What I Learned From Hearing Grace Lee Boggs Speak

With her white hair, floral dress, and wheelchair, Grace Lee Boggs looked like she could have been someone’s elderly Chinese grandmother. But when she took the stage, the auditorium full of people who were used to being the ones talking — from veteran journalists to young YouTube sensations — leaned in to hear her every word....more
Really great to read your reflections! Thank you, Grace!more

As a Teacher, We Need Gun Control, Not Code Red Drills

No matter how many Code Red Active Shooter drills we do, I don't think of school as a safe place to be....more
Those who drafted the Constitution supposedly granted to every citizen the right to bear arms.  ...more

On the S.C. Flooding: As My City Recovers, My Heart Mends

The worst part is the Google searching for the names of those who died.Whenever I don't know what to do, when my anxiety, depression and obsessive worry get to me, my answer is to write. Usually alternating between that, deep breathing and prayer....more

I Have No Guns, But You Still Can't Take Them

I grew up around guns. Why can't we have "responsible" gun ownership?...more
Thanks Chris. I agree that the media has been unclear in the weapon description. I tried to ...more

Do Women Even Know What Rape Is?

Recently, Dr. Phil had a couple on his show where the man had “trapped” his wife into marriage by getting her pregnant. That is not my interpretation; the show was actually about people, men and women, who “trapped” their partners with pregnancy.The man did not believe he could keep the girl, so while they were dating he got her drunk and coxed her into having sex without birth control, both of them knowing she was within her ovulation time. She did get pregnant and they did get married. ...more
If somebody waited until a guy was asleep, and then used the opportunity to take the money out ...more

"Never Again" From Columbine to Oregon State

I was a Freshman in high school when the Columbine shooting happened. April 20th, 1999 changed everything about going to school. For the rest of the year, we had emergency drills, and were sent home for many copycat threats that followed....more

1 Simple Way To Prevent Gun Violence

Listen, this blog's usually about eating disorders and body image, but you all know I'm not afraid to get political.  I am starting a gofundme campaign to donate to the Brady Campaign, a gun control lobby.  I am sick of hearing about gun violence deaths, and I am well aware that the problem is bigger than just guns, but this ain't a bad place to start.  If I had the money, I'd donate 10,000.  But I don't, so collectively, I figure we do....more

Sarah Michelle Gellar Launches Foodstirs

 Sarah Michelle Gellar Launches Foodstirs Buffy the Vampire Slayer   Fans know that Sarah Michelle Gellar is super in all that she tackles, from acting to mothering to starting her own company, Foodstirs, a subscription based family food focused company scheduled to launch OCT 5, 2015. ...more

What I did about "Openly Gay Leaders" in my Boy Scout Troop

Last Monday night this happened:And this:...more

Umpqua Tragedy: We Need to Understand What's Behind Mass Shootings

As a blogger and news editor, I’m so weary of running these posts. Reactions to mass shootings at college campuses, like the one at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on Thursday. At elementary schools. At churches. At gurdwaras. At movie theaters. On live television. The mass shootings just become more and more common....more