5 Things We Learned from Solange's Wedding

This past weekend, Solange Knowles (now Ferguson) taught all of us a thing or two about wedding planning and how to shine on your special day. I have been a fan of hers for years because she has always exuded an eclectic spirit and seemed very happy with herself. Her wedding day was no exception.   ...more
LADrye Thanks for reading my post. I would love to read the story of your wedding that was ...more

Looking for a fun addition to your Wedding? Check out this Wedding Splurge!

My husband and I were together a full year and a month before he popped the question. We went to many weddings together and when it came down to planning our own, we pretty much had an idea of how we wanted our wedding to turn out. We wanted good music, amazing food and all of our family/friends in attendance.Oh yeah… and one other thing....more

Are You Over Boring Wedding Traditions? Plan a Fun Wedding Surprise Instead!

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding an event to remember is to embrace the element of surprise! I know some people are not cool with surprises, and I have said, “Your wedding should not be a surprise party for your groom!”I take it all back. Well, part of it. A big GROUP wedding surprise? I’m all for it!...more

Engagement Gift Basket for the Bride to Be

Two of my dear friens have recently gotten engaged in the past few weeks. Actually, all in the same week. And I couldn't be more excited for them to enter the fun world of wedding planning and marriage. As a previous bride/bridesmaid myself, I know there were things I wish I had to help me with the process. I knew I wanted to put something together for them to kick start their wedding planning and they would really love. Plus, I love enjoying my friends happiness with them. ...more

Self hate isn't romantic

A month or two ago, I heard the song, “Tangled Up in You” by Staind, and immediately fell in love with it. I thought about posting it on my hubby’s Facebook wall for our 25th anniversary, so I went looking for an official video. Apparently there isn’t one, but I found this lyric video -After watching it, I knew I couldn’t use it as a celebration of our love. One line, nine words long, ruined it for me.“You’re the only thing that I like about me.”...more

Lessons From My Two Imperfect Weddings

This week I celebrated my wedding anniversary. My 'other' wedding anniversary for the year, is what I call it. You see, I married the same person twice; one was a civil ceremony, while the other, a church (Catholic) ceremony.And neither one was perfect....more


Today is day 7 of the NaBloPoMo challenge and I want to write about my favorite place to vacation.  When my husband and I married 22 years ago, we chose to spend our honeymoon at Williamsburg, Virginia.   We enjoyed visiting Busch Gardens, Jamestown and Yorktown.  My favorite part was visiting the glassblowers.  As a gift, my husband bought me a beautiful green pitcher that the rim was in the shape of a heart.  It was a perfect gift for our wonderful honeymoon....more

Letter to My Crush

In 2011, I wrote a version of this letter to my crush. Tomorrow is a special day, and now I know more. So here's an updated version.dear crush:...more