How Women Are Changing the Humor in Hollywood

As the Golden Globes showed us now that awards season is underway, it is notable that female-driven comedies on the silver screen and TV are conspicuously outstanding. Hollywood mainstays like Lily Tomlin (Grace and Frankie & Grandma), Meryl ...more

#Hollaback: Why I Talked to My Young Daughter About Street HarassmentHollaback: Why I Talked to My Young Daughter About Street Harassment

My daughter A just turned 13. Even as a newborn, she embodied a quiet strength that seemed to float in her hazel eyes as she watched the world around her. It's a strength that, over the years, has been tested often and morphed into a stunning sense ...more

Being Sexually Submissive Doesn't Make Me a Bad Feminist

I would passionately state that I am a feminist. From day one, my mother raised me and my three sisters to believe that women could not only do anything, but that we could do it better than boys. She was pro-choice and discussed abortion at the ...more

The Problem With a Hyphented Last Name

To be perfectly honest, I can't stand when someone asks for my full name on the telephone. Not only do I have an unusual first name (with an atypical spelling), I also have an unusual and hyphenated last name, and I end up saying something like this: ...more

Let's Talk About Leaning In at BlogHer '13

Last week, BlogHer Editor-in-Chief Stacy Morrison summed up what she heard Sheryl Sandberg say at BlogHer ’13, but many others of the 4000 women who were also sitting in the McCormick Conference Center in Chicago have also been blogging about their ...more

Like Ariel Winter, My Scars Are My Souvenirs of Life

The successful and stunning Ariel Winter from Modern Family received some feedback for wearing a dress to the SAG Awards, which revealed a scar from her breast-reduction surgery. She felt compelled to justify her fashion choice on Twitter: “There’s a reason I didn’t cover up my scars! They are a part of me and I’m not ashamed of them at all.”...more
Mine are mostly bullying or gravity related. I got quite a few more scars than usual, last ...more

'Rabid Feminist' and Other Sexist Sentences Should Be Excluded From the Oxford Dictionary ASAP

It's a source that's meant to inform and educate but the Oxford English Dictionary recently came under fire for being sexist. ...more
I would recommend they try "staunch feminist," "committed feminist," or maybe even "die-hard ...more

Body Positive Isn't Just About Weight

My Lovelies... You’ve seen the hashtags, you’ve heard the term and it’s becoming ingrained in our psyche “Body Positive” Dark skinned woman's feet on scale...more
What's sad about the negative comments these women are receiving is their choice to lose weight ...more

New Moon Musings..It's Not That Complicated

 I love both Hillary and Bernie. I've contributed to both. I'll vote for whoever wins the nomination. What I don't like is the vitriol between progressives. Now there's a problem between older and younger feminists....more

A White Lesbian Responds to Beyonce's 'Formation'

This won't be the post you expect.Let me open by saying that while I enjoy Beyonce's music, I've never really listened to her catalogue. I admire her politics, especially her stance on feminism and I appreciate her artistry. But I never really moved past admiration to engage her art.Until Saturday....more

Diane, 56, Is Asexual With Lesbian Leanings and a Writer #AMPLIFY

 Name: DianeAge: 56County of Residence:  AlleghenyPreferred Pronouns: she...more

Black Girls Got The Juice

Hey y'all! I'm BACK!  I know, I know it's been far too long but I am so glad to be back on the heels of yet another glorious Beyonce performance....more

The Choice Working Moms Shouldn't Have to Make

I’ve wanted to write this post since I created my blog. I started this post on multiple occasions, only to stop because it just wasn’t “ready.” I was ready to talk about it, but for some reason the right words weren’t there yet. Since it is something I feel so passionate about, I made myself wait until the post essentially came to me, wrote itself....more

A vacation by myself (and to myself)

The commitment I make to my hobbies and interests is pretty lackadaisical, and I like it that way. To me, hobbies and interests shouldn’t involve commitment, goals, or any aspiration of achievement. I read a great piece recently by author Elizabeth Gilbert on the difference between a career, a job, a hobby, and a vocation. (Interestingly, what led me to read it was that I thought it said “vacation,” and was going to be about work/life balance. But it turned out to be even better, since it’s really about the things we do that make life meaningful.)...more

The Polished Professional and the Girl Next Door: Victims of Domestic Abuse

My two friends lived a block apart, shared a name,  but could not have come from more different backgrounds. P#1 was a stay-at-home mother, her education ended at high school and early marriage. P#2 was a traditional college grad, newly wed to a well-educated man with social stature. ...more

Mariachi Flor de Toloache – All Female Mariachi Band That Rules

I love women in music. A front woman in a rock band, a solo jazz vocalist, a bad-ass bassist who contributes her gift through anonymous session work. Every one of them delights me and enthralls me. Of course, there is something extra-special about a band made up on only women. The Go-Gos, the Bangles, the Runaways, Dixie Chicks, TLC, En Vogue, Sleater-Kinney. And so now, I present to you – Mariachi Flor de Toloache....more