourselves As Sex Objects

Internalized objectification, self-objectification, female self-objectification ... call it what you will. It's seeing ourselves as sex objects for male sexual pleasure, and we need to talk about it NOW. ...more

6 Varieties of Ethical Non-Monogamy

I am all for more language to describe love and the varieties of innovative ways to do relationships and chosen family. “Ethical non-monogamy” is a great term that encompasses all the ways that you can consciously, with agreement and consent from all involved, explore love and sex with multiple people. So here’s a simple list to categorize the many flavors of ethical non-monogamy: ...more

Online Dating Is Way More Complicated for Women

If we're all honest with ourselves, online dating is the option of the future. It is niche and it is available, as we know so many people aren't. It is like going to a buffet where everything is laid out pretty and delicious for our choosing. ...more
Good read. You're right to say that online dating is a very real option today. It's a valid one, ...more

Just a little water and sunshine is all a seed needs......

 I left you all right as Kevin had sent me a message via social media after 20 years.  20 years! So why in the world do I have butterflies creating a tornado in my belly with their violently flapping wings?  Do all women feel like this when reconnecting with the guy that popped their cherry?  Or maybe a better question is how many women actually reconnect with the guy that popped their cherry? To recap….Kevin: “Howdy stranger”...more

4 Things You Need to Know About Coming Off Birth Control

We always hear about the side effects of medication, but rarely do we consider the side effects of stopping medication. Since coming off the pill, I've experienced a number of side effects... most of which I wasn't fully prepared for. After endlessly Googling, I've learned that all of these things are normal. ...more
Thanks for writing this. Sometimes I'm not sure what is scarier: birth control or getting ...more