Every Child Is Our Child (RIP Noah Chamberlin)

Most of my writing is typically devoted to the portrayal of the humorous side of parental life; this isn't one of those times. This choice of topic is a departure for me, because it feels unbearably heavy, and I know that for some, it'll feel too ...more

Top 5 Reasons I'm Excited 'The X-Files' is Back

The time of The X-Files return is almost upon us! The show that was one of the first to introduce me to the concept of "shipping" (wanting two characters to be in a relationship) will make a six episode return, starting later this month. ...more

Why the Movie 'Concussion' Made My Sons NOT Want to Play Football

My kids have wanted to play football since they were little boys, and my husband and I have always said no. We allow them access to every other sport and hobby that they love. They take dance class and play on lacrosse and basketball teams. As a ...more

Exploring the Supercute World and Cultural Import of Hello Kitty

It’s a few hours before the Hello Kitty Supercute Opening Party at the Experience Music Project, and I’m having a moment of fashion indecision: should I wear my black-framed Hello Kitty glasses, or the white-framed specs? Since I wore the white ...more

5 Book Challenges to Kick Off 2016

Reading challenges are a great way to find new books, reach goals, and remind yourself to... well... read. It's too easy to surf blogs and play games on your phone in the evening rather than picking up a good book. Joining a reading challege will ...more

This Lesbian Supports Hillary Clinton for President

Let me be clear - if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, I will vote for him. I will enthusiastically support him. No hesitation, no bitterness, no hissy fits. Just pragmatic decisions to keep the country moving forward. It is ridiculous to think otherwise. However, I think Hillary is the better candidate. And I don't have to explain why....more

Beyoncé's Formation Is Full of the Unapologetically Black Messages My Daughters Need

Beyoncé dropped that fire... I mean for a while I was NOT a fan. But I guess it's time I dust off my Bey Hive wings and glitter crown because she came out the woodworks with a mean black power trap banger.  I won't lie, I once thought Bey was vapid and aloof and not paying attention in her glass tower; apparently I was wrong. She let everybody know that #blackgirlmagic is real. ...more

Is Lunar New Year Finally Becoming Mainstream?

The San Francisco Bay Area is rolling out the red and gold for one its biggest events of the year. Not the Super Bowl (although I hear plenty of people are celebrating that, too). It’s the Lunar New Year, most often called Chinese New Year, which begins on Monday, February 8. In a periodic alignment of the moon and the NFL calendar, football’s holiest day also lands on the same weekend as the biggest holiday for many Asian cultures, including Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Vietnamese....more
Thank you! Happy New Year to you, too graceishumanmore

Morgan Freeman To Receive Chaplin Award – Film Society of Lincoln Center

Morgan Freeman is the recipient of the 43rd Annual Chaplin Award. Presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the gala will take place on Monday, April 25, 2016. It will celebrate the remarkable career of the Academy-Award winning actor with celebrity guests, as well as movie and interview clips ....more

After School anonymous message board app

Have you heard of the After School app? It is like Yik-Yak for high school students....more

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year, that is ....more

Bromance Wrapping Up Party

Sigh! I guess we all knew the end must come, but I really don't want the cute to end!!On Feb 5th, the Bromance casts held their wrap up party and even had a brief interview. In the interview, our two leads decided to have an air kiss via Qing Yang ....more

Five books to read if you loved ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’

I’ve loved Pride and Prejudice for years. I love books and movies with zombies. So obviously, when I found Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I fell in love! ...more

What’s Current: Cologne police report 22 sexual assaults on the opening night of carnival

Police detain a man during the celebrations in Cologne (Getty Images) Yet another horrific incident of mass sexual violence in Cologne: Police reported 22 sexual assaults on the opening night of the city’s annual carnival and a female journalist is sexually assaulted by two men live on T.V. Christopher O’Kroley confesses to murdering Wisconsin woman who “he believed … had rejected his romantic advances,” police say. A woman crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who paid to have her killed. “Surprise! ...more

Venezuela’s upcoming default

Some were predicting default by Sept. of 2015; it’s a matter of when, not if. Steve Hanke posts on Ricardo Hausmann Versus Nicolas Maduro Prof ....more

Forum: Is There A Refugee Crisis? If So, How Would You Solve It?

At the Watchers’ Council, Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Is There A Refugee Crisis? If So, How Would You Solve It? ...more

Descendants of the Sun Leads off High Profile KBS 2016 Wed-Thurs Lineup

I’m probably most interested and curious in the KBS Wed-Thurs lineup in the new year of 2016 K-dramas. I don’t necessarily think it’s the strongest works in the making, nor have hopes that ratings will be good since that’s totally … Continue reading → ...more

Ninja's Chinese New Year Goal

Happy Chinese New Year!!!...more